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Mice can be quite a nuisance in the garden and home. Find out how to identify them and get rid of them.

Mice live near humans. Though it's probably impossible to get rid of every single mouse, you need to keep them under control before they chew your garden and house apart.

These small rodents are especially active at night and also before a storm or rainy weather. Unfortunately, this means they often try to move indoors or bulk up by eating food in your garden.

How to Identify Mice

Mice love to tunnel and chew. Partially eaten potatoes or carrots are a sign of mice activity. They also love to eat newly sown seeds. In the home, they'll chew small holes in cloth materials. Mice leave small droppings too, so if you see any, you might have an infestation.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Here are a few tips for getting rid of mice. Try some of these methods for your garden and home:

  • In the home, check for pathways that are allowing mice to gain easy access. Seal them up. Try stuffing steel wool into the cracks and holes around your foundation.
  • Remove easy food and water. Clean up pet food dishes and keep garbage bins closed.
  • Try using dryer sheets to keep mice out of linen closets or stored clothes.
  • In the garden, avoid using straw as mulch or any fluffy mulch that provides nesting places.
  • There are several herbs that are believed to repel mice. Mint, pennyroyal, garlic and onion are just a few. Try planting them in your garden.
  • To protect bulbs, cage them or surround the bulb with crushed gravel in the planting hole.
  • Wrap tree trunks with tree wrap or hardware cloth at their base.
  • Mice are also repelled by camphor, lavender, and wormwood. You can find dried lavender in health food stores and some garden centers. 
  • Try a repellent containing ammonium; see your local garden center.
  • Get a cat! Sometimes, even just the scent of cats will be enough to deter mice from returning to an area.
  • Use a live trap or snap trap baited with peanut butter near mouse paths.
  • Sonic deterrants placed in the garden may help to keep mice away.

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