What's Wrong With My Houseplants?

August 10, 2021

If your houseplants are looking a little worse for the wear, don’t give up on them just yet! There might be an easy fix! From The All-Seasons Garden Guide, here is a handy guide of common houseplants ailments and how to cure them!

What’s Wrong With My Houseplants?

Symptom: Long, pale leaves; small new leaves
Cause: Not enough light; too much nitrogen
Cure: Give plant more light; reduce fertilizer frequency

Symptom: Leaves curl under or have yellow or brown spots
Cause: Too much light
Cure: Move plant away from light source, or shade plant with blinds or sheer curtain

Symptom: Mushy stems; lower leaves curl and wilt
Cause: Too much water
Cure: Water only when soil is dry to touch; make sure drain hole is not clogged

Symptom: Leaf tips are brown and leaves wilt
Cause: Not enough water
Cure: Soak pot for 20 minutes in water and let drain; water when soil is dry to touch

Symptom: Leaf edges are crinkly and brown
Cause: lack of humidity
Cure: Mist leaves, or place pot on tray of moist pebbles

Symptom: Lower leaves turn pale and drop off
Cause: Lack of fertilizer
Cure: Fertilize plant regularly during growing season

Symptom: Leaves turn yellow or curl and wilt
Cause: Too much heat
Cure: Move plant to cooler spot in house; be sure plant is not close to heat vent or on top of TV

Symptom: Plant wilts between waterings; roots growing out of drainage hole
Cause: Pot too small
Cure: Repot plant into a container one size larger

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