Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon September Full Moon OFA
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Colleen Quinnell/The Old Farmer's Almanac

See the Full Harvest Moon!

In September 2022, the full Moon is called the full Harvest Moon! This Moon follows August’s Sturgeon Moon.

Why Is It Called the Harvest Moon?

September’s full Moon is called the Harvest Moon! This is the time of year when farmers are harvesting their final crops before the cold frosts of fall arrive.

A Special Moon Name

“Harvest Moon” is one of two special Moon names that is not tied to a certain month. Instead, the name “Harvest Moon” is given to the full Moon that happens closest to the Fall Equinox (September 22, 2022), which marks the first day of the fall season. Depending on whether September’s full Moon happens early in the month or late in the month, the Harvest Moon may occur in either September or October!

If the Harvest Moon does happen in October, September’s full Moon is called the Corn Moon instead. September is traditionally the month when corn is ready for harvest in the northern United States.

The other special Moon name is the Hunter’s Moon. The full Moon that happens after the Harvest Moon is always called the Hunter’s Moon, so the Hunter’s Moon usually happens in October.

When to See the Harvest Moon

September’s full Moon will appear on the night of Friday, September 9, and reach peak illumination at 5:58 A.M. Eastern Time on Saturday, September 10. One fun thing about the Harvest Moon is that it rises at almost the same time for several nights in a row! This means that you will have a few chances to see this shining full Moon! Look for it around sunset starting on Thursday, September 8.

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