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Calendar for November 9th, 2013

Born 1731: Benjamin Banneker (mathematician & astronomer)

Born 1801: Robert Dale Owen (social reformer)

Born 1802: Elijah Parish Lovejoy (abolitionist)

Born 1818: Ivan Turgenev (author)

Born 1833: Sally Tompkins (philanthropist, Civil War hospital founder and operator)

Born 1853: Stanford White (architect)

Born 1869: Marie Dressler (actress)

1872: The Great Boston Fire raged for two days

1906: Theodore Roosevelt became the first president to travel outside the U.S. while in office

1912: Jim Thorpe's Carlisle Indians beat Dwight Eisenhower's Army Cadets in football, 27 to 6

Born 1915: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. (politician)

Born 1918: Spiro Agnew (U.S. vice president)

Born 1918: Florence Chadwick (swimmer)

Born 1928: Anne Sexton (poet)

Born 1934: Carl Sagan (astronomer)

1950: Twelve Soviet-made MIG-15s attacked four U.S. aircrafts over North Korea in the first dogfight involving jet fighter planes

Born 1951: Lou Ferrigno (actor)

Died 1953: Dylan Thomas (poet)

Born 1970: Chris Jericho (professional wrestler)

Died 1970: Charlie de Gaulle (politician)

Born 1972: Eric Dane (actor)

1972: Canada's first domestic communications satellite, Anik A1, launched

Born 1973: Nick Lachey (singer)

Born 1988: Nikki Blonsky (actress)

Died 1988: John N. Mitchell (former U.S. attorney general)

1989: The fall of the Berlin Wall

Died 2003: Art Carney (actor)

2004: Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens was honored with his seventh Cy Young award and became the oldest pitcher, at age 42, to receive the award

Died 2006: Ed Bradley (broadcast journalist)

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