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How do you control pests in your garden?

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Controlling Garden Pests

By Pammypoo55

For insect pests, I make a 'tea' of loose tobacco and add a couple tablespoons of lemon dishwashing liquid. Put in sprayer attached to hose or spray bottle

Vole/Mice Control

By shalibs

Any suggestions on keeping the rodents out of my garden?

Garden Pest Control

By S. Beach

I grow organic and have managed to keep it fairly pest free by using Diatemaceous earth. The stuff is great and won't harm animals or humans.

As for the grasshoppers, I'm stumped. There is a hawk that eats here all the time, but just can't eat enough of the beasties to keep them controlled.

Anyone out there have a good, chemical free way to control grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers & flies

By Cindy Tate

My guineas & chickens have done great job on the grasshoppers. For flies that always hang around the door I spray with vinegar. Keeps them away for a few days.

Garden pest control

By Brenda Adams

My free-range chickens keep the insects at bay, but the solution has now become the problem! ;)

garden pest

By bootzz

I use fake snakes to keep pest away

Fake Snakes

By shalibs

I'm interested in what type of pest the fake snakes keep away.

fake pests

By sussexman

Of course fake snakes keep fake pests away. Foolproof?

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