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Reuse, Renew, and Refresh: In the Kitchen

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Tired of the disposable lifestyle? It's expensive and wasteful. See ways to get longer life out of the things in the kitchen.

  • Got unsightly silverware? Polish it with the juice of a banana skin pureed in a blender.
  • When tomato sauce turns a good plastic container pink, fill it with warm water, drop in one or two denture-cleaning tablets, wait 20 minutes, and rinse. (The ablets also work well for cleaning toilets.)
  • If you spill red wine on a tablecloth or carpet, sprinkle the stain liberally with salt and leave it alone until the salt turns red. Then shake out and wash the tablecloth or vacuum the carpet.
  • Pull a clean cotton sock over your hand to wash or dry the dishes.
  • Refresh household sponges by soaking them in cold salt water for ten minutes.
  • An old trash can or barrel makes an ideal potato garden. Make sure the can ha a few holes in the bottom for trainage.
  • The barrel of a dead washing machine makes a dandy outdoor planter. Just build a wooden box around it to disguise the metal. Really.
  • Is your toast toast? Unplug it, cut off the cord, clean out the crumbs, and use it to hold bills and other mail.
  • Use clean, squeeze-type ketchup and mustard containers for decorating cakes. Their spouts are great for writing and drawing with cake icing.

Use ketchup squeeze bottles to decorate cakes

Use Ketchup squeeze bottles to decorate cookies

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