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Winter Landscaping


Some flowers, shrubs, and trees are beautiful to make your winter garden pop.


Flowers, Trees, and Bushes for Winter

Catherine Boeckmann
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You might not think about landscaping in winter, but your yard can be just as beautiful in the winter as in the spring.

Imagine a window view of a landscape that is alive with color and texture: bright yellow, red, and white flowers bursting into bloom and lush green, blue, and golden foliage.

Now imagine it in winter.

By learning a bit about plants that exhibit interesting winter features, you can create a garden that will stand out in every season.

Flowers that Bloom in Winter

The Christmas rose, the earliest blooming hellebore, produces persistent white flowers with just a hint of pink in December and January.


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In the Far North, witch hazel hybrids flower in February and March with fragrant yellow, red, and orange blooms, along with many varieties of pussy willows.

Trees and Bushes for Winter

Rich green hemlocks and light wispy pines provide screens and backdrops, while weeping blue spruce, ‘Old Gold’ juniper, and the columnar ‘Emerald Green’ arborvitae provide pleasing shapes and colors.

Broad-leaf evergreens like blue holly,‘Emerald Gold’ euonymous, laurels, and small-leaf rhododendrons add still more color and texture. Many berries hang on long into winter.

The red berries of highbush cranberries, hollies, and hawthorns; the red, yellow, purple, and bronze fruit of crabapples; and the variety of fruit and berries offered by cherries, viburnums, and roses can be considered the flowers of winter.

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Add to these the vividly colored stems of red osier and yellow-twig dogwoods.

Without their leaves, trees and shrubs reveal an inner beauty.

The exfoliating cinnamon-red bark of the paperbark maple and stark rough exterior of the black cherry now become dominant features.

The silhouettes of trees, like the contorted filbert with its spiraling, corkscrew-like branches, become focal points, signing their signatures with shadows on the snow.

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