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Calendar for November 16th, 2013

Died 1802: André Michaux (botanist)

Born 1873: W.C. Handy (composer)

Died 1885: Louis Riel (leader of Metis resistance vs. Canada)

Born 1889: George Kaufman (director of theater)

Born 1895: Paul Hindemith (composer)

Born 1899: Mary Margaret McBride (radio commentator)

1900: Philadelphia Orchestra played its inaugural concert

1907: Oklahoma admitted to the Union as the 46th state

Born 1908: Burgess Meredith (actor)

1945: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is established

Born 1958: Marg Helgenberger (actress)

1959: Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical, The Sound of Music, premiered

Died 1960: Clark Gable (actor)

Born 1964: Dwight Gooden (baseball player)

Born 1967: Lisa Bonet (actress)

1973: President Nixon signed a bill authorizing construction of a trans-Alaska oil pipeline

1973: Skylab 4 launched from Kennedy Space Center

Born 1977: Maggie Gyllenhaal (actress)

Died 1981: William Holden (actor)

Born 1984: Kimberly J. Brown (actress)

Died 1990: Northern Dancer (racehorse)

1996: Mother Teresa received honorary U.S. citizenship

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