Full Pink Moon

Take a Peek at the Full Pink Moon!

April 1, 2020
Full Pink Moon - OFA

In April 2020, the full Moon is called the Full Pink Moon! This Moon follows March’s Full Worm Moon.

A Springtime Supermoon

April’s full Moon will be a special one! It’s the first full Moon of spring, which began on March 19, and it’s the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year! 

As the Moon orbits around the Earth, it occasionally drifts closer and farther away from our planet. When the Moon gets as close as it can be, we call it a supermoon, since it looks just a little bit brighter and bigger than the usual full Moon.

Why Is It Called the Full Pink Moon?

This month’s full Moon is named after a wildflower called creeping phlox, which produces lovely pink flowers in early spring. Traditionally, the blooms of this wildflower occurred around the same time as April’s full Moon, so the name for this Moon became the “Pink Moon.”

Despite its name, this full Moon won’t actually look pink! It will be its usual golden color near the horizon and will fade to a bright white as it glides overhead during the night. 

When to See the Full Pink Moon

The Full Pink Moon rises in the evening of Tuesday, April 7. It will reach peak fullness at 10:35 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time that night. Go outside on the evening of April 7 to catch a glimpse of the full Pink Moon!

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