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Calendar for March 4th, 2013

Vermont Admission Day

Born 1678: Antonio Vivaldi (composer)

1681: William Penn was given a charter for lands in the New World by King Charles II

Born 1754: Benjamin Waterhouse (physician)

1789: The first Congress met in NY

1791: Vermont became the 14th state of the Union

1793: George Washington was inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States in Philadelphia; John Adams became Vice President. George Washington's second inaugural address was the shortest on record--135 words. It took him only two minutes to read it.

1797: John Adams was inaugurated as the second U.S. President; Thomas Jefferson became Vice President

1801: Thomas Jefferson became the first president to be inaugurated in the new U.S. capital of Washington, D.C.; Aaron Burr became Vice President

1809: James Madison inaugurated as 4th U.S. President

1817: James Monroe inaugurated as 5th U.S. President

1825: John Quincy Adams inaugurated as 6th U.S. President

1829: Andrew Jackson inaugurated as the 7th U.S. President

1831: John Quincy Adams returned to the House of Representatives. He was the first former president to do so and served for nine consecutive terms

1837: Martin Van Buren inaugurated as the 8th U.S. President

1841: William H. Harrison inaugurated as 9th U.S. President; upon his death a month later, the vice president, John Tyler, became the 10th U.S. President

1845: James Polk inaugurated as 11th U.S. President

1853: Franklin Pierce became the 14th U.S. President

1857: James Buchanan became the 15th U.S. President

1861: Abraham Lincoln became the 16th U.S. President

1865: Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for a second term as U.S. President; Vice President, Andrew Johnson

1869: Ulysses S. Grant became the 18th U.S. President

Born 1888: Knute Rockne (football coach)

1889: Benjamin Harrison was sworn in as the 23rd U.S. President

Born 1913: John Garfield (actor)

1917: Rep. Jeanette Rankin became first woman in Congress

Born 1928: Alan Sillitoe (novelist)

Born 1931: Alice Mitchell Rivlin (government official)

Born 1932: Miriam Makeba (singer)

1933: In his first inaugural speech, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told his fellow Americans that, ". . . the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Born 1934: Barbara McNair (singer)

Born 1953: Kay Lenz (actress)

Born 1954: Catherine O'Hara (actress)

Born 1958: Patricia Heaton (actress)

1962: Nuclear-power plant began operation in Antarctica

Born 1971: Jason Sellers (country singer)

1977: Earthquake destroyed parts of Bucharest Romania, and nearby area, leaving 1,500 dead

1979: Voyager I spacecraft revealed rings of Jupiter

1982: Bertha Wilson becomes the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada

Born 1982: Landon Donovan (soccer player)

1989: Machinists strike Eastern Airlines. Pilots and flight attendants honor picket lines

Born 1990: Andrea Bowen (actress)

Died 1994: John Candy (comedian)

Died 1996: Minnie Pearl (comedienne & singer)

Died 2004: George Pake (computer pioneer)

Died 2009: Horton Foote (playwright & screenwriter)

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