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Calendar for November 29th, 2013

Electronic Greeting Day

US (Wyoming): Nellie Tayloe Ross's birthday celebrated

1775: Committee of Secret Correspondence organized by 2nd Continental Congress

Born 1811: Wendell Phillips (abolitionist crusader)

Born 1816: Morrison Remick Waite (Chief Justice)

Born 1832: Louisa May Alcott (author)

Born 1849: Sir John Ambrose Fleming (physicist)

Born 1898: C. S. Lewis (novelist)

1912: Fire destroyed much of Maryland Agricultural College, in College Park, Maryland

Born 1917: Merle Travis (musician)

1929: Richard E. Byrd and pilot Bernt Balchen, in the Floyd Bennett, were first to fly over the South Pole

Born 1933: John Mayall (musician)

Born 1940: Chuck Mangione (musician)

1944: Doctors Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas performed the first surgery (on a human) to correct blue baby syndrome

Born 1946: Suzy Chaffee (Olympic skier)

1948: Kukla, Fran and Ollie debuted on television

Born 1954: Joel Coen (director, producer, & writer)

Born 1955: Howie Mandel (comedian, actor, & television host)

1961: Enos became the first chimp to orbit Earth

Born 1962: Andrew McCarthy (actor)

1963: President Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

1964: English was used for the first time during a U.S. Catholic mass

Born 1964: Don Cheadle (actor)

1972: Pong, a coin-operated video game, debuted

Born 1976: Anna Kay Faris (actress)

Died 1981: Natalie Wood (actress)

1984: Megamouth shark caught off Catalina Island, California

Died 1986: Cary Grant (actor)

Died 2001: George Harrison (musician; member of The Beatles)

Died 2004: John D. Barrymore (actor)

Died 2005: Wendie Jo Sperber (actress)

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