2021 Long Range Weather Forecast for Roanoke, VA

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March 2021 Long Range Weather Forecast for Appalachians
DatesWeather Conditions
Mar 1-2Rain to snow
Mar 3-8Rain and snow showers
Mar 9-12Snow showers, cold
Mar 13-16Rainy, mild, then sunny, cold
Mar 17-25Rainy periods, mild
Mar 26-31Showers, cool
Marchtemperature 41° (1° above avg.)
precipitation 4" (1" above avg.)

April 2021 Long Range Weather Forecast for Appalachians
DatesWeather Conditions
Apr 1-3Sunny, cool
Apr 4-15Showers, then sunny, turning hot
Apr 16-22Rainy periods, cool
Apr 23-27Showers, cool
Apr 28-30Sunny, warm
Apriltemperature 53° (3° above avg.)
precipitation 1" (1.5" below avg.)

Annual Weather Summary
November 2020 to October 2021

Winter will be warmer than normal, with precipitation above normal in the north and below normal in the south. The coldest periods will be in mid- and late December and throughout January. Snowfall will be below normal, with the snowiest period in early March. April and May will be warmer and drier than normal, with an early hot spell in early to mid-April. Summer will be drier than normal, with temperatures near normal in the north and below normal in the south. The hottest periods will be in early June and mid-August. September and October will be cooler and rainier than normal.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 3

About the Appalachians Region

The Appalachians long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: MARYLAND (Aspen Hill, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville), NEW YORK (Binghamton, Cortland, Elmira, Ithaca, Johnson City), NORTH CAROLINA (Asheville, Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton, Winston-Salem), PENNSYLVANIA (Allentown, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Reading, Scranton), VIRGINIA (Burke, Dale City, Lynchburg, Reston, Roanoke), WEST VIRGINIA (Martinsburg).

Appalachians Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Appalachians long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2020 to October 2021

Temperature and Precipitation Chart, November 2020 to October 2021 for Roanoke, VA

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ha ha it gonna do wot it gonna do


Last winter in east central PA the little snow that fell was swept away with a broom. This December nearly a foot fell a week before Xmas and excitingly thinking a rare white Christmas was locked in, a heavy rainstorm and temps in the 60s washed everything away on Xmas eve. Nature's cruel joke, it couldn't have waited just one day! Bah Humbug




I'm wanr SNOW this year. Danville Va havent seen snow in three years


Got some delicious snowfall this morning! Tasted like home and dirt!

Warmest Temps in January 2021 in N-W mountains of NC

Can anyone tell me the warmest days and which days over 45° for N-W NC mountains (Ashe) in January and February? Desperately need a partial roofing replacement. Thanks


Oh how I wish we would get snow in NC like we used to. I remember in the 80's we would have 3 or 4 big snow falls. Some times even in March. Now we are lucky to see a flake. I just wish my grandkids could experience playing In it like I did.


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Cold wx

This is a formal protest against cold weather..... enough is enough already. Happens every winter. Dang dang dang.


snow is one of the most beautiful things there is. but people that beg for it dont stop and realize that the beauty is a beast. old people that cant afford heat freeze and die. folks have care wrecks, power lines come down. its hard to get out and go shopping for all ages, including the elderly. as ive gotten older, its just harder and harder. sorry. no snow.