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Today in History

Died 1840: Niccolò Paganini (composer)

Last 7 Days

    Born 1912: Jay Silverheels (actor who played "Tonto" on The Lone Ranger TV series)

    1990: Gary Stewart of California set the record for consecutive pogo jumps at 177,737 in 20 hours, 20 minutes

    1844: Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraphic message from the U.S. Supreme Court room, Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. The message: What hath God wrought

    Born 1928: Rosemary Clooney (singer)

    1843: Train of 100-plus wagons left Independence, Missouri, for Oregon

    Born 1904: Fats Waller (jazz pianist)

    325: First Council of Nicaea (which standardized how to calculate the date of Easter) likely convened

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