Christmas Cactus

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Christmas Cacti are easy to grow. When they bloom, they produce beautiful colors of pink or lilac.  If exposed to any type of stress, they will drop their blossoms. If the cacti sheds its buds in a winter, it will bloom the following year.

Christmas Cactus
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Patricia Mosey

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Schlumbergera hybrids

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  • From spring through summer feed every 2 weeks with a fertilizer and keep the soil moist. During the fall and winter feed the cactus monthly.
  • Allow soil to almost dry between waterings. If the stems look shriveled, it is an indication of too little watering.  


May be susceptible to mealy bugs and, if over-watered, root rot.


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christmas cactus

you recommend feeding more often than most writers but I am inclined to agree with you they need plenty of nutrients I have recently blogged about this
RogerBrook (no dig gardener)