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Calendar for November 22nd, 2013

Born 1643: René-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle (explorer)

Died 1718: Blackbeard (pirate)

Born 1819: George Eliot (author)

1886: Statue of Liberty began role as first U.S. lighthouse to use electricity

Born 1890: Charles de Gaulle (French general, writer, & statesman)

Born 1898: Wiley Post (first pilot to fly solo around the world)

Died 1916: Jack London (writer)

1917: National Hockey League established at Montreal

Born 1921: Rodney Dangerfield (comedian & actor)

Born 1924: Geraldine Page (actress)

Born 1925: Gunther Schuller (composer)

Born 1932: Robert Vaughn (actor)

Born 1940: Terry Gilliam (actor)

Born 1943: Billie Jean King (tennis player)

Born 1958: Jamie Lee Curtis (actress)

Died 1963: C.S. Lewis (author)

1963: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, and Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th U.S. president

Died 1963: John F. Kennedy (35th U.S. president)

Born 1967: Mark Ruffalo (actor)

Born 1967: Boris Becker (tennis player)

Died 1980: Mae West (actress)

Born 1984: Scarlett Johansson (actress)

1990: Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Died 1998: Henry Hampton (documentary filmmaker)

2009: Race car driver Jimmie Johnson set a NASCAR record by winning his fourth consecutive championship

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