Weather Folklore of the Day

When deer are in a gray coat in October, expect a hard winter.

Last 7 Days

    For every fog in October, a snow in the winter.

    In weather lore, both January 13 and January 14 claim to be the coldest day of the year.

    If Michaelmas brings many acorns, Christmas will cover the fields with snow.

    Clouds floating low, and casting shadows on the ground, are usually followed by rain.

    Whistle when you want the wind to blow.

    Whether anyone whistled for the small but powerful hurricane that hit from New Jersey to Maine in 1788 is anyone's guess. But if the same storm were to occur in the same place today, the damage would be far more extreme, given that the area is now so highly populated.

    Moonlight nights have the hardest frosts.

    When the leaves show their under sides, Be very sure that rain betides.

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