How to Rotate Your Vegetable Crops


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Crop rotation is key to a successful vegetable garden after the first year.  It’s important to grow vegetables in different areas of your garden each year to keep them healthy and combat pests

However, it can be difficult to plan the order of crop rotation and organize well, particularly if you are growing different amounts of a variety of crops.

This video explains a simple colour-coded method of crop rotation that makes the whole process much simpler and shows how the Garden Planner software can help.

The Garden Planner is available here:


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Not as useful as you would think

This video doesn't give out specific information on which crops are in which families and why the different crops do better in soil planted with a different plant family the previous year. It's basically an ad for the garden planning software.

Hi Grace. I'm sorry you didn

Hi Grace. I'm sorry you didn't find the video useful. We used the Garden Planner in this video as one of its main strengths is that it takes the headache out of figuring out which crop belongs to which family, and makes crop rotation simpler. Thanks for your comment - I will discuss this with our video production team as an idea for future videos on this subject.

Great video and here a tool

Great video and here a tool which will be of great help how to rotate your crops correctly:

Haven't gardened for many

Haven't gardened for many years, need help.... I now live in town, much different . I live in western Nebraska

Judy, You'd need to ask us a

Judy, You'd need to ask us a specific question. As it sounds as if you are not sure where to start, we would recommend that you call your county's local cooperative extension for free and local advice! See:

This looks very helpful even

This looks very helpful even though I have been gardening for years.

Very practical visual on crop

Very practical visual on crop rotation. I will recommend to my friends.

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