Hurricane Names 2014: Atlantic Basin and Eastern North-Pacific Tropical Storm Names

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Here are tropical storm and hurricane names for 2014 for both the Atlantic Basin and Eastern North-Pacific.

Is your name listed?

Wondering when the practice of naming hurricanes began, and where the word hurricane comes from?

  • Native Americans called these storms Hurakons, after "a great spirit who commanded the east wind." Spanish explorers adopted the word and then began giving hurricanes the names of patron saints on whose feast days the storms occurred. Later, hurricanes were identified by their longitude and latitude.
  • A weatherman in Australia is credited with being the first person to name a tropical storm after a female. By World War II, meteorologists in the U.S. military named storms after their girlfriends and wives. The first storm in the Atlantic Ocean named for a man was Hurricane Bob!
  • Hurricanes names are selected by the World Meteorological Organization. Every six years, the list of names begins again! However, the names of especially destructive hurricanes are usually retired.

See the "retired" tropical storm and hurricane names.

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Maybe in the future, there

By Kody Speikers on April 10

Maybe in the future, there might a hurricane named after me or just named "Cody". I'll have to wait and see in the future.

The 2013-2014 winter has been

By Kristin M.

The 2013-2014 winter has been cold and deadly. Last year Mercer County, NJ has 4.93" of snow and this year we're already over 50" with more in the forecast. I just read an article that this cold winter could mean we'll have a cooler summer. But, I was wondering if a winter such as this one has any impact on the hurricane season.

The winter weather doesn't

By Almanac Staff

The winter weather doesn't impact the hurricane season. Hurricanes tend to originate over Africa or in the lower Caribbean. However, our meteorologist has predicted this for the summer: Hurricane season will get off to a slow start in June before becoming active in July and especially in September. Expect a major hurricane to make landfall on the central Gulf Coast in July, with several hurricanes and tropical storms threatening Florida and the Atlantic seaboard in September.

This forecast and other weather updates appear in the Almanac Monthly. For more information about that, go to


Thank you for the reply.

By Kristin M.

Thank you for the reply. Living in NJ I have become more mindful of hurricanes after Irene and Sandy. They inspired me to create what I call a "black out kit" with flashlights/lanterns/booklights, a battery-operated radio and clock, small battery operated fans, a first aid kit, games/puzzles/books, and other odds and ends. I also created one for my brother as a gift.

I like to learn about

By Kaitlin Hyndman

I like to learn about hurricanes

we are planning to visit

By mukesh

we are planning to visit Turks & Caicos in July End 2014. What do you thing the hurricane season will bring at that time/
Thanks you,

Mass mayhem...It's forecasted

By Jason B

Mass mayhem...It's forecasted to be an above average year. I'm out here in the Caribbean.

Sorry to disappoint, but we

By Almanac Staff

Sorry to disappoint, but we only predict the weather for U.S. and Canada.

Why can't you name a

By Lone Wolf

Why can't you name a Hurricane. Baron. Slugger . Donnybrook and native americans names
And will new orleans get snow

The Hawaii honeymoon is for

By BeccaJo

The Hawaii honeymoon is for 2014!!

We are planning a honeymoon

By BeccaJo

We are planning a honeymoon in Hawaii the last week of July and first week of August. We want to cruise the islands. What are the predicted and/or likely weather conditions during that period?

Thank you.

You can find our long-range

By Almanac Staff

You can find our long-range forecasts in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, now available in bookstores and at newsstands and also online at

I am planning to spend the

By Linda langer

I am planning to spend the month of January 2014 near tampa florida what will the temperature be and a cruise for February 2-9,2014 for northern caribbean would you please let me if the weather will good for this cruise and for my first time spending more than a week in Florida
Thank you

Hi, Linda, The hurricane

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Linda, The hurricane season is June through November so it won't affect your cruise. In terms of weather, we offer our long-range weather predictions in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, now on sale in bookstores and on our Web site here:




My son is planning a wedding

By Carol Donnelly

My son is planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic in Sept 21 2014, I am worried about Hurricanes before and during that could destroy his day and put everyone in danger

Hi Carol, We only cover North

By Almanac Staff

Hi Carol, We only cover North America. In The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, September is predicted to be rainier and warmer than normal, with several hurricane threats in September. I'm sorry that it probably not comforting. Hurricanes are challenging to predict as there are many variables. For example, the experts at Colorado State and around the globe predicted a very active season this year and it was a bust. So, it's highly variable.

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