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RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds make it easy to keep up with the latest Almanac podcast updates (as well as news from other Web sites), all on a single reading list.

All you need is an RSS Reader—most are free. 

Each day, an update will show up on your “home page” or on your computer's RSS Reader or mobile device. Once you try it, you may be amazed—no more bookmarking, cluttering your in-box, or work for you!

Click any of the RSS Feeds below. At the top of the next page, you can subscribe to the feed using “My Yahoo” home page (or others). Try it out!

RSS Feeds

Podcast Feeds

Note: You are free to use the content of our RSS feed files on your own Web site as long as you do not alter the text (including the credit to The Old Farmer's Almanac).

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