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Calendar for June 29th, 2014

Sts. Peter & Paul

1767: Townshend Revenue Acts passed by British parliament, establishing duties on tea, glass, paint, oil, lead, and paper imported into American colonies

Died 1852: Henry Clay (politician)

Died 1856: Peter Jones (first native Methodist missionary to Ojibwa)

1860: Last stone placed for second lighthouse to be built at Minot's Ledge, Massachusetts

Born 1861: Dr. William Mayo (surgeon and founder of the Mayo Clinic)

Died 1861: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet)

1906: Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, containing prehistoric cliff dwellings, established by an act of Congress

Born 1910: Frank Loesser (composer)

Born 1919: Slim Pickens (actor)

Died 1933: Fatty Arbuckle (actor)

Born 1936: Harmon Killebrew (baseball player)

Born 1944: Gary Busey (actor)

Born 1947: Richard Lewis (comedian & actor)

1955: Bill Haley and His Comets reached the top of the pop music charts with "Rock Around the Clock"

Born 1957: Leslie Browne (ballerina)

Born 1961: Kimberlin Brown (actress)

Died 1967: Jayne Mansfield (actress)

Born 1980: Martin Truex Jr. (race car driver)

Died 1995: Lana Turner (actress)

Died 2002: Rosemary Clooney (singer)

Died 2003: Katharine Hepburn (actress)

Died 2007: Joel Siegel (film critic)

Born 2008: Twin red panda cubs born, Denver Zoo, Colorado

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