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Botanical name: Petunia

Plant type: Flower

Sun exposure: Full Sun

Flower color: Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, White

Bloom time: Spring, Summer, Fall

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers, often grown as annuals. They are tender perennials in Zones 9 to 11. 

They are divided into two different groups:

  1. Grandiflora petunias have very large flowers and are best grown in containers or hanging baskets (because they are more susceptible to rain damage).
  2. Multiflora petunias have smaller, but more abundant flowers and are ideal for summer bedding or in a mixed border (because they are more tolerant to wet weather).


  • You can grow petunias from seeds, but it is easier to grow them from transplants. If you are going to grow from seeds, start them indoors 10 to 12 weeks before you want to set them outside. Petunia seeds are very small and needs lots of light in order to germinate. Remember to water them. When the plants have three leaves, you can plant them outside.
  • It's best to buy transplants and plant them in light, well-drained soil in full sun after the last spring frost. Petunias can grow in partial shade, but they will have fewer flowers. It's better if the plants have shelter from the wind.
  • Space the plants about 1 foot apart.
  • If you're planting petunias in containers, use a soil-less mix.


  • Petunias are tolerant of heat so you don't have to water them regularly. A thorough watering once a week should be sufficient (unless there are prolonged periods of drought in your area). The spreading types and those in containers require more frequent watering though.
  • Fertilize your plants monthly to ensure good growth. Double-flowered cultivars like a biweekly dose of fertilizer.
  • Remove faded/dead flowers to prolong blooming.


  • Aphids
  • Caterpillars
  • Leaf miners
  • Gray mold
  • Bacterial soft rot
  • Leaf spots
  • Viruses

Recommended Varieties

  • Carpet Series, which is ideal for a ground cover and offers a wide variety of colors
  • Sugar Daddy (Petunia Daddy Series), which sports purple flowers with dark veins.
  • Rose Star (Petunia Ultra Series), whose flowers look striped because of its rose-pink flowers with a white cen


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I just transplanted some

By babybella on May 19

I just transplanted some petunias and begonias into the same pot about two months ago. They seem to be growing very rapidly and are loving the weather. I was just wondering if I needed to take the begonias out soon and if they would be taken over by the petunias???

If you like the combination

By Almanac Staff on May 21

If you like the combination of petunias and begonias you can move them all to a bigger pot and keep them together. The begonia will probably get bigger and start shading the petunias in the smaller pot.

How do I know when my

By tamre jorgenson on May 5

How do I know when my petunias have out grown the pot their in? Thanks Tami

How do you know if plant

By judy perry on May 6

How do you know if plant needs bigger pot

If your petunia needs water

By Almanac Staff on May 7

If your petunia needs water more frequently than before, if it seems to be top heavy in its pot, or if its roots are growing out from drainage holes in the bottom, your petunia may need to be repotted in a larger pot.

When first planted should you

By Barbara Waller on May 4

When first planted should you dead head all the flowers? That's what my Mother used to tell me. Thanks.

Hi, Barbara: Mother was

By Almanac Staff on May 5

Hi, Barbara: Mother was always right. Especially around Mother's Day. Uh, actually, come to think of it, Mother was always right all the time. But anyway: Normally, you deadhead the spent blossoms to prevent your plants from becoming scraggly as they put their energy into forming seed pods. When first planting, it's not necessary to deadhead all of the flowers, but what your Mother knew was that doing so would indeed help the plants get off to a good start by focusing their energy on growing. Everything else being equal, they might make out fine without premature deadheading, but perhaps they would do a little better with. Up to you!

I plant petunia in my ceramic

By Rob in Texas

I plant petunia in my ceramic window "boxes", which are about 2ft long, and not wood. They do well in an average potting soil being watered about once every 4 days here in Texas. Any flowers or plants in hot, arid areas need to be watered more often than plants that are in the ground. The heat causes the moisture to evaporate much quicker from pots and planter boxes.

My mother grew petunias

By James Autrey

My mother grew petunias successfully and told me to pinch the back the wilted/dead flowers to encourage blooms. Was she correct? If so, do I pinch ony the dead blossom or or behind it, which would include the calyx and so preclude seeds from
forming. She planted anew each spring and not from seeds. She has gone now and you would know best anyway. Advice?

Pinch or cut them back to the

By Barbara Cates

Pinch or cut them back to the first set of leaves or almost to the branch the flower stem came from, which ever is first. If the plants are young pinch back some of the growth tips, it will make the plant grow fuller instead of getting leggy. They usually start getting leggy is you don't deadhead (cut spent flowers off).

I love to plan petunia in the

By Beginner

I love to plan petunia in the window box on my deck. What kind of petunia should I choose to make it trailling cascading down from my deck few feet long and fully bloom?

Thank you.

Surfinias are the best for

By Lesley Marie

Surfinias are the best for hanging baskets and for trailing .4plugs should be enough for a 12 inch basket.

Thank you so much Lesley, i

By Beginner

Thank you so much Lesley, i can't wait to see them blooming. It's officially spring but the temp here still under 30F at night.

I love growing petunias of

By Vashee Bantho

I love growing petunias of differen colors. they normally grow and bloom beautifully. I have bought new seedlings and planted them into the ground. prior to this i prepared the soil with a good classic fertiliser. however, much to my dismay i found that after planting there was bugs in the soil, so i treated this with a solution of rosecare3, and now i find that all the leaves have been eaten. I then mixed a mixture of classic plant food and sprayed them with it. Please help, what do i do.

Insecticidal soap, neem oil

By Almanac Staff

Insecticidal soap, neem oil or horticultural oils will rid the petunias of many insect pests. You can make your own insecticidal soap or buy it at a garden center. Neem and other oils can be found at garden centers.

when is the best time for

By z.a

when is the best time for plant outdoor flowers in dubai?

I have an abundance of wave

By Diane Lawrence

I have an abundance of wave petunias in my garden. I plan on entering them in a fair. The judges have asked for 3 sprays. What is a spray? Is it 3 stems? A quick reply would be nice as I have to enter them in 2 days! Thanks in advance!

A spray can be a "decorative

By Almanac Staff

A spray can be a "decorative flat arrangement of flowers and foliage." It can also be "flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage." We'd recommend that you contact someone from the fair, to be sure that you are fulfilling their requirements for the show. Good luck!

I have beautiful yellow and

By Shanda

I have beautiful yellow and "black" petunias flourishing in my zone 3 garden, but even though it's still August here, it's starting to get colder, would Petunia's survive if I transplanted them from my garden, into a large pot and brought them inside or are they going to die anyways after their full season? Thanks!

Hi, Shanda: It's possible to

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Shanda: It's possible to overwinter petunias, but not easy to get good results. The main things are to make sure they are pest- and disease-free after you (re)plant them in good soil, and that they get enough water and especially light. You can try planting cuttings from petunias, too. Give it a try, and good luck!

I have a large pink potted

By Donna Grace Wood

I have a large pink potted petunia purchased from a nursery. It flowered well and now has buds but they just fall off. Can find no evidence of aphids or caterpillars. Weather in Brisbane, Australia is spring - currently around 70 degrees F., cooler in evenings. Some rain and plant is watered regularly. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi, I moved into a new home

By G Haropalson

Hi, I moved into a new home in early spring and have been allowing the yard and garden to grow so i can see what surprises may pop up. So sometime in June I noticed a beautiful purple flowering plant next to the house on the edge of the grass. It looks like a petunia. It has grown and continues to bloom but the stems are now about 16 inches long. I propped them up on a stone. How do I know if they are trailing? They have stopped blooming at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

When petunia branches start

By Almanac Staff

When petunia branches start getting long and you can see where all the previous flowers were along the stem, it’s time to prune it back. This will refresh the plant at you will see new growth soon. You can spread any dried seed pods in the soil around the plant and you may get new plants popping up.

I have been trying to grow

By Ms Joshi

I have been trying to grow petunias from stem cuttings but unable to do so . Have been following the procedure of cutting 3-5 inches of top stem , dipping in root hormone and then putting in the potting mixture in shade .

Hi. I found that stems work

By iLoveGardens

Hi. I found that stems work best in water, but if you want to plant in soil then make sure it is very fine soil so the roots can grow (like seed growing soil). Put it in the sun, that may help too :)

I love my petunias. Bought 5

By Stephana

I love my petunias. Bought 5 hanging pots and they've thrived all summer with beautiful small deep purple flowers.
Had little spider mites but I use this recipe which not only helps control the mites but fertilizes as well.

In a quart spray bottle put one teaspoon
dishwashing liquid, 1 teaspoon ammonia and 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Then fill quart bottle with water.
Spray each plant about 20 times, then spray fresh water over them. That will help the mites to fall off.
Do this 2 times per week.

Enjoy your plants-They seem to attract hummingbirds(not moths) as well!!!!

Windex works as well. Then

By Marsha Vasquez

Windex works as well. Then sprinkle with water to flush. Works aphid too.

The foliage of my petunias

By Ellen Vig

The foliage of my petunias here in Myrtle Beach has been dying off the last few weeks. I still have a fair amount of flowers still but very little green leaves. Any solution or suggestion?

In Florida, petunias simply

By Almanac Staff

In Florida, petunias simply grow best in early spring, winter, and fall seasons because they need cool night temperatures (45-65°F).

My new flowers wilt before it

By new grower

My new flowers wilt before it blooms?

Wilting is due to uneven

By Almanac Staff

Wilting is due to uneven watering. When you water the plant, do it thoroughly and then allow the soil to the dry out--close to the wilting stage but do not allow to wilt.
If you continue to have problems, it may be that the roots or crown beneath the soil is rotted. Make sure you provide good soil conditions and mix in lots of organic material and provide mulch. Water at the base of the plant, never on the plant itself.

Do I pinch off the ones that

By Maria1960

Do I pinch off the ones that have little pod looking things inside the bloom ? Or are those the beginnings of a flower ?

Those pods will turn

By Suzanne Todd

Those pods will turn tannish-brown and will open and drop out little black seeds. These seeds can be used next spring to start your own plants. Start them 10-12 weeks prior to planting outside. If they have at least 3 leaves, then you are good to go!

My petunias got damaged by

By KellieS

My petunias got damaged by hail. A LOT of hail. There was a ton water in the pots so I poured off the excess standing water but the soil was still very wet. It has now been 4 days and my plants are starting to loom unhappy. The green stems and leaves are actually limp and not as bright green as what they have been the past month and a half. Any ideas? I am concerned that maybe there was too much water and it is drowning them?? Please help! Any ideas?

Petunias don't like to sit in

By Almanac Staff

Petunias don't like to sit in wet soil. If the soil is still wet we suggest that you carefully remove the plants from the pot keeping some soil around the roots and spread them out on newspapers to dry. When soil and roots look dry plant them in fresh soil. Good luck!

Thank you. I took them out

By KellieS

Thank you. I took them out of their pots. Soil was still soaked with water. Thanks for your advice. They were Mother's Day gifts so I don't want them to die.

I planted petunias from the

By Louise Crawford

I planted petunias from the nursery on May 29. Today is June 22 and the plants are getting taller but not bushing out. What should I do to make them look and grow better. We get very little rain and I water nearly every evening. If the soil feels dry at the end of my longest finger then I water heavier.

Hi, Louise: It sounds like

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Louise: It sounds like you are on top of the watering situation. Hopefully, they are getting enough sun. Try cutting them back, which will encourage bushier growth. Also try giving them a shot of fertilizer once a week... just a little. Good luck!

Wanting to join this site

By Susan wods

Wanting to join this site

This is in memory of my sweet

By Elizabeth Bryn Sanford

This is in memory of my sweet neighbor, Alma. Alma had lovely lavender petunias all around in house in beds. There were also some plants that grew along the curbside. We are in central Alabama and each February, she would get out with her hoe and gently turn the soil over along the curb. In the spring the petunias would emerge and grow all summer. An interest note, we live in a small town and when the street sweepers came along, they would skip Alma's curb and leave the flower filled soil there. She explained to me the importance of turning the soil.

Hi, Is it possible to grow up

By rajaa

Hi, Is it possible to grow up this in 32 Celsius? Please help me asap! Thanks in advance :)

Petunias are heat tolerant,

By Rex Trulove

Petunias are heat tolerant, as long as they get a good, deep drink of water now and then. Encourage the roots to grow deep in well draining soil and 32 C shouldn't be a problem at all. In the states, they commonly grow in places that get above 37 C.

By Sher waheed ...information......!!

I bought some "wave" petunias

By Linda Lonn

I bought some "wave" petunias a couple of weeks ago, and have been keeping them under my grow light until the danger of frost is gone. I notice , however, they have not grown,,they are still small,,have several blooms, but are not growing otherwise,,I wonder if you could tell me what to do to get these petunias to grow? I bought 6 of them so I hope they grow soon.

Hi, Linda, While outside

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Linda,
While outside these plants need about 8 hours of sunlight, indoors, under a grow light, they require more: 16 to 18 hours daily at a height of 4 to 6 inches.
Best wishes—

Hi - My petunias were

By Brcblb

Hi - My petunias were flowering beautifully, but suddenly, a blossom will start, then shrivel and die before opening. What am I doing wrong?

Usually petunias shrivel

By Almanac Staff

Usually petunias shrivel because they are too wet. If you just bought the plants, they may already have root rot. You can gentle remove the root ball take a look. Petunias thrive on neglect and do not like wet feet.

does the seeds have to be

By betty freeman

does the seeds have to be dryed before planting or can you plant them right after the flowers die?

Our sources suggest that it's

By Almanac Staff

Our sources suggest that it's best to dry them first, Betty. Good luck—

We have bugs that look like

By Art Eugene

We have bugs that look like large Ticks eating only the white Petunias (also white Roses)? We are in the Central Valley in California. Can you tell me, are these Ticks or something else? They eat the entire white flowers.

Those are June Bugs! I used

By Susie661

Those are June Bugs! I used to live in the Central Valley too and they would eat my Mexican Primroses! They are a pain.

It probably isn't a tick.

By Almanac Staff

It probably isn't a tick. We're guessing some type of beetle. Google "jumping flea beetle" and "Japanese Beetle." It may be the latter as the Japanese Beetle loves roses. You can manage the flea beetle with organic insecticides. The Japanese beetle has to be caught early before they emerge and then handpicked and dropped in soapy water; they are difficult to manage once the plant is infested. Healthy plants that are growing in a clean, healthy soil appear to be less attractive to them. 

I am a retiree and live in

By Aslam Shaikh

I am a retiree and live in Lahore Pakistan.I have a small garden at home and spend most of my time in growing various flowers specially annuals. This year I have full bloom of Petunias, looking beautiful. Most of the time I bought Seedlings from my local nursery but this year I managed to collect seeds from my own Petunias. All I want to know is when can I sow these seeds and a proper procedure to follow? Please keep in mind I am a beginner in gardening. Thanks.

Welcome, Aslam! A true

By Almanac Staff

Welcome, Aslam!
A true beginner would go buy more seedlings; you are an advanced beginner!
Collect and dry the seeds. Spread them widely on a container of damp potting soil (very light material) or sphaghum moss. Mist water on them in a fine spray, then press them gently into the medium. Cover the container with clear plastic and put it in a warm (70 to 85°F), bright (not direct sunlight) place for 7 to 10 days, or until the seeds sprout. Remove the covering and place the container in a slightly cooler, still bright place. Ideally, if you have it, the best place is 4 to 6 inches below a florescent light, with the light on for 16 to 18 hours per day. When the plants develop true leaves, transplant them into seedling trays and fertilize every two weeks with a dliuted mixture. Harden them off by putting them outside on warm, sunny days.
We hope this helps. Let us know how you do!

Many thanks for your

By Aslam Shaikh

Many thanks for your advise.Today I have officially planted the seeds in a plastic container, completely following your instructions,and have placed the container inside in a bright place after covering it with clear plastic. Now the question is how should I water it. A friend of mine told me to water it a little on every second day. Please advise before I mess it up.
Thanks in advance.

I'm going to be re-planting

By Bengy

I'm going to be re-planting the bed with new petunias, but wanted to check whether the dead-looking sticks (all that remains above ground from last summer), will come back to life and flower again this year... I know they are meant to be annuals so is this what they normally look like after their one season. Can I safely remove them and plant anew?

The petunias have died. Pull

By Almanac Staff

The petunias have died. Pull them out and prepare your beds. Amend the soil by digging in compost a 1- to 2-inch layer of compost. Plant them outdoors once the weather and soil have warmed up, about the time you plant impatiens or peppers.

I am teaching high school

By Ms. Powers

I am teaching high school botany and for a class project, we are using varying environments to grow petunias to see the effect. In order to preserve the experiment, I need a controlled environment. I have everything the same, UV light, temperature, etc, but I cannot find an exact measurement for water. All the sites say to touch the soil to see if its dry. I need something a little more exact to preserve our controlled environment. Do you have a suggested amount or frequency we can use?

one simple solution can be 1.

By Rajesh Khanna

one simple solution can be
1. weigh a few spoonfuls of the soil as it is, let it be w1
2. heat the soil, an oven can do the job, to lose the moisture.
3. weigh the soil again, let it be w2

difference in the two weights, w1-w2, will be the weight of water per w2 weight of soil,

it is difficult to lose all the water from the soil and some may still remain attached to the soil even after
lots of heating. But it is likely to be very little for most of the soils which are fit for cultivation and one can ignore that.

one can go for very refined measurements also,

with best regards


I live in Southern Australia

By Helen Alen

I live in Southern Australia in a temperate climate. I planted petunia seedlings in late summer (that's mid February here). Do you think they will keep flowering into mid fall (April) when I want a nice display?

I have just bought new pink

By Ritika

I have just bought new pink petunia with white lines on it, after few blooms the color of flowers have changed to purple and white. My purple petunia do not touch pink ones.
I live in India, with max temp currently 27 C and min around 11 C

Fresh leaves of some of my

By Rajesh Khanna

Fresh leaves of some of my potted petunias are turning out to be yellowish and the plant does not grow after that. Even the flowers in these yellowish parts are very small and look sickly. The plant just stays the same, no growth, nothing, after this yellowness happens.
The drainage is good, they get about 6-8 hours of sunlight, other nearby petunias, potted and cared for in the same way are doing well. Somebody has suggested putting some vinegar to make the soil acidic. Please help,
I have noticed this problem in the last few years only in Delhi, India. Now i see the same in other people's
petunias also.

Petunias are heavy feeders

By Almanac Staff

Petunias are heavy feeders and grow best with a soil pH between 5.5 and 5.8. With a higher soil pH, petunias begin to suffer from iron deficiency. Try fertilizing with a fertilizer rich in iron.

thanks, will try rajesh

By Rajesh Khanna

thanks, will try


Our petunia looks like it's

By Anonymous

Our petunia looks like it's wilting and it does look a bit fresher after it's watered, but doesn't improve much. I'm not sure what's going wrong.

Is you petunia outdoors? The

By Almanac Staff

Is you petunia outdoors? The plant doesn't get as much sunlight in the winter months so if possible move it to a spot where it gets maximum sun. Give the petunia some fertilizer and remove all spent blossoms.

I live in Zimbabwe and want

By Ian Robertson

I live in Zimbabwe and want to take cuttings off my hybrid petunias. Can you tell me what photoperiod can help? Our natural day-length is 10-14 hours and we get very hot and sunny most of the year, aye, Ian

Aye, Ian! Our sources suggest

By Almanac Staff

Aye, Ian!
Our sources suggest that petunia are long-day plant that flower under any photoperiod. Short periods delay flowering and tends to result in "stretched" plants. See comments (answers above) for growing under florescent lights. Consider, too, night temps of 60°F to 63°F and daytime temps of 70°F to 75°F. Good luck with this—and thanks for asking from so far!

Can I plant petunias in the

By Erna Duvenage

Can I plant petunias in the same soil as year before and do petunias have an influence on other plants in the same pot or floor bed?

It's fine to plant petunias

By Almanac Staff

It's fine to plant petunias in the same soil next year. Just add some well-rotted manure or compost before planting.
Petunias are great in the vegetable garden. They repel aphids, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers and tomato worms. Some plants that thrive with petunias as companions are basil, beans, tomatoes, corn and peppers. Roses and petunias also grow well together.


Can I transplant my petunias

By Karen Hury

Can I transplant my petunias from my outside containers into new ones in the house for the winter. I live in Ohio my petunias are thriving and I don't want them to die. So I thought if I repotted them in a good mixture of soil and fertilizer keep them warm and loved that I may keep them growing all year. Do you think that's possible?

Hi Karen, Petunias can

By Almanac Staff

Hi Karen,
Petunias can overwinter indoors but you need to give them lots of light (a south-facing sunny window may work) and add some humidity to the indoor air. Put gravel in a plastic tray and add water. Then place your pots on the gravel. The petunias may still get leggy and stop blooming. You can also take some cuttings from the mother plant and start these indoors. Good luck!

do these flowers come back

By ray bowman

do these flowers come back everyyear?

I have a number of petunia

By art como

I have a number of petunia plants in their 2nd year and they appear to be healthy and have a number of blooms coming. I live in the LA area and we have had a very mild winter!

Most people grow petunias as

By Almanac Staff

Most people grow petunias as annuals so they grow just once a season.
In terms of "true" annuals versus tender perennials: True annuals germinate, flower, set seeds and die during one season regardless of which zone they are in (e.g, marigolds are true annuals). Many bedding plants that are sold as annuals are actually tender perennials and will grow as perennials in warmer climates.
Petunias are sometimes also called "hardy annuals".

My Petunias have been coming

By Philipp in Boston

My Petunias have been coming back every summer, even after this cold winter in Boston. They appear as small plants, like weeds all over the place. They even grow out of cracks between my stone walkway.

Actually, petunias are

By Scott sm

Actually, petunias are classified as tender perennials grown as annuals. In a mild climate, they will over-winter.

Every fall my petunias get

By Angie/Seattle

Every fall my petunias get small black specks on them similar to poppy seeds. I always assumed that this was eggs of an aphid like bug, but spraying the plants only results in killing them. Is it possible that this is actually the plant trying to reseed itself? I can't find this mentioned in any of my gardening books. Thanks.

i have "poppy seed like"

By Patti Doucette

i have "poppy seed like" specs on my petunias too.. i read that it is called "peroxyacetyl nitrate" (PAN), caused by air pollution. what i read said there is nothing that can be done. i'm not happy with that diagnosis, so i'm still looking

Black specs might be

By Almanac Staff

Black specs might be "frass"...caterpillar poop. You  may have a worm eating your plants. Blast the leaves with insecticide spray.

I have two very large


I have two very large containers of petuinas. They have stopped blooming but otherwise look very health. Could they be getting too much water. They are watered by a sprinkler system twice daily.

If your petunias have stopped

By Almanac Staff

If your petunias have stopped blooming (or slowed down), you can try to revive them by clipping the stems back by two-thirds and fertilizing. You could clip all at once, or clip a third every week or so. Your plant may start flowering in a few weeks.
In general, you could clip some of the stems every week to keep your plant healthy and full; also keep fertilizing if the plants are in containers.

Is it really best if I will

By greenPurple

Is it really best if I will plant the petunia seeds in a soil less media like carbonized rice hull and vermicast?

If you're planting seeds

By Almanac Staff

If you're planting seeds (versus transplants), clean, damp potting soil is fine.

What is eating my petunias at

By apriljason11

What is eating my petunias at night..entire bloom but only the red ones, they dont touch the purple ones?/

Its slugs! I have this

By Pamela Tracey

Its slugs! I have this problem every year but mine arent picky! They the purple ones too!

yes how can u see when its

By toni w

yes how can u see when its going to seed

The flower of the petunia

By Almanac Staff

The flower of the petunia needs to naturally die, and fall to the ground. Then the plant's calyx, the bulging part of the stem below the flower's base, will begin to swell and turn brown. After a period of a couple of days or so, the calyx will split open and the seeds will fall out.

The petunias in my flower box

By marion driscoll

The petunias in my flower box develop white spots on the flowers the second day of blooming. What causes this, and what can i do to control the condition? Those in hanging baskets do not suffer the same fate.

Did you fertilize your flower

By Almanac Staff

Did you fertilize your flower box? This sounds as if they have fertilizer burn. Make sure you keep fertilizer off the plants and that you water it in well or it's watered down.

My flower look heathy but the

By Tracey Jason

My flower look heathy but the stems are all dried out and looking horrible so the plants looks like there dead what should I do the get all day sun and I water regularly ??

Try cutting them back a bit.

By Almanac Staff

Try cutting them back a bit. Also, a thorough watering once a week should be sufficient (unless there are prolonged periods of drought in your area).

I'm having the same problem!

By ParkersMiMi

I'm having the same problem! They were full and beautiful, but now have dried leaves and very sparse. I've watered, cut back on watering and I've also fertilized. I'm at a loss! (I live in Oklahoma - hot, windy, humid)

Any updates? My petunia beds

By Mnesc

Any updates? My petunia beds are doing the same thing and it's only getting worse. Help!

There are many differing

By Cindy G.

There are many differing opinions on whether or not you need to "deadhead" the newer varieties of petunias. What is the real scoop - deadheading is still vital or no longer needed?

For petunias, we would allow

By Almanac Staff

For petunias, we would allow the plant to bloom and re-bloom naturally, then prune backlong branches as the season progresses for renewed flowering.

We are having massive amounts

By karin pope

We are having massive amounts of rain in western Wisconsin this summer (it's June)It has rained nearly every day for the last month. Not much heat for the petunias. They are already going to seed! I have been growing petunias since I was a child and this is truly the first time I've ever had trouble with them. I normally would be getting another 3 months worth of blooms from these guys. Should I cut them way back? We deadhead like crazy-is that the problem? No signs of rot or bugs so we ruled that out! Yikes! I won't get my yearly petunia fix if they stop blooming and seed out!

You should allow the plant to

By Almanac Staff

You should allow the plant to bloom and re-bloom naturally, then prune back long branches as the season progresses for renewed flowering.

I live in southern

By carolyn jacques

I live in southern california. I have planted petunias in pots. But they are not blooming. The plants themselves look healthy but they don't seem to be blooming. I read where you suggested they be given a natural fertilizer biweekly. I've been giving them a 5-5-5 organic allpurpose fertilizer. Should I up the number? Also it gets up to 95-105 degrees so I water every day. Should I not be watering that much? They are in full sun for up to 5 hours. Do they have a blooming cycle?

Cut back on the fertilizer

By Almanac Staff

Cut back on the fertilizer (only fertilize once a month during the hot months) and let the soil dry before you water again. Water deeply but less often.

I have petunias in hanging

By Julie Schill

I have petunias in hanging baskets which are doing well, and others in long planters. The leaves on the ones that are in planters are not as big and green as the ones in the hanging pots. They are all the wave variety. What is wrong?

My little sister is growing a

By Shiro

My little sister is growing a petunia from (a) seed(s) which she got in a little ceramic egg-thing. Unfortunately, the egg was cracked and we didn't have a proper pot to put it in, so her petunia is growing in a teacup. Any advice for drainage? So far, we've just tilted the cup upside-down to let excess water drip out while leaving the soil moist. It seems to be working, as the cup has three sprouts, but what about when they get bigger?

Plant the petunias in a pot

By Almanac Staff

Plant the petunias in a pot with drainage holes. Pick a pot that is a little taller and wider than the teacup. Add some soil to the bottom of the new pot and carefully remove the soil and seedlings from the teacup. Place them in the new pot and add soil to fill the pot. Good luck!

My petunias are planted in


My petunias are planted in the ground and in a few pots. They look terrible. Plus I think something is eating them. What kind of remedies do you recommend against whatever is eating them? I think it may be chipmunks.

You can try to spray your

By Almanac Staff

You can try to spray your plants with a dish soap and water mix or with 50/50 ammonia and water mixed together. Check for slugs and earwigs. They like to eat petunias.

i didnt know that earwigs and

By toni w

i didnt know that earwigs and slugs eat petunias thats for the info

I have a hanging basket of

By Michelle Haynes

I have a hanging basket of pink petunias (since May) which I have been deadheading on a daily basis as the flowers die. My question is why are my pink flowers turning white?

Sometimes too much heat can

By Almanac Staff

Sometimes too much heat can fade flowers. When you water the plants try not to get water on the flowers or leaves.

I live in Alabama and a

By MacGregor Hodges

I live in Alabama and a brutal summer is upon us. I have seen my petunias starting to show a burned look. What suggestions are out there for the best way to care for them until the fall weather arrives? I thought of moving them into some shade. They are so beautiful this year and our neighborhood loves the look as I planted them in large containers along the sidewalk for everyone to enjoy.

Remove faded flowers as soon

By Almanac Staff

Remove faded flowers as soon as they begin to wilt. When summer comes, cut them back to about 4 to 6 inches. Use a water-soluble fertilizer specifically for blooming plants every other week.

I have Sugar Daddy's in

By Crystal C

I have Sugar Daddy's in hanging pots. Should I cut them back? I have one of them that hasn't been flowering well for the last 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

There is no harm in cutting

By Almanac Staff

There is no harm in cutting back your petunias; try about 4 to 6 inches. Make sure your plant is enjoying full sun and a moderate amount of watering. Try a water-soluble fertilizer to boost blooms.

what kind of firtilizer do

By Christian Parks

what kind of firtilizer do you use for patunias.

Start with good garden soil

By Almanac Staff

Start with good garden soil rich in organic matter (such as compost). When planting, work a balanced fertilizer such as 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or 12-12-12 into garden soil. Later--early to mid-July--begin to use liquid fertilizer every three weeks.

When the flower has bloomed,

By By Anonymous

When the flower has bloomed, do you pull the flower off or do you cut the flower and stem off at the base of the main stem?

Prune petunias back

By Almanac Staff

Prune petunias back severely—so, yes, at the stem—for new shoots and flowers to develop. However, do not prune trailing petunias (the type that drape).

As being a Dutch guy (you

By Vincent Athens

As being a Dutch guy (you love flowers because you were born in the worlds flower capital) living now in Athens Greece I have to say I love Petunias. I use to buy them already full grown with flowers but I noticed that about 1/3 of them died. OK you have to understand that I live on the top floor where they have the whole day sun light plus a lot of wind (300 meters away from the sea) and temperatures from end April around 30c with max temperatures till 45c in July and August.

This spring I seeded for the first time my own Petunias and I was concerned about the microscopic little seeds. I believe we must had added at least 20 seeds together in a seeding tray. When they grew up I took some out, put them in water to loosen up there roots and separated them. I tell you only one survived this way while the others (with app. 20 seeds)are doing very well and have lots of flowers. So my advice use lots of seeds together and you will get a very nice mix of colors.

I have them growing in pots and they are connected to an automatic watering system. Now in May with temperatures between 27c and 32c they get water every 12 hours (they receive at least 10 hours of direct sun light per day) for 3 min. From end June they will be watered every 6 hours for 3 min (believe me they need that with this kind of heath that we have in Athens). Also I have a special device to add liquid fertilizer into the automatic watering system (about every 10 days) which works very well.

For my balcony Petunias are super plants but at the same time I would love to have some advice on other flowers/plants that would do fine in the above described climate conditions.

One more important advice: check each day for (almost) dead flowers and pull them gently out. Don't use force, if you can't get them out in an easy way then you will leave them and pull them out 1 or 2 days later.

Petunia seeds

By Anonymous

How can I save seed from my petunias? I have never seen any but can purchase seed every spring. I save my seed from all my plants wherever possible

You can save petunia seeds,

By Almanac Staff

You can save petunia seeds, however, over 99% of these flowers are hybrids so do not expect to get the same plant type or color combination. It will be an experiment!
It's easy to save the seeds. After the plant dries up, snap off the dried flowers and the seeds will pour out. Petunias often reseed themselves, too.

lady bugs??

By Anonymous

Do lady bugs kill the flowers??

Lady Bugs??

By Anonymous

No! Lady bugs are actually GOOD for flowers. Some green houses even sell lady bugs for flower beds!

Beautiful Flowers

By Anonymous

These flowers grow beautifully and very easily in Pakistan. The weather is just perfect. The only thing is that you will need to water them 2-3 times a week.Pakistan is one of the very few countries that grows mangrove trees abunduntly and easily so the soil is perfect.

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