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Frost Chart for United States

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Find average frost dates for your last spring frost and first fall frost.

(If you're a farmer or gardener, get planting dates based on first frost dates.)

Dates given are normal averages for a light freeze or frost (32°F); local weather and topography may cause considerable variations. The possibility of frost occurring after the spring dates and before the fall dates is 50 percent. The classification of freezing temperatures is usually based on their effect on plants, with the following commonly accepted categories:

Light freeze:

29°F to 32°F—tender plants killed, with little destructive effect on other vegetation.

Moderate freeze:

25°F to 28°F—widely destructive effect on most vegetation, with heavy damage to fruit blossoms and tender and semi-hardy plants.

Severe freeze:

24°F and colder—damage to most plants.

Frost Dates

Below are U.S. cities. Or, see Canadian cities.

City State


Last Spring
Frost Dates
First Fall
Frost Dates
Mobile AL 273 Feb. 28 Nov. 29
Juneau AK 148 May 8 Oct. 4
Flagstaff AZ 106 June 9 Sept. 22
Phoenix AZ * * *
Prescott AZ 163 May 7 Oct. 18
Tucson AZ 324 Jan. 19 Dec. 18
Pine Bluff AR 240 Mar. 16 Nov. 12
Eureka CA 323 Jan. 27 Dec. 16
Sacramento CA 296 Feb. 10 Dec. 4
San Francisco CA * * *
Denver CO 157 Apr. 30 Oct. 4
Hartford CT 166 Apr. 26 Oct. 9
Wilmington DE 202 Apr. 10 Oct. 30
Miami FL * * *
Tampa FL 338 Jan. 28 Jan. 3
Athens GA 227 Mar. 24 Nov. 7
Savannah GA 268 Mar. 1 Nov. 25
Boise ID 147 May 10 Oct. 6
Chicago IL 187 Apr. 20 Oct. 24
Springfield IL 182 Apr. 13 Oct. 13
Indianapolis IN 181 Apr. 17 Oct. 16
South Bend IN 175 Apr. 26 Oct. 19
Atlantic IA 148 May 2 Sept. 28
Cedar Rapids IA 163 Apr. 25 Oct. 6
Topeka KS 174 Apr. 19 Oct. 11
Lexington KY 192 Apr. 15 Oct. 25
Monroe LA 256 Mar. 3 Nov. 15
New Orleans LA 300 Feb. 12 Dec. 11
Portland ME 156 May 2 Oct. 6
Baltimore MD 200 Apr. 11 Oct. 29
Worcester MA 170 Apr. 26 Oct. 14
Lansing MI 145 May 10 Oct. 3
Marquette MI 154 May 11 Oct. 13
Duluth MN 124 May 21 Sept. 23
Willmar MN 154 Apr. 30 Oct. 1
Columbus MS 248 Mar. 13 Nov. 16
Vicksburg MS 240 Mar. 20 Nov. 16
Jefferson City MO 188 Apr. 13 Oct. 18
Fort Peck MT 141 May 8 Sept. 26
Helena MT 121 May 19 Sept. 18
Blair NE 167 Apr. 25 Oct. 10
North Platte NE 137 May 9 Sept. 24
Las Vegas NV 283 Feb. 16 Nov. 27
Concord NH 124 May 20 Sept. 21
Newark NJ 217 Apr. 3 Nov. 7
Carlsbad NM 215 Mar. 31 Nov. 2
Los Alamos NM 149 May 11 Oct. 8
Albany NY 153 May 2 Oct. 3
Syracuse NY 168 Apr. 28 Oct. 13
Fayetteville NC 222 Mar. 28 Nov. 5
Bismarck ND 129 May 14 Sept. 21
Akron OH 192 Apr. 18 Oct. 28
Cincinnati OH 192 Apr. 13 Oct. 23
Lawton OK 223 Mar. 29 Nov. 7
Tulsa OK 225 Mar. 27 Nov. 7
Pendleton OR 187 Apr. 13 Oct. 18
Portland OR 236 Mar. 23 Nov. 15
Franklin PA 164 May 6 Oct. 17
Williamsport PA 168 Apr. 30 Oct. 15
Kingston RI 147 May 8 Oct. 3
Charleston SC 260 Mar. 9 Nov. 25
Columbia SC 214 Apr. 1 Nov. 1
Rapid City SD 140 May 9 Sept. 27
Memphis TN 235 Mar. 22 Nov. 13
Nashville TN 204 Apr. 6 Oct. 28
Amarillo TX 185 Apr. 18 Oct. 20
Denton TX 243 Mar. 18 Nov. 16
San Antonio TX 270 Feb. 28 Nov. 25
Cedar City UT 133 May 21 Oct. 1
Spanish Fork UT 167 May 1 Oct. 16
Burlington VT 147 May 8 Oct. 3
Norfolk VA 247 Mar. 20 Nov. 23
Richmond VA 206 Apr. 6 Oct. 30
Seattle WA 251 Mar. 10 Nov. 17
Spokane WA 153 May 2 Oct. 3
Parkersburg WV 183 Apr. 21 Oct. 22
Green Bay WI 150 May 6 Oct. 4
Janesville WI 164 Apr. 28 Oct. 10
Casper WY 120 May 22 Sept. 19
* Frosts do not occur every year.

For more locations click here.

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I live in San Antonio, TX

By Barbara H.

I live in San Antonio, TX 78245. Want to plant Banana Shrubs(Michelia figo) After talking with several nurseries, they're saying they won't grow in this soil. Checking online and they're saying it will grow in Zone 8 & 9. Please help clarify as I'm so confused. I don't mind leaving them in pots if I have to...I grew up with them in LA and want my grandkids to enjoy them now.

Michelia figo grows in USDA

By Almanac Staff

Michelia figo grows in USDA hardiness zones: 7B through 10. San Antonio is zone 8b so you can plant year-round. Here's a reference guide:


Im new to gardening and I

By mei

Im new to gardening and I live in Montreal Canada. Which region I fall into and which is the best time to transplant seedlings in our area?

Up at the top of the list is

By cinema sasquatch

Up at the top of the list is a link for Canadian cities. Montreal Canada is on the list for a date in May.

I live in Dayton Ohio, and I

By Nancy Sumner

I live in Dayton Ohio, and I have 3 bushes & one tree I need to plant (low-grow Sumac & a Black Gum tree). We're expecting our first frost tonite, is it ok to still plant bushes or trees when frost is expected that night?

You can plant your bushes and

By Almanac Staff

You can plant your bushes and trees now. Earlier in the fall is better for planting but as long as the soil is soft and workable it's OK to plant. Make sure to water well so that the roots have a chance to get established before the ground freezes.

Can you please tell me what

By Rosalinda Rittenberg

Can you please tell me what the first frost day in the fall and the last frost day in spring is for Astoria, Oregon? Thank you so much!

Unfortunately at the moment,

By Almanac Staff

Unfortunately at the moment, because of the government shutdown, the NCDC (National Climatic Data Center) Web site, with weather records, is not accessible for you to find the official information. However, we've found some non-government sources that might help.


The dates will depend on what temperature data you are using (32 degrees, 36 degrees), and what percentile of occurrences (10, 50, 90 percent, etc.). We use 32 degrees and 50 percent. From what we're finding from non-government sources, the last expected spring frost for Astoria can average around April 8 or 9 (for other temps/percentages, it can be as early as mid-March, more mid-April, or April 30 or May 1), and the first expected fall frost around November 7 to 9 (for other temps/percentages, it can be as early as October 14 or thereabouts, or into early December).


You might also be interested in the following Web site:


We are about to travel for a

By Virginia Jones

We are about to travel for a few weeks and I want to know the first frost date for Wilmington, N.C. Fayetteville is listed, but it is actually in another zone--inland rather than coastal. Can we get a closer estimate?
Thank you!

The dates will depend on what

By Almanac Staff

The dates will depend on what temperature data you are using (32 degrees, 36 degrees), and what percentile of occurrences (10, 50, 90 percent, etc.). We use 32 degrees and 50 percent. In this case, according to NOAA, the first expected frost date in Wilmington, North Carolina, would be about November 14 to 16.


You might be interested in the following Web pages:





I want to grow an apple tree

By Julie Goley

I want to grow an apple tree from seeds. I have tried on numerous occasions to soak seeds from a granny smith I bought in the store however I cannot seem to get the seeds to sprout. Does anyone thoughts, ideas or tips that could help me out? I live in an apartment building so I have to start it indoors...if possible!

Fruit tree's are grafted not

By Candace Price

Fruit tree's are grafted not grown from seed.

take tea leaves out after

By rakesh

take tea leaves out after drinking tea (six bags) and put seeds under that in a pot. I have grown over 15 plants and 8 are living and 6 ft tall, they will have unknown qulaity but apple is apple to me and wildlife careless if grany or mackintosh or gold type. Works for most seeds and hard to grow seeds like papers. Lots of paper plants I got too. Share with others too.

To be upfront, it is very

By Almanac Staff

To be upfront, it is very challenging to grow apples from seeds and what you'll get probably won't be true to its parent nor a strong tree. Today, most trees are grown from grafting (nurseries attach part of one tree to another recommended for growing fruit). If you do wish to try it, just know that 1 in 10 may take, at best, so it's a lot of experimenting! After you save your apple seeds, dry them, put them in the refrigerator for a few months as apple seeds must be chilled, and then sow outdoors in the spring (April) in a warm place. This will work better than trying to grow indoors in a pot. See more:

when do you plant purple top

By Dorothy R

when do you plant purple top turip greens in central Mississippi? thanks

The Mississippi cooperative

By Almanac Staff

The Mississippi cooperative extension advises sowing seeds Aug. 5 - Aug. 20, though you should be able to sow through the fall as long as the soil stays warm. Most take varieties about 45 to 50 days to mature.

Hi all, I'm starting an urban

By Chris_Bronx

Hi all, I'm starting an urban farm here in New York City, I checked with the USDA and we're in a 7b growing zone, what should I plant in the next few weeks? Im also building hoop houses with compost inside come October.

Any info is much appreciated!

Chris, You may also find it

By Almanac Staff

Chris, You may also find it helpful to try our online Garden Planner. It will show you which crops fit your area and you can design the entire garden!  The trial is "free" for 30 days. Check it out here: http://gardenplanner.almanac.com/

At this time of year, you are

By Almanac Staff

At this time of year, you are past summer so you'll want to consider sowing your cool-weather crops for fall. For zone 7, you can start planting beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, cucumbers, kale, turnips... Starting September 1, you can plant lettuce, onions, spinach, and radish. We hope this helps. We would suggest you contact your local cooperative extension office for more local advice.

I have little red berries in

By ellissusieq

I have little red berries in various places in my yard, sunny and shady spots as well. Look like wild strawberries. Is there any nutritional value in these? Or are they not edible? Thank you for all your excellent advice!

If the fruit looks like a

By Almanac Staff

If the fruit looks like a strawberry, it could be a wild strawberry (which tastes sweet and delicious) or it could be a mock (or false or Indian) strawberry which don't taste good (though they're edible). The mock strawberry is generally classified as an invasive weed. Since we can't ID it without a photo, you could take it to a garden center to confirm. Wild strawberries are extremely nutritious and have about 10 times the vitamin C of a mock strawberry. You may find this reference helpful: http://www.sierrapotomac.org/W_Needham/IndianStrawberry_080617.htm

Hi, I live in San Francisco,

By Irys


I live in San Francisco, Ca. While it does not frost here every year, frost does occur. I'm trying to find out the first and last frost dates, but most sites don't have anything about San Francisco. The closest city I found was Sacramento, Ca, which is inland and has a different weather system. Thanks you!

One unofficial source lists

By Almanac Staff

One unofficial source lists as last expected spring frost 1/24, first expected fall frost 12/8. To be sure, however, we'd suggest contacting your nearest branch of the National Weather Service. You might try:
National Weather Service
San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area Weather Forecast Office
21 Grace Hopper Ave, Stop 5
Monterey, CA 93943-5505
Tel: (831)-656-1725

I had a friend who just died

By CS Roddenbery

I had a friend who just died at 101 years old. He once told me that when he was a little boy, his grandfather told him of a frost that killed the corn in July. The Georgia county we live in is Grady- on the Florida border. I wonder if there are records from way back that would document his story.

I have read that the eruption

By Anne Byrd

I have read that the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 caused a change in weather patterns worldwide, causing The Year Without a Summer in the US a few years later. Would this fit your friend's story?

Well, I must say my eyebrows

By Jen77

Well, I must say my eyebrows went up hearing this story. We are in Missouri and we grew up hearing the old timers talk about the year it snowed here in July and frosted down south. We've tried to find records of it thinking surely not, but cant find records for back then. Hearing someone else mention it just made a believer out of me though. :)

i think what you are talking

By blackcherry

i think what you are talking about was in 1816 and was known as poverty year. solar flares, the end of a mini ice age, and the volcanic eruption of tombora in Indonesia are just a few of the many believed items that contributed to the bizarre weather. hope this helps so you can find some more information on it.

i have planted four plum

By william craft

i have planted four plum trees in my yard. they were really green and ready to go when i got them. now 3 of the 4 trees are dying and losing all it's leaves. i also have planted cherry trees amongst them and they are ok?

As for your cherry trees,

By Almanac Staff

As for your cherry trees, again, without variety names, we can not provide specific comments. However, we can say that like many other fruit trees, these require a fair amount of maintenance (usually spraying before or after leaves appear). Consult your local nursery or agricultural extension service for specifics.

i live in mt and i checked

By william craft

i live in mt and i checked for zones.

Fruit trees need a lot of

By Almanac Staff

Fruit trees need a lot of care—a lot more, it seems, than anyone ever tells you.
You have not provided the variety name, so we can not be certain, but our sources suggest that your trees could have brown rot, a fungus that overwinters in dried fruit remaining on a tree. You could spray with Benomyl or Captan and pick off any remaining/existing fruit. Next spring, before leaf out, spray the trees with line-sulfur to sanitize it. Check with your local nursery or agricultural extension service for details. For that matter, you might check with the source of your trees for advice, too.
Then, again, it could be root rot...
Or it cold be a weevil called the Plum Curculio. One source highly recommends Bonide Fruit Tree Spray, which contains captan mentioned above, among other things. Consult local sources above for other treatment.

Question about Denver, CO

By Daniela Garrett

Question about Denver, CO entry:
Does not April 30th sound too early for last frost date in Denver, CO? I thought it was fairly safe for most plantings after the third week of May? Cucumbers and such even a bit later? Thanks!

Our data comes from NOAA.

By Almanac Staff

Our data comes from NOAA. There is still a 50 percent chance that you'll have a frost after the April 30 date. There is a 10 percent chance for frost after May 13th. See website at

hi Almanac, your website and

By Zi

hi Almanac, your website and info. are phenomenal, can somebody please let me know if it's okay to plant the different roses i bought pre-packaged from Dept. store, we live in the Toms River, N.J. area and i want to plant them before March 20th, it's the 14th of March and the packages say to plant them once you buy them, i've kept them inside for about a week and they have been budding amazing thus far having them inside, please help, thank you in advance.

Zi, Go to our Roses page for

By Almanac Staff

Zi, Go to our Roses page for tips on how to plant and grow roses: http://www.almanac.com/plant/roses
Plant rose shrubs just after your last frost in the spring. Make sure you plant in a place that gets at least 6 hours of sun. Amend the soil with compost to add nutrients and mulch with compost to retain moisture and keep down the weeks. Water deeply every week. Add organic fertilizer when the roses leaf out in the the spring, then every 6 weeks all spring and summer until you are 6 weeks away from your first fall frost. See our Roses page for more details.

I have two places in mind for

By Pretty-Sky

I have two places in mind for my mini vegetable garden. I live on a military base so i cant use my yard. There is a designated area on the east side of my house for flowers amd plants, and a long patch on the west side of my house but at this time of year, the tall fence facing south is shading that patch. I like my fenced off area in case of critters but the lack of sunlight means ill have to wait to plant right? Or should i just use the east side patch? This is my first garden...ever. everything i touch dies and i dont want to leave any questions unanswered before i get started. Please help.

You can plant some veggies in

By Almanac Staff

You can plant some veggies in the west side garden. Try spinach, lettuce, broccoli and maybe some below ground crops like carrots and onions. Plant sun loving tomatoes, peppers and flowers in the east side patch. Good luck!

We're a bunch of volunteers

By Kenia Schulist

We're a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful information to work on. You have done a formidable activity and our entire group will likely be grateful to you.

How deep does the soil freeze

By Hatsy moore

How deep does the soil freeze in coastal rhode island in an average year?

This chart is essentially

By Regina Hitchcock

This chart is essentially useless to over half the state of Arizona. It only has two cities, both of which are in the bottom half of the state that does not include any towns in the north of the state, which have DRASTICALLY different climates. Very sad.

I bemoan the same thing for

By J. D.

I bemoan the same thing for the state of Utah. There are no dates for the largest city in Utah - Salt Lake, let alone cities to the north like Ogden, Brigham, Logan, ....etc.

I lived in Ca 2 year ago before moving to Ut. The Almanac asl is devoid of the dates for most California cities.

Flagstaff frost dates

By Almanac Staff

Flagstaff frost dates are
Last spring frost June 9
First fall frost Sept. 22

Prescott frost dates are
Last spring frost May 7
First fall frost Oct. 18

We will add more dates to our frost chart in the near future.

Is tonight the first frost in

By Victory

Is tonight the first frost in Howard county, Maryland?

I have lived in central

By Bruce Nolte

I have lived in central Maryland most of my life. First light frost can occur anytime between September. 25 and as late as the second week of November, . Microclimate plays a tools here, there are a lot of October nights where temperatures drop into the 30's under clear skies and light winds. Low lying areas often frost before areas on high ground. Laurel and Fort Meade are often colder than Mount Airy.

I live in Eastern Panhandle

By Gmax4

I live in Eastern Panhandle of WV, just got a fig tree and put it in planter on porch, has some small figs on it. Just wondering if I can put it in garage for the winter and will the figs produce this year ?? I now leave it in the sun as much as I can.

You might be interested in

By Almanac Staff

You might be interested in this article on figs:


The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is in USDA Hardiness Zone 6. Figs are hardy from 8 to 11, or sometimes 6 or 7, depending on cultivar. So yes, once your fig tree loses its leaves in fall and goes dormant, before temperatures dip below 40 degrees F, move the tree into an unheated garage or cellar, in a dry spot. It will not need light during dormancy. Water the plant sparingly over winter, about every 3 to 4 weeks. Move the plant back outdoors once temperatures consistently are above 40 F in spring.

Fig trees may not produce edible, mature fruit until they are about 3 to 5 years old. It sounds like your tree does have the baby fruit starting, but these may not mature in time this season, since the fig needs to stay on the tree to ripen. If the fruit is larger than pea size, remove them before moving the plant indoors for winter, to help the plant conserve energy. Keep any fruit that is pea-size or smaller; if properly protected, these may survive the winter and grow to maturity the next year.

I'm thinking of planting

By Potter

I'm thinking of planting hollyhocks from seed in Tacoma, WA. It is now mid-October and most sites I visited said plant them in fall about two months before the first frost. How exact should I be? First frost here is Nov. 10 - 20. Am I safe planting them now or should I wait another year?


By yamahondamom

HELP, NEED ANSWER ASAP PLEEEEEEEEZ. We are expecting the tempertures to drop in tomatoes that are not yet red/ripe. Should we pick them before the weekend?, should we cover them

If you think that the weather

By Almanac Staff

If you think that the weather will warm up again after this first cold spell cover your plants. Tomatoes need lots of warm sunshine to ripen so you may be running out of time. If you decide to pick the green tomatoes put them in a brown paper bag with an apple and close it up. The ethylene gas from the apple will ripen the tomatoes.

Hi, I'm from TN this year I

By christie

Hi, I'm from TN this year I tried a Tropical banana trees near my pool,i'm not sure the type but, I was wondering for winterizing would they survive in an halfway insulated storage shed?? I had planned on digging them up next weekend and keeping them out of the pot's.

Remove the banana from the

By Almanac Staff

Remove the banana from the pot and place it in a container with moist sand. Store the plant in the shed if the temp. will not drop below 50 degrees F. Stop watering and fertilizing and let the plant go dormant. You can also remove some of the leaves. If the plant is too tall you can chop it down before storing. It will grow back next spring.

Here in Chicago, I just

By Jade'

Here in Chicago, I just finish weeding my container garden. In between two containers I have a english pea plant growing. The plant already have a few baby pods. If I can uproot the plant without destroying the root, can I transplant? What if I can't dig up all the roots?

Leave the pea plant in the

By Almanac Staff

Leave the pea plant in the ground. They don't like to be transplanted. You may be able to harvest a few pods before the plant dies. Peas are cold hardy. Cover the plant with a towel or sheet if you have a hard frost.

Man I love being in the bay

By CaliBoy

Man I love being in the bay area. even a light frost is actually very uncommon. It's growing season all year long here :D

It does occur in San

By Irys

It does occur in San Francisco sometimes, maybe because we are not inland where it warmer...? Last year frost killed my Lilies. Now if I could just remember the dates... :(

I would like to know what I

By Margaret Batten

I would like to know what I have to do to the ground to start an asparagus patch?

Hi, Margaret, Eliminate all

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Margaret, Eliminate all weeds from the bed, digging it over and working in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost, manure or soil mix. Then, dig trenches of about 6 inches wide and 6 to 12 inches deep. Some experts believe shallow trenches of 6 inches are best. See our Asparagus Page for this information and more: http://www.almanac.com/plant/asparagus

my question is for starting a

By marie pettengill

my question is for starting a vegtable garden in ossipee nh..do i need to wait for end of may to actually put my seeds or plants in ground??

Marie, This data is based on

By Almanac Staff

Marie, This data is based on 30-year historical averages and a 50% probability. Many people in NH wait until Memorial Day to be safe from frosts. But every year is different and keep in mind your microclimate. You can click on the link below the chart to see other weather stations for your state and other probabilities.

I just won't to know when God

By LisaS.

I just won't to know when God is going to tern on the AC. And get rid of thes 100+ days. It's hot in TX and my Hubby is a roofer so it wold be nice just being in the 90's.

Thank you for this

By Kansakar

Thank you for this information I am a gardener and this information will really help me to start my vegetation period as you know "Little things make a big difference - some you can change your landscaping". After knowing this data I can now start my work in a appropriate time from my grains. I recently came to know about wholesale flower pots where we can plant flowers and even some light vegetables. I have no experience using this before have anyone of you used this before?

We are in a "90" year droute

By LisaS.

We are in a "90" year droute down hear in TX. Didn't do one this year wish I was able but not allowed to us h2o out side.

so it frosts last nite, temp

By KatJ

so it frosts last nite, temp was 32 when I got up.... my tomatoes look very sad. what are the odds of them surviving this frost? It is supposed to get cold again tonite and I plan on covering them. Do you think they may survive??? It should not frost this late where I live, rural area south of KCMO. Tks Kat

Tomatoes are very sensitive

By Richard Rauenbusch

Tomatoes are very sensitive to frost; it will kill them. Even cold weather is harmful to their health, although it is not as deadly as frost. When you say that your plants "look sad" do you mean that they are limp and floppy or do sections of the leaves look very dark green and mushy like lettuce that's been in the fridge for too long? if that's the case... severe damage has occurred. It's a good idea to cover them with plastic sheeting or individually with inverted clear plastic jugs at night and uncover them during the day until all threat of frost has passed. As for survival...you will know for sure within the next week or two. Also, keep the plants and soil wet as the moisture raises the temp needed for frost to form.

Thank you for the

By divya

Thank you for the information. Now, we can grow our vegetables according to the table given above. I didn't know about much things. I am happy that this blog is providing many informative knowledge. Hope in the coming days also you will provide this kinds of knowledge. :D

Thanks. Now I known around

By farmerboy96

Thanks. Now I known around when I should start my vegetable garden. P.S. Does anybody know how to keep birds from eating the corn in your garden?

A 12 ga. shotgun, lol. No,

By Chris B.

A 12 ga. shotgun, lol. No, seriously you can put out a plastic owl but you might have to move it every couple of days because the birds might get used to it. A garden near a dog pen might help as well.

This answer depends on the

By Richard Rauenbusch

This answer depends on the size of your garden. In my garden, I tie 8 inch strips of thick tinfoil to poles and distribute them through out my garden. The wind causes a slight sound and the sun glinting off the tinfoil simulates movement, and this seems to keep the birds away from my plants. This would not be practical for large gardens.

When is the last frost date

By christiansoldier1857

When is the last frost date for Spring 2011 in Zachary Louisiana 70791

Hi--if you see the link at

By Catherine Boeckmann

Hi--if you see the link at the bottom, you can find your frost date by state. Then pick closest weather station. If you live near Baton Rouge, you can see that that the 50% probability of frost date (32 degrees) is February 26. Of course, this is based on 30 years of history--every year is different!

I'd like to know when the

By mom19432002us

I'd like to know when the first frost is in Glen Burnie, Md cause we still have stink bugs around. When will it come so the frost will kill them outside? Hate those Stink Bugs.

Not sure about stinkbugs, but

By Catherine Boeckmann

Not sure about stinkbugs, but if you're looking for more frost dates, just click on the link below the chart, then find your state, then find your nearest weather station. For example, if you live near Beltsville, MD, then it says that your area hits 32 degrees (frost) in the fall around Oct 22 (50% probability). Of course, that's based on a 30-year historical average. Every year is different!

Sorry to tell you, but the

By Spinner

Sorry to tell you, but the stinkbugs can survive freezing, snow and ice. We have the nasty things in Virginia and have been fighting them all winter - IN the house. Finally figured out that they must be over wintering in our wood pile because every time DH brings in a load of firewood, there are more bugs in the house. Do a Google search on them. You will find photos of the bugs and their eggs. We saw eggs in the garden last year but didn't know what they were. Now we do and will be carefully inspecting leaves for signs and destroying them when found.

Sorry I couldn't bring you better news...

Just a helpful hint about

By Hoolie

Just a helpful hint about using wood for heat. Don't know if you are burning it in the fireplace or woodstove, but after heating with wood for over 40 years, I've learned (the hard way) that all sorts of nasty "creepy-crawlies" can hitch a ride under the bark (and inside the wood itself) and then infest your house. So, we keep our wood outside on a steel wood rack, right outside the door to the Family Room, and when it's time to load the stove, we open the door to the stove, and take the wood one (or two, if small) at a time and put them directly into the fire, don't set them down on the hearth or the floor, even for just a few minutes, because those critters can really scoot out and get into the tiniest of cracks and crevices (or carpet). It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, they seem to over-winter through it all.

Hi Spinner, You can kill

By Dee Arn

Hi Spinner,
You can kill most bugs with boric acid powder. It won't hurt pets and it dissicates the bugs. You can buy it at most drug stores.
Spread it at the place where you usually see the bugs and they will die. When other bugs eat the carcass, they will die too.
If the powder does not get wet, it will last up to a year. Boric Acid is in a lot of bug powders sold commercially. You can find those very cheap at any Dollar Store. God Bless, Dee

Still too cold to plant

By Shirley Greene

Still too cold to plant tomatoes ?? The man at the nursery said it was ok, but I don't want to take a chance.

Hi Shirley, tomato planting

By Almanac Staff

Hi Shirley, tomato planting time depends on your hardiness zone, you need to be sure all danger of frost has passed before setting out tomato plants. You can see a list of frost dates here: http://www.almanac.com/content/frost-chart-united-states and advice for planting and harvesting tomatoes here: http://www.almanac.com/plant/tomatoes Good luck!


By davidpeterson


When planting tomatoe &

By Stephen Bell

When planting tomatoe & pepper plants & to follow planting by the moon. Can I still go by the above ground bearing, moon waxing method still?

Sure you can if you live in

By dcf

Sure you can if you live in zone 11. even if grown in green house, go with your plan.

Hi, Stephen, facebook fan! Of

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Stephen, facebook fan! Of course, we chatted on facebook but for everyone's benefit here, the answer is YES!

Wow, the first frost has

By kimberly

Wow, the first frost has appeared early this year! Hebron, Maryland... October 19, 2009. I should have went with my gut instinct and moved my canister gardens and delicate plants into the garage! You can bet I did last night, the frost was even thicker this morning when I woke up. Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.

Kimberly, So glad you keep an

By Almanac Staff

Kimberly, So glad you keep an eye on the frost.  Our frost data is based on NOAA's historical averages and 50% probability so you still want to use your instincts, as you call 'em!

It's nice to know the staff

By tomkathy1

It's nice to know the staff at Old Farmers Almanac are honest. My grandfather used the Almanac for everything from planting to fishing. I can remember him saying, "we live good tomorrow by not forgetting yesterday.". He would hold up his Almanac up and tell all us kids that it was his memory book, but sometimes his memory was a bit faded. Thanks for being honest and making me think of my grandpa.

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