Animal Group Names

What to call a group of animals?

September 17, 2019
Group of Penguins

When animals get together in a group, we have a specific name for the group. For example, you probably know a group of dogs is a pack. Here’s a great list of animal group names. (Some are quite strange!)

Did you know that a group of tigers is called a streak of tigers? And a group of crows is called a murder of crows? Do you think that these names make sense? Do you think some are weird or funny? There is no right answer! 

It could be fun to create one of those matching games to challenge your knowledge of animal group names!

Animal Group Name
Antelope A herd of antelope
Ant A colony or an army of ants
Ape A shrewdness of apes
Baboons A troop of baboons
Bacteria A culture of bacteria
Badger A cete of badgers
Bass A shoal of bass
Bear A sleuth or sloth of bears
Beaver A colony of beavers
Bee A swarm, grist or hive of bees
Bird A flock, flight, congregation or volery of birds
Boar A sounder of boars
Buffalo A herd of buffalo
Buck A brace or clash of bucks
Caterpillar An army of caterpillars
Cat A clowder or clutter of cats
Cattle A herd or drove of cattle
Chicken A brood or peep of chickens
Chicks A clutch or chattering of chicks
Clam A bed of clams
Cobra A quiver of cobras
Colt A rag of colts
Cow A kine of cows (twelve cows are a flink)
Coyote A band of coyote
Crane A sedge or siege of cranes
Crocodile A float of crocodiles
Crow A murder of crows
Cub A litter of cubs
Deer A herd of deer
Dog A pack of dogs
Donkey A herd or pace of asses
Dove A dule of doves
Duck A brace, paddling or team of ducks
Eagle A convocation of eagles
Elephant A herd of elephants
Elk A gang of elks
Emus A mob of emus
Ferret A business or fesnyng of ferrets
Finches A charm of finches
Fish A school, shoal, run, haul, catch of fish
Fly A swarm, hatch, or business of flies
Fox A skulk or leash of foxes
Frog An army or colony of frogs
Geese A flock, gaggle or skein (in flight) of geese
Gnat A cloud or horde of gnats
Goat A herd, tribe or trip goats
Goldfinch A charm of goldfinches
Goldfish A troubling of goldfish
Gorilla A band of gorillas
Grasshopper A cloud of grasshoppers
Greyhound A leash of greyhounds
Hare A down or husk of hares
Hawk A cast or kettle of hawks
Hen A brood of hens
Hippo A bloat of hippopotamuses
Hog A drift, or parcel of hogs
Horse A team, pair or harras of horses
Hound A pack, mute or cry of hounds
Jellyfish A smuck or brood of jellyfish
Kangaroo A troop or mob of kangaroos
Kitten A kindle or litter of kittens
Lark An ascension or exaltation of larks
Leopard A leap (leep) of leopards
Lice A flock of lice
Lion A pride of lions
Locust A plague or cloud of locusts
Magpie A tiding or tittering of magpies
Mallard A sord of mallards
Mare A stud of mares
Marten A richness of martens
Minnow A steam of minnows
Mole A labor or movement of moles
Monkey A troop or cartload of monkeys
Mule A barren or span of mules
Nightingale A watch of nightingales
Owls A parliament of owls
Oxen A yoke, drove, team or herd of oxen
Oyster A bed of oysters
Parrot A company of parrots
Partridge A covey of partridges
Peacock A muster or ostentation of peacocks
Peep A litter of peeps
Penguin A colony of penguins
Pheasant A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet of pheasants
Pigeon A flock or flight of pigeons
Pig A litter of pigs
Plover A wing or congregation of plovers
Pony A string of ponies
Porpoise A pod of porpoises
Quail A covey or bevy of quail
Rabbit A nest of rabbits
Raccoon A gaze of raccoons
Rat A pack or swarm of rats
Rattlesnake A rhumba of rattlesnakes
Raven An unkindness of ravens
Rhino A crash or herd of rhinos
Roebuck A bevy of roebucks
Rook A building or clamour of rooks
Sardine A family of sardines
Shark A shiver of sharks
Seal A herd or pod of seals
Sheep A drove or flock of sheep
Snake A nest or knot of snakes
Snipe A walk or wisp of snipe
Sparrow A host of sparrows
Squirrel A dray of squirrels
Starling A murmuration of starlings
Stork A mustering of storks
Swallow A flight of swallows
Swan A bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge of swans
Swift A flock of swifts
Swine A sounder or drift of swine
Teal A spring of teals
Tiger A streak of tigers
Toad A knot or knab of toads
Trout A hover of trout
Turkey A rafter of turkeys
Turtle dove A pitying or dule of turtle doves
Turtle A bale of turtles
Viper A nest of vipers
Walrus A pod of walrus
Wasp A pledge of wasps
Weasel A pack of weasels
Whale A school, gam or pod of whales
Wolf A pack or route of wolves
Woodcock A fall of woodcocks
Woodpecker A descent of woodpeckers


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