Full Harvest Moon & Full Hunter's Moon

See the Harvest Moon and the Hunter's Moon This Month!

October 1, 2020
Full Harvest Moon - OFA
Colleen Quinnell/The Old Farmer's Almanac

Two Full Moons!

In October 2020, TWO full Moons will occur: the Harvest Moon and the Hunter’s Moon! These Moons follow September’s Full Corn Moon.

The Harvest Moon

October’s first full Moon is called the Harvest Moon. This name refers to farmers working for days to harvest their crops before the cold weather of fall arrived. According to legend, farmers would even work under the bright light of the full Moon at this time of year, since there was so much work to be done!

“Harvest Moon” is one of two special Moon names that is not assigned to a specific month. Instead, the name “Harvest Moon” is given to the first full Moon that happens after the Fall Equinox (September 22, 2020). This means that the Harvest Moon may occur in either September or October! This year, it happens in October (October 1).

Harvest moon. Photo by mokokomo/Shutterstock
Photo by mokokomo/Shutterstock

The Hunter’s Moon

October’s second full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon. This name comes from the idea that game animals such as pheasants, turkeys, and deer are all fattening up for winter during fall, making this the ideal time for humans to hunt and gather food for their own winter survival. 

The Hunter’s Moon is particularly special this year because it is the second full Moon in a calendar month, which makes it something called a “Blue Moon.” Plus, the Hunter’s Moon will happen on Halloween night! Spooky and spectacular!

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “once in a blue moon,” which suggests that something is very rare. Indeed, having a Blue Moon occur on Halloween is quite rare! It only happens once every 18 or 19 years.

When to See October’s Full Moons

October’s first full Moon (the Harvest Moon) will appear on Thursday, October 1. Its second full Moon (the Hunter’s Moon) will appear on Saturday, October 31.

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