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Forcing Branches Into Bloom Indoors

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For a winter bouquet, here is a list of spring-blooming shrubs and trees that can be forced to bloom indoors.

(The trees tend to be stubborn and their blossoms may not be as rewarding as those of the shrubs.)

The numbers in the chart below indicate the approximate number of weeks that the branches will take to flower.

  • Select medium-sized branches with lots of buds, preferably buds that are beginning to open.
  • Remember to cut branches on the diagonal.
  • It helps to "bruise" the cut ends: Crush the stem ends with a small hammer; they'll soak up the water faster.
  • Once you're inside, set the branches in warm water for a few hours.
  • Keep in a cool place and mist frequently.
  • Change the water every few days.
  • Once blooms appear, display in a warm area and enjoy!
Buckeye 5 weeks
Cherry 4 weeks
Cornelian dogwood 2 weeks
Crab apple 4 weeks
Deutzia 3 weeks
Flowering almond 3 weeks
Flowering dogwood 5 weeks
Flowering quince 4 weeks
Forsythia 1 week
Honeysuckle 3 weeks
Horse chestnut 5 weeks
Lilac 4 weeks
Magnolia 3 weeks
Pussy willow 2 weeks
Red maple 2 weeks
Redbud 2 weeks
Red-twig dogwood 5 weeks
Spicebush 2 weeks
Spirea 4 weeks
Wisteria 3 weeks


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I have some quince branches

By Denise T.

I have some quince branches blooming and looking gorgeous right now in my house in the middle of winter, so quince bush is a definite add to the list above.

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