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Here at The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, we’re sharing free stories and links to fun activities for stuck-at-home families everywhere. They’re great for the young and the young at heart! Happier people are healthier people. Learn something new and have fun!

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The Almanac for Kids
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The Almanac for Kids Volume 7

Animal Heroes

A True “Captain Kid”

The Curious Crow: Friend or Foe?

Get Out Your Clams, Peewees, and Taws!

A Few Bars About Soap

Springtime Fun Around the World

A Dozen Meteorological Mysteries

The Almanac for Kids Volume 6

Get Growing!

Grow a Hideaway

How Animals Catch Their Zzzzzzzzs

Everything You Need to Know About Easter

The Farmer and the Rat

Plant a Grocery Garden!

Kids Great Finds

Pet Curiosities

The Brain: Your Own Personal Supercomputer

Got Game?

The Almanac for Kids Volume 5

Turn a Patch Into a Storybook Garden

Let’s Go Bananas!

Make Every Day Special!

Fun for Funambulists

Hooray for Hummingbirds!

Ocean Notions

Over the Moon!

The Almanac for Kids Volume 4

Bird Brainiac

Welcome a Rabble of Butterflies

The True Story of Casey and the Mudville Nine

Creatures that Glow

Oh, My Heavens!

A Tale of Two Burros

The Almanac for Kids Volume 3

Backyard Olympics

The Buzz on Bees

Cloudy with a Chance of Fish

Say What?

The Kid Who Invented TV

Jaws! The Little-known and Hard-to-swallow Facts About Sharks

Name That Vegetable

A Slice of History

What It Takes to be A Star

The Almanac for Kids Volume 2

Grow a Vegetable Forest

The Scoop on Ice Cream Through the Ages

In With the Good Out, Out With the Bad

The Reasons for the Seasons

Weather Wizards


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