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Each month, we highlight special astronomical events to help you explore the stars, Moon, and night sky from your own backyard. See the Almanac Sky Watchand sky map.

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Full MoonLearn about April's Full Moon, folklore and facts. Watch the Pink Moon video!

Total Eclipse of Moon!

A total eclipse of the Moon on April 15 starts an exciting series of eclipses that will be visible across North America.
See Eclipse Dates for 2014.

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According to the Moon, when should you cut your hair to make it grow faster? More

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Seeing the new moon over your left shoulder is unlucky. More

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Tide Predictor With the Tide Predictions Calculator, find high and low beach tides for any location in the U.S. and Canada for any date.

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Meteor Shower GuideCatch a star! See meteor showers dates for 2014 —plus viewing tips.

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