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Calendar for September 8th, 2014

Full Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox and is bright enough to allow finishing all the harvest chores. See more about the Harvest Moon.

Every Year

  • International Literacy Day

  • 1150s

  • Born 1157: King Richard I of England (the Lion-Hearted)

  • 1500s

  • 1504: Michelangelo's David statue was unveiled in Florence, Italy

  • 1560s

  • 1565: Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés founded what became St. Augustine, Florida

  • 1565: The first permanent settlement in what is now the United States was established at St. Augustine, Florida, by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles

  • 1780s

  • Died 1784: Ann Lee (Shaker leader)

  • 1840s

  • Born 1841: Antonin Dvorak (composer)

  • 1860s

  • 1860: The steamer Lady Elgin collided with the schooner Augusta on Lake Michigan

  • 1880s

  • 1883: The eastern and western lines of the Northern Pacific Railway were joined in Gold Creek, Montana

  • Born 1886: Siegfried Sassoon (poet)

  • 1910s

  • Born 1911: Euell Gibbons (author)

  • 1920s

  • 1921: Margaret Gorman of Washington, D.C., became the first Miss America

  • Born 1922: Sid Caeser (actor)

  • Born 1922: Sid Caesar (comedian & actor)

  • Born 1925: Peter Sellers (actor)

  • 1930s

  • Born 1932: Patsy Cline (country music singer)

  • 1934: Cruise ship S.S. Morro Castle burned near Asbury Park, New Jersey

  • 1940s

  • Died 1949: Richard Strauss (composer)

  • 1950s

  • 1952: Percy Saltzman became the first meteorologist to appear on Canadian television. Known for his entertaining presentations, Percy wrote vigorously on a chalkboard map while reporting on air and ended each broadcast by tossing and catching his chalk.

  • 1960s

  • Died 1965: Dorothy Dandridge (actress)

  • 1966: Original Star Trek series debuted on television

  • 1970s

  • 1971: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts made its public debut, Washington, D.C.

  • Born 1971: Henry Thomas (actor)

  • Born 1971: David Arquette (actor)

  • 1974: Stunt motorcyclist Evel Knievel made a failed attempt to jump the Snake River canyon in Idaho. He was propelled by a red, white and blue rocket-powered motorcycle, designed by rocket scientist Robert Truax.

  • Born 1979: Pink (singer)

  • 1980s

  • Born 1981: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (actor)

  • Died 1981: Roy Wilkins (civil rights leader)

  • 2000s

  • 2004: The Genesis return capsule, which had collected solar wind atoms in fragile disks, crashed in the desert after its parachutes failed to deploy

  • 2010s

  • Died 2010: Rich Cronin (singer)

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