Full Hunter's Moon

Watch for the Hunter's Moon!

October’s full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon! This full Moon follows September’s Full Harvest Moon.

The Hunter’s Moon

This name comes from the fact that game animals such as pheasants, turkeys, and deer are all fattening up for winter during autumn, making this the ideal time for humans to hunt and gather food for their own winter survival. 

“Hunter’s Moon” is one of the two unique Moon names that are NOT tied to specific months! The full Moon directly following the Harvest Moon is always called the Hunter’s Moon. Because the Harvest Moon can happen in September or October, the Hunter’s Moon can happen in October or November. This year, it’s in October!

Other October Moon Names

Different cultures use different names for each month’s Moon. Like Hunter’s Moon, these names are often related to something significant that happens at this time of year. For example, Drying Rice Moon is a Dakota name that highlights the time to dry rice for winter storage, and Migrating Moon, used by the Cree, refers to the thousands of migrating birds that fly south in the fall.

When to See October’s Full Moon

The Hunter’s Moon will appear on Saturday, October 28. Look for it to rise around sunset!

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