Full Beaver Moon

Search the Sky for November's Full Moon!

October 31, 2019
Full Beaver Moon - OFA

In November 2019, the full Moon is called the Beaver Moon. This Moon follows October’s Full Hunter’s Moon

Why is it called the Beaver Moon? This was the time of year when beavers had finished stocking up on food for winter, and would soon retreat into their warm lodges to buckle down for the long, cold months ahead! 

The November Full Moon has also been called the Full Frost Moon, since the colder temperatures mean that frost begins to regularly appear on grass and trees in the early morning. 

This year, the Full Beaver Moon reaches peak fullness on the morning of Tuesday, November 12. Look up at the night sky for the shining full Moon just after sunset on Monday, November 11, or on Tuesday, November 12.

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