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The Eight Layers of the Sun

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The Sun is Hotter Than Hot!

The Sun's temperature varies over time and throughout these seven layers . . .


The hottest part of the Sun is the core, at 28,080,000°F, on average.

Radiative Zone

The second layer becomes cooler and is where photon particles carry energy in all directions through a process called radiation.


A thin third layer, the tachocline acts as a border between two differently rotating zones.

Convective Zone

The fourth layer is a zone of boiling, bubbling plasma that transfers energy outward through a process called convection.


The fifth layer is the visible surface where sunspots appear.


The sixth layer is where the temperature begins to rise again. A thin, reddish layer, the chromosphere is seen only during eclipses or with special solar-viewing equipment.

Transition Region

The layer between the hot corona and cooler chromosphere


The eighth and outer layer of the Sun gets extremely hot, measuring 1,800,000°F more. This layer extends far into space and is shaped by the Sun's magnetic field, is visible only during eclipses or with special equipment.

Now that's hot!

Layers of the Sun



See more burning facts about your Sun! 

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I looked all over the web for

By Sara SkyWolf

I looked all over the web for this information, but this website is the first one I found that actually makes it make sense! I will definitly be coming here for more answers when I need them.

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