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October 11, 2021 - Indigenous Peoples' Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day, observed in the United States on the second Monday in October, recognizes the culture, contributions, and history of Native Americans. Ways to celebrate include attending community events, supporting indigenous businesses and art, and expanding knowledge via museums and other resources. The holiday is often celebrated alongside or in lieu of Columbus Day (a federal holiday), which is also observed on the second Monday in October. 

October 16, 1758 – Noah Webster's Birthday

Noah Webster, America’s first lexicographer, was born on October 16, 1758. We remember Webster as the author of the first American dictionary, but he was also the first authority to advocate American English. His American Spelling Book, published in 1783 (later known as Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book), was the first to Americanize the spelling of English words such as colour and labour by dropping the u. 

He also encouraged American pronunciation and usage. In a very real sense, Webster gave us the language that Americans think of as American English! An estimated 60 million copies of Webster’s speller were sold during its first hundred years in print. In 1828, Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language was published, with 12,000 more words and about 40,000 more definitions than any previous English dictionary.

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After chimpanzees, gorillas are our closest relatives, sharing about 98 percent of our genes.

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