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December 26 – Boxing Day

Have you heard of Boxing Day? Celebrated in Canada and the United Kingdom, this holiday came about thanks to an old custom of giving Christmas gifts to servants and tradespeople on the day after Christmas. The original boxes were made of earthenware, and each was quickly broken open to find the money gift inside. Nowadays, a card containing money is often given to “helpers,” such as newspaper boys or mailmen, before the holiday. In countries where Boxing Day is still celebrated, it is welcomed as a quiet day of rest from the season’s more hectic festivities.

December – A Month for Games

In addition to all the holiday fun, December is a month when many classic games were first developed. In December 1884, the first ball-bearing roller skates were patented. In this month in 1901, the first table tennis tournament was played, and the board game Monopoly debuted during this month in 1935. George S. Parker, the founder of Parker Brothers games, was born in December 1867. So go dust off your old board games and Ping-Pong paddles, and play!

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The Moon weighs 81 quintillion tons, or just over 1/10 of the Earth’s weight.

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