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  • Full Flower Moon

    May's Moon is called the Full Flower Moon. Learn about full Moon dates, folklore, and more on our Flower Moon page!

    Full Flower Moon for May

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Moon Question of the Day

What causes the distance from Earth to the Moon to vary? More

Moon Folklore of the Day

For better results when spring-cleaning, do the chores during a waning Moon (between full and new... More

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Tide Predictor

Tide Predictor With the Tide Predictions Calculator, find high and low beach tides for any location in the U.S. and Canada for any date.

Sky Watch

Each month, we highlight what's happening in the skies—including bright planets, conjunctions, and meteor showers. Read Sky Watch.

Sky Maps (Star Chart)

Sky Map MAY
Get free, printable Sky Maps (Star Charts) to find your way around the night sky.
View Sky Maps for MAY.

Meteor Showers

Meteor Shower GuideCatch a star! See meteor showers dates for 2015 —plus viewing tips.

Eclipse Dates

Which eclipses are visible where you live? Check the 2015 and 2016 Eclipse Dates.

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  • Lunar crescents following new Moon (Orion)
    Thank you for making Bob Berman's excellent article available from the 2011 Old Farmer's Almanac. To find Bob Berman's article. First, under the Astronomy option: Go to Moon...
  • Angle of the Sun (Marybeth Shipley)
    Hello! I was wondering why the angle of the sun is different in Autumn than in Spring. The Azimuths are the same, but in Autumn the shadows are longer and the light seems...