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Crows can cause damage not only to your garden but also your other feathered friends. Learn some tips to keep crows away from your backyard.

How to Identify Crows

Crows are large black birds with raucuos calls and wide tails. They are omnivores, so they will eat anything. This can be a good thing as they will clean up dead animals, but when they are attacking your other feathered friends or your garden, they can be trouble. If your seedlings, such as corn, are being pulled up, chances are you have crows.

How to Get Rid of Crows in the Garden

Here are a few tips for getting rid of crows. Try some of these methods for your garden:

  • Fruit crops can be protected with flexible bird netting. You can find some at a local garden center or hardware store. Four-inch mesh is recommended as it will keep the big crows out, but still allow smaller birds to slip through.
  • Place netting securely at the base of a shrub or the trunk of a tree. This keep crows out from the bottom of your trees. Nets can also be used for growing crops.
  • Use visual scare tactics. Shiny pie tins or CDs hung from trees, Mylar scare tape, Mylar balloons, scarecrows, and flags can all be used to startle crows. An old-fashioned scarecrow may also work.
  • Protect seedlings with covers. Corn can be protected by placing a cup or bag over each ear after the silk has turned brown.
  • Fishing line or cord can be placed in grid like patterns high above the garden to prevent crows from swooping in from above.
  • Crows will kill the young of other birds. Prevent this in the first steps of nest box building: make sure there is more than six inches between the entry hole and the bottom of the box. Removing the perch or ledge under the hole will also prevent crows from having a stand where they can wait for young to peep their heads out.
  • Try using feeders that are too small for crows but big enough for small birds.
  • Crows are smart and will eventually learn that even Mylar balloons are no threat. Try changing the position of these items often enough to confuse the crows and keep them away.

Learn more about preventing crows from and The Humane Society

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