White Christmas Forecast 2017

Areas Most Likely to Have Snow This Christmas

Jan 16, 2018
White Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Melody H.


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Will you have a white Christmas? See the Almanac’s White Christmas Forecast for 2017! We’ll list the areas in the U.S. and Canada where snow is predicted—and where it’s not.

For many folks, a blanket of white on Christmas Day is picture-postcard perfect. In areas that do not normally see snow, a little chill in the air is usually welcome to set the festive mood.

Keep in mind that our long range predictions for December are made many months in advance, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect!  As we get nearer to the holidays, check your 7-day forecast for local weather.

If you’re not familiar with our regions, here is a handy map: www.almanac.com/weather/longrange 

US Weather Regions

Areas Where Snow is Predicted

Good news for snow lovers! The mountainous ski areas of the continent are expected to feature above-normal snow fall during winter 2017–2018

  • More snow is expected in the Intermountain and central Plains regions (including western Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and parts of Nevada).
  • The central and northern areas of New England should also get more snow (including Maine, Vermont, and much of New Hampshire). While we can’t promise snow on Christmas Day, we do expect snowy periods in mid-December and cold temperatures should mean the snow sticks!
  • The swatch of the U.S. from Tennessee Valley westward to New Mexico will feature snow this year.
  • The Upper Midwest (Minnesota, northern Michigan, eastern Dakotas) will experience snow showers and very cold temperatures.
  • In Alaska, snowy periods are expected during Christmas week.

Areas Where It Might Snow

  • The High Plains (eastern part of Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana; western Dakotas and Nebraska) will feature snowy periods, turning bitterly cold
  • The central Midwest region (Utah, Missouri, eastern Kansas and Nebraska) features rain and snow showers from the 16th to the 25th which is expected to turn to snow showers and more frigid temps through the rest of the week.
  • The Ohio Valley (southern Indiana and Ohio, Kentucky) will feature showers, then flurries from the 23rd to 31st.
  • The Appalachian region will be a mix of rain and snow in late December with mild temperatures.
  • In Texas-Oklahoma, it’s expected to be cool and rainy for Christmas, but then it may snow in the north (with rain in the south).
  • The Pacific Northwest will features mild weather and showers, turning to snow at the end of the month.

Areas Where Snow is Not Predicted

  • On the Atlantic coast (Boston to Virginia), the week of Christmas is expected to be rainy and mild.
  • The Southwest will be mild during Christmas week with rainy periods.
  • Florida will most certainly be sunny and warm.
  • The Lower Lakes (Illinois east to northern New York) will be rainy but turning to snow in late December.
  • The Deep South (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas) will be rainy and mild.
  • No snow is expected in the Desert Southwest (southern Arizona, most of New Mexico, Las Vegas)
  • The Pacific Southwest will be sunny and cool.
  • In Hawaii, no snow is expected. (Aren’t you surprised?)

Canada Weather Regions

Snow Predictions for Canada

  • Southern Ontario will have a White Christmas with snowstorms and flurries
  • The Prairies (Calgary to Winnipeg) will experience snow showers
  • On the Atlantic, we expect a mix of rain and snow during Christmas week
  • Southern Quebec will also bring a mix of snow and rain, shifting to snow by end of month
  • Southern British Columbia will have snow showers inland, but rain on the coast until later in the month

Whatever happens, remember this:

As the weather grows colder without, hearts should grow warmer within.
–The 1910 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Not sure what region you are in? See our weather map with long range predictions.

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Snow in Hawaii

Sorry Almanac! It has already snowed in Hawaii this fall. On Mauna Keia. If I recall they had over 2 feet during A blizzard in November.
Hawaii has several feet of snow most year's on Mauna Keia and Mauna Loa!

would love updates on weather

would love updates on weather

Weather Updates

Weather Up Date

Snow Storms

Would like to know when it's going to Snow

Unfortunately for where I

Unfortunately for where I live, there's no White Christmas in store. I live in New Jersey and we're expecting to get a lot of rain on Christmas Eve. Rain, no snow. It certainly won't feel like Christmas around here. I haven't seen a White Christmas around here in quite a few years now. And, it bothers me that we're unlucky enough to not have a White Christmas. I keep hoping, wishing, and dreaming of a White Christmas each year. And, ever since who knows when, the ground is always bare on Christmas Day. I remember getting a few of them when I was young back in the 1980s and even a few in the 1990s. Haven't seen any since then, I think. Certainly none since the 21st century. That much, I'm sure of. What's going on with the weather?

White Christmases in New Jersey

I live in NJ and have my entire life. I don’t recall any white Christmases growing up in the 80s and 90s.

Snow Storms

I live in Philadelphia and the. Surrounding areas


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