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When spreading drop cloths to protect floors while painting, avoid using plastic. (It is too slip... More

Today is the Best Day to...

  • Harvest aboveground crops
  • Begin logging
  • Set posts or pour concrete

Get the best dates for over 25 activities, based on the Moon's sign. Get ALL best days to plant, lose weight, cut hair, quit smoking, wean and potty train, and more.

Seasonal Advice for OCTOBER

October brings autumn into full swing! See Seasonal Advice for October.

October 1, 2014

Moon's Astrological Place



See when the Moon enters each Zodiac sign for 2015: buy the complete Astrology Moon's Sign Calendar.

What Happened on Your Birthday?

Best Fishing Days

Best Fishing DaysGet the year's best fishing days, when the Moon is between new and full.

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Wedding PlannerGet wedding weather, a sunset calculator, and other tools and tips. See wedding planner.

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