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Calendar for November 14th, 2013

1606: First Western theatrical production in North America, "Le Theatre de Neptune," performed

1732: Louis Timothee became the first salaried librarian in the "U.S."

Born 1765: Robert Fulton (inventor)

Born 1840: Claude Monet (artist)

1851: Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, was first published in the U.S.

Born 1861: Frederick Jackson Turner (historian)

Born 1885: Sonia Delaunay (artist)

1889: Journalist Nellie Bly left N.Y.C. for tour around the world in 72 days

Born 1896: Mamie Doud Eisenhower (U.S. First Lady)

Born 1907: Astrid Lindgren (author)

1910: Eugene Ely piloted the first airplane take-off from a ship

Died 1915: Booker T. Washington (educator & activist)

Born 1916: Sherwood Schwartz (writer & producer)

Born 1919: Veronica Lake (actress)

Born 1921: Brian Keith (actor)

Born 1930: Edward White (astronaut)

Born 1954: Willie Hernandez (baseball player)

Born 1954: Condoleezza Rice (U.S. Secretary of State)

Born 1966: Curt Schilling (baseball player)

1968: Yale University announces that it will begin admitting women as undergraduate students in 1969

1969: Apollo 12 spacecraft successfully launched from Cape Kennedy

Born 1972: Josh Duhamel (actor)

1973: Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey

1981: Second successful landing of space shuttle Columbia

1982: Jean Drapeau became mayor of Montreal for 8th time

1989: First cabooseless Canadian Pacific train left Winnipeg, bound for Thunder Bay

Died 2002: Eddie Bracken (actor)

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