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Splinter Removal: One More Use for Raw Garlic

Margaret Boyles

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I’d read about using a slice of raw garlic to remove a splinter when working on a previous post praising the healing powers of garlic. But I didn’t mention it then.

However, I did recall the splinter-removal tip a few nights ago, after hobbling around all day with what I assumed was a sliver of glass stuck in the arch of my left foot. The shard was either too small or too deep to see, but it was extremely painful, sending a shock up my leg each time I stepped down on that foot.

Getting read for bed that evening, I decided to give the old-time remedy a try. I sliced a juicy garlic clove in half, duct-taped one of the halves to the spot on my foot that hurt, pulled a sock on over it, and slipped under the covers for the night.

I had an early morning appointment and rose before dawn. Lo and behold! I pulled the tape from my foot, stepped down hard, and—no pain! Also no sign of swelling or redness at the site of yesterday’s pain, possibly because garlic contains a great diversity of antibiotic and antiinflammatory compounds.

Coincidence? Perhaps. I’d read that the duct tape itself (as well as Elmer’s glue, raw potato, a paste of baking soda, and the inside of a banana peel), might also do the trick.

But I’ll reach for the garlic again next time I get a hard-to-remove splinter.


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Splinter removal

Are you saying that following the garlic application there was no evicence of the splinter or glass shard remaing?

Yes! No more pain and no sign

Yes! No more pain and no sign of a splinter.


I have never heard of using garlic for a splinter, but I will use this next time I get one.
I would like to ask if you have ever heard of a "cure" for Urinary Tract Infections by boiling potatos, onions and garlic then drinking the fluid. This would be a real help for a little girl I know if you can find it....