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Today in Weather History

1988: One inch of snow fell during a thunderstorm in Woodstock, Vermont

Last 7 Days

    1963: The Livingston (Alberta) Ranger Station received 44 inches of snow, making the record for the largest summer snowfall recorded in Canada

    1994: Laughlin, Nevada, reached 124 degrees F

    1957: Hurricane Audrey smashed ashore at Cameron Parish, Louisiana, 390 drowned in storm tide

    1990: Los Angeles, California, soared to 112 degrees F

    1977: Virginian Roy C. Sullivan was struck by lightning for the seventh time.

    1972: The Mount Rainier National Park ranger station in Washington reported 4.4 inches of snow, bringing the season total to 1,122 inches

    1988: Billings, Montana, had a temperature of 104 degrees F

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