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2022–2023 Winter Weather Forecast Reveal

Will it be a snowy winter?

Will it be the best of winters or the absolute worst? Will it be a bad winter? When will it snow? Will we have a White Christmas?

DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE, this will be the best of winters or memorable for all the wrong reasons,” reports Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. “One half of the U.S. will be dealing with bone-chilling cold and loads of snow, while the other half may feel like winter never really arrives.”

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Readers have relied on our long-range winter weather predictions since 1792, when George Washington was president! Why? Because The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s extended weather forecasts focus on what readers really what to know—will this winter be especially cold or will it be rather mild?

You might like to know that in making our predictions, we’re not comparing the upcoming winter with last year’s—instead, we’re measuring against long-term (30-year!) normals for temperature, precipitation, and snowfall exactly where you live. See how we predict the weather.

Traditionally, the Almanac is about 80% correct. See last winter’s accuracy rate.

Stay Tuned for the Winter Weather Puzzle!

Officially, we debut the new Almanac edition every year around Labor Day, when thoughts move to autumn, back-to-school season, and the end of gardening season.

This year, in anticipation of our Debut Day, we’ll be having some extra fun. The week prior, we’ll be revealing a new weather region of the 2022–2023 winter forecast every day—a new “piece of the puzzle,” so to speak.

So, stay tuned! Check back here on the Web site, where we’ll reveal our fun winter weather puzzle pieces—or sign up for our Daily Almanac newsletter alert, check out our Facebook page, or visit us on Instagram!

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The 2023 Edition: Much More Than Weather!

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FESTIVE FOOD: delicious dishes (and family traditions) from a Ukrainian Christmas and sweet and savory winners from the Almanac’s banana recipe contest.

PRACTICAL LIFE ADVICE: a straightforward method for organizing keepsakes, plus some sometimes surprising home remedies to handle hay fever.

STORIES AS ONLY THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC CAN TELL THEM: a legendary timekeeper, an ancient grain that’s not just for the birds, a step-by-step guide to hatching chickens, analysis of how happy “happy as a clam” really is, and much, much more!

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How Does the Almanac Predict the Weather?

By tradition, The Old Farmer’s Almanac employs three scientific disciplines to make long-range predictions: solar science, the study of sunspots and other solar activity; climatology, the study of prevailing weather patterns; and meteorology, the study of the atmosphere. We predict weather trends and events by comparing solar patterns and historical weather conditions with current solar activity.

Our forecasts emphasize temperature and precipitation deviations from averages, or normals. These are based on 30-year statistical averages prepared by government meteorological agencies. Read more about how we predict the weather.

How Accurate Are The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Forecasts?

We believe that nothing in the universe happens haphazardly, that there is a cause-and-effect pattern to all phenomena. However, although neither we nor any other forecasters have as yet gained sufficient insight into the mysteries of the universe to predict the weather with total accuracy, our results are almost always close to our traditional claim of 80% accuracy.

In the new 2023 Almanac, we publish a full analysis of last year’s long-range predictions. Our overall accuracy rate in forecasting the direction of precipitation departure was far higher than our average, but our accuracy rate for temperature was far below average. This makes our total accuracy rate 72.2%. Learn more about how accurately we predict the weather.