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Credit: Diane Peck
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Botanical name: Lilium

Plant type: Flower

USDA Hardiness Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sun exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun

Soil type: Loamy

Flower color: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White

Bloom time: Spring, Summer, Fall

True lilies belong to the genus Lilium and grow from plump, scaly bulbs. They are magnificent flowers that command attention wherever they are planted.

Lily flowers are valued for their very showy, often fragrant flowers. The 6 plain or strikingly marked tepals ("petals") are often trumpet-shaped, sitting atop tall, erect stems.

At home in both formal and naturalistic settings, lilies also most take readily to containers. They all make wonderful cut flowers.

By carefully blending early, mid-season, and late varieties into your garden, you will enjoy their bewitching blooms and seductive scents from spring through frost.


  • Plant bulbs in autumn. Loosen the soil to a depth of 12 to 15 inches. The deep planting encourages the developing stem to send out roots to help stabilize the plant and perhaps eliminate the need for staking.
  • Note: Lilies do not thrive in Zones 9 to 10 without a period of refrigeration; they need a cold, dormant period.
  • For dependable blooms, lilies need six to eight hours of sunshine a day, yet they prosper in the presence of other low plants that protect their roots from drying out.
  • Water trapped beneath the scales may rot the bulb, so a well-drained site is essential.
  • Most of the popular varieties prefer acidic to neutral soil, but some are lime-tolerant or prefer alkaline soils (e.g., Madonna lilies).
  • Grow in soil enriched with leaf mold or well-rotted organic matter.
  • Dig a hole 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up. Fill the hole with soil and tamp gently.
  • Space bulbs at a distance equal to 3 times the bulb's diameter.
  • Water thoroughly.


  • In active growth, water freely and apply a high-potash liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.
  • Keep moist in winter.
  • Apply a thin layer of compost each spring, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch.
  • Water plants in the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.
  • Stake tall lilies.
  • As flowers fade, cut back the stalks to the base of the plant.
  • After bloom, divide lilies. Replant using compost and bonemeal.


  • Gray mold is sometimes a problem, especially in a wet, cool spring or summer.
  • Viruses, spread by aphids, may be troublesome, although some cultivars are virus-tolerant.
  • Red lily beetles, slugs, and snails may occur.
  • Deer, rabbits, voles, and groundhogs may eat entire plants. Consider a wire cage for bulbs if this seems to be an issue where you live.


Displaying Lilies in Vases

  • Lilies make wonderful cut flowers. Choose lilies with buds that are just about to open, not tight and green, witha bit of the flower color showing.
  • As soon as you get lilies inside, trim the stem ends an inch or so, making a diagonal cut with a sharp knife.
  • If you worry that the orange pollen of lilies might cause stains, simply snip off the stamens in the flower's center.
  • Before arranging in a vase, remove the lower leaves on the stems so that no foliage will be underwater.
  • A good lily arrangement will last 2 or more weeks. Change the water every few days.
  • To help prolong the life, add cut-flower food to the water. Lilies require only half the amount of food recommended for other flowers.

Recommended Varieties

Of the nine divisions of classification, Asiatic and Oriental are the most popular with gardeners.

  • Asiatic lilies are the earliest to bloom and the easiest to grow. Hybrids come in pure white, pinks, vivid yellows, oranges, and reds; heights are from one to six feet. Intense breeding has erased much of the Asiatics' fragrance, but in spite of their lack of perfume, they are a favorite with floral arrangers.
  • Oriental hybrids bloom in mid- to late summer, just when Asiatic lilies are beginning to fade. From tiny two-footers to towering eight-foot-tall giants, Orientals are always a striking choice (the shorter ones are great for patio beds or container gardens). Adored for their intoxicating fragrance that intensifies after dark, Oriental lilies produce masses of huge white, pink, red, or bi-color blooms. They make wonderful cut flowers that will fill even the largest of rooms with their spicy scents.

Special Features

  • Attracts Butterflies

Wit & Wisdom

The name "lily" can be misleading because lots of other plants use it besides true lilies. Daylilies and water lilies aren't lilies at all, and neither are lilies-of-the-valley or lilyturf.

With so many other plants using the name "lily," it's apparent that identity theft must have been around long before the use of computers and credit cards!


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I have after eight lilies, i

By ashley nation on April 16

I have after eight lilies, i just planted them last week and it frosted last night I did cover them but when I uncovered them the blooms are brown and weak in some spots. Is there anything I can do?

Are lilies grown from seeds?

By Omolo on April 14

Are lilies grown from seeds?

I have lilies in pots and the

By Jim McCormick on April 9

I have lilies in pots and the new growth is beginning to show but I know they need more soil in the pots is it ok to put the soil in over the new growth?

Hi Jim, If the pots are too

By Almanac Staff on April 10

Hi Jim,
If the pots are too small repot the lilies in bigger pots with fresh soil. If you just need to add soil to the top of the pots you can add some but don't cover the new growth totally.

I have 2 lily plants that are

By Diane Leavy on March 26

I have 2 lily plants that are 15" plus and very thin. I have them staked. The leaves at the bottom of the stems are wilting and look lifeless. Can I cut them short and put them in water in hopes of them growing stronger?

Not sure what kind of lilies

By Almanac Staff on April 10

Not sure what kind of lilies you have. Don't cut the stems. If they are in the ground make sure the soil is moist and give them a little fertilizer. Also check for insect pests. If the lilies are in pots consider repotting them in bigger pots with fresh soil. Check the roots and trim off any that are black.

I moved an Asiatic lily last

By DaviyBoy on March 21

I moved an Asiatic lily last fall. Cut the stem down to about 3 inches.

Now [Atlanta, Ga] the old stem has no sign of life while 2 pairs of new lilies are shooting up on either side.

Should I dig up and separate, or just leave alone?


Remove old foliage early

By Almanac Staff on March 24

Remove old foliage early spring by cutting down any dead stalks. Those are the new shoots emerging for this season.

We have lilies in a planter

By Robert M.

We have lilies in a planter that gets sun and shade. They are exploding out of the planter right now; is it too late to prune them prior to the spring (we're in southern Calif)? If so, what's the best way to prune them? Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Remove any old brown leaves

By Almanac Staff

Remove any old brown leaves and stems but don't prune new growth. Pruning is usually done after lilies have bloomed by cutting off the spent flowers and removing any yellow leaves.

I just bought lily stargazer

By kayla bagley

I just bought lily stargazer bulbs from Wal-Mart. Its Feb 19 in coleman tx with 60-80 degree weather. Now I've got a plant room in our homr and was wondering if it would hurt to.plant now or if not how can I conserve them?

You can plant lilies between

By Almanac Staff

You can plant lilies between fall and early spring in Texas.  They will grow but if it gets too hot, the blooms aren't quite as pretty. You might want to keep yours in containers so you can move them out of the sun. Or, plant them where they get some bright filtered sun, but not direct afternoon sun and amend the soil with compost and peat. The soil needs to stay cool, so plant lily bulbs in holes 4 times the height of the bulb. Cover with soil and add layer of leaf mold on top.

In the spring of 2013 I

By Wayne garner

In the spring of 2013 I planted several Asiatic Lillie's. I planted them about 6 inches deep. They came up and bloomed beautifully. It is now February 2014 and I notice something that looks like a pod of small buds or shoots just at the base of the ground. Is this normal? This pod of buds or shoots are about 3 inched in diameter. It's like, these pods are setting right on the ground. I'm wondering if I should cover them up with something like compost or mulch or maybe even soil. I live in Tennessee and we will have more temperatures below freezing. Thanks for your help.

These lilies bloom in the

By Almanac Staff

These lilies bloom in the spring and early shoots are normal. If you are expecting very cold weather you can cover them with mulch or compost.

Is there any certain way to

By Miamimark72

Is there any certain way to plant the seeds

Read the information about

By Almanac Staff

Read the information about planting lilies above. We state, "Dig a hole 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up. Fill the hole with soil and tamp gently."

I had bought a pink and white

By milly

I had bought a pink and white lily bulb in a box kit from home depot and planted it late october inside. I live in Wisconsin and its Now the end of december and I have a lot of leaves and one thick stalk about 2 feet tall, at the top of the stalk I have 5 flower buds one large, 2 medium one semi medium and a small one, the 2 larger ones have opened and a third is steadily growing and about to open. Is this normal? this is my first time ever growing a plant

This is normal. Enjoy your

By Almanac Staff

This is normal. Enjoy your pretty lily and when it's done blooming cut off the stalk.

How do u.get the.yellow

By jackie ross

How do u.get the.yellow pollen from the stamen out of ur clothes? i have shirts that are ruined i have tried everything help!!!

If the pollen has been rubbed

By Almanac Staff

If the pollen has been rubbed into the garment it is very hard to remove. Try soaking overnight is cold water with a little bleach added to the water. Then wash as usual. If this doesn't work try a commercial stain remover. Some folks suggests that putting the garment out in the sunlight for a few hours will remove the stain.
The best tip is to remove the pollen with the sticky side of transparent tape before it gets rubbed into the fabric.

I have several different

By jk flowers

I have several different types of lilies asiatic and orientals.I live in the Everett,WA area. Most of my bulbs have been in he ground for 3 years and have wintered well. Problem is that they kept seperating and sprouting more and more lilies. I dug them all up this past fall, cleaned and seperated them placed them in bags full of sawdust. After reading previous post i'm worried I might have killed my bulbs by not replanting them? Or can I plant them this Spring and make sure they come back?

Check the bulbs and discard

By Almanac Staff

Check the bulbs and discard any that have soft or rotten spots. Plant the bulbs in the spring and they should be OK.

Lilium is one of my most

By Kirmar Lona

Lilium is one of my most favoured flower. Evrry lilium colour is acceptable to me.

Hi, I received a beautiful

By Deanna O

I received a beautiful oriental potted lily last April. I'm a novice plant owner so read online how to take care of it. We live in an apartment with a balcony that gets sunshine at around 3pm, brightest from about 4pm but we kept it indoors on the sill of a window that was consistently bright. After awhile (2 months?) the plant needed a bigger pot so I repotted in larger pot and moved to the balcony. The plant seemed happy for a while but by the end of the summer had gone v dark at the base of each stem and gradually yellow then brown from the top progressing down the plant until withered. I was giving up on our lily when I noticed a couple of months ago it had sprouted two new shoots. When a third appeared I cut back old withered stems. The first two new shoots are growing v quickly, the third is slower. I'm posting because I would love to see these bloom but thought it odd that they were growing in the fall? The beginning of our fall was quite warm and it's going to get colder so should I move my new friends inside? I feed the planet about ten drops of Baby bio in about 500ml of water once a week. Would appreciate any advice you can give! This is the first plant I've owned. Oh! And I live in south county Dublin, Ireland so the climate is usually damp? Today it's 9C/48F which is pretty average for autumn. Thanks! . :)

I had 5 Asiatic lilies in a

By susanna dalton

I had 5 Asiatic lilies in a 3'x3' container on NYC terrace that I . dug them up. wintered in some soil in frig. repotted in several new pots. Suddenly day lillies popped up in same and other containers 1st time ever!.As foliage died back, several green hollow stalks w/almost identical leaves popped up in exact same spot, 3'tall with wispy tops like young corn stalks! digging them all up, there's bulb of Asiatic, 'baby carrotish' day lily bulbs +the 'corny' things have long white 'normal roots'. I looked everywhere for pix+ saw ONE bunch of stalks w similiar roots, I THINK! have you ever seen ANY lily that grew ON or next to other lillies with green wispy tops in the fall!!!..and do I seperate them? they literally are growing out of same spot as the day lilies and NOWHERE else in the garden!!! Thanks so very much for any answers!

You may have some young lily

By Almanac Staff

You may have some young lily plants started from dropped seeds growing in the pots or there may have been some misc. seeds in the potting soil that you used that started to grow. Seperate the true lily bulbs and plant them in new potting soil.

I have lilies that are in a

By Malinda R

I have lilies that are in a pot that I take in at the first frost..the leaves are very green and healthy but it has not produced a flower in a couple of years,What should I do??

If the lilies have been in

By Almanac Staff

If the lilies have been in the same pot for a couple of years you need to change the soil and divide the bulbs, if too crowded. Give the plants a slow-release fertilizer early next year.

Live in Oregon, Yamhill

By Norm K

Live in Oregon, Yamhill County, where the winters are mild but a lot of rain. Planted Oriental Lilies for the first time. What advice do you have concerning the fall/winter care of bulbs in a wet environment? The ground does not freeze.

The lilies need moist

By Almanac Staff

The lilies need moist well-drained soil. Adding organic matter to the soil, such as peat moss or leaf mold, improves the soil's structure and drainage. No other care is needed.

I planted 12 Peruvian

By Northumbrian

I planted 12 Peruvian (spider) lilies this Spring, and I am unsure how to take care of them this Winter.?
I live in Massachusetts, and it is starting to get cold here especially in the evenings.
How do I go about saving my lovely lilies for next year.?
Do I pull them out of the ground, and store them in the basement.?
Or leave them in the ground, and hope they survive the Winter.?

Any help would be appreciated.

Depending on where you live

By Almanac Staff

Depending on where you live in Massachusetts, you could be in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4b to 7a. Except for the Cape, most of the area is 5a or 5b. Based on this, here are our recommendations:
Do you mean Hymenocallis (spider lily, Peruvian daffodil, Ismene)? If so, we'd recommend that you dig up the bulbs and stems (leaving soil around the roots) in fall before frost hits. Place the bulbs on their side in a well-ventilated, shady area and let the leaves dry out. Once dry, cut off the leaves and place the bulbs upside down in a container filled with peat moss, dry sand, or vermiculite, and store in an area with temperatures about 60 to 65 degrees F over winter.
Alstroemeria is often called Peruvian lily. Depending on species and cultivar, these might be able to overwinter in Zones 6 and 7, a few in Zone 5. However, most are hardy to Zone 7 or warmer, so unless you know the species, we'd recommend treating your plant as tender, unless you are willing to experiment and provide extra winter protection outdoors (cover the area with a thick layer of mulch in fall). To store indoors, just after the first light frost, trim the leaves back to a few inches. Dig up the plant, leaving some soil around the roots, and set them in peat moss, sawdust, wood shavings. Place the container in an area that is 35 to 45 degrees F over winter. These can also be grown in containers outdoors and you could then take the containers indoors in fall before frost hits.

I have Asian lilys, after

By Eugenia Mormile

I have Asian lilys, after blooming I did not prune. Now the stems are long and have a bud (not flower more like fruit) at the end. This is September in Myrtle Beach, the plants look healthy. What should I do to encourage flowers next season?
Help, have no idea how to take care of these beautiful flowers.

Here are tips on caring for

By Almanac Staff

Here are tips on caring for your Asiatic lilies from your cooperative extension:  Deadhead the flowers as they fade, by breaking them off carefully. That way, none of the plant's energy is “wasted” on seed production. Do not remove stems or foliage, though. They'll continue to put energy into the bulb as long as they remain green. Remove old foliage in late fall or early spring by cutting down the dead stalks.

I have a gift box lily. I'm

By Tim Wilson

I have a gift box lily. I'm not sure of the name, but it came with a small 4~5in. pot and a hockey puck size disk of compressed planting soil. Anyhow, after it bloomed(planted feb and bloomed in late march) I transferred it to a bigger 9in. pot and the leaves grew to about 24in. from the base of the bulb. In Aug. the leaves have all wilted and have turned brown and i have trimmed them back. I'm hoping it is just entering a dormant phase, but I'm not sure. If it has gone dormant, what kind of care should I be giving it until it grows back in the spring??? Also,should I transplant it to a bigger pot? If so, what is the maximum size pot I should use? As you may have guessed, I am a complete rookie, when it comes to plants of any kind! Thanks in advance for any info you can give!

The 9-inch pot should be OK

By Almanac Staff

The 9-inch pot should be OK for now. Place the pot in a cool dark location for a few months. If you have an outside spot you can transplant the lily into the soil and hopefully next spring you'll see new growth. It's hard to give advice not knowing what type of lily you have and where you live.
Good luck!

I have many lilies and they

By Elizabeth Emmons

I have many lilies and they come up every year but after they start to blossom the bottom of the stems start to get brown and slimy. I also have the red bugs and I sprinkle bug killer on the. And that helps. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong for them to turn brown. When I planted them I put paper around them(not close) and have put mulch around them. Is that bad for them? Would appreciate any advice that would help me keep my lilies growing.

It sounds as if you have a

By Almanac Staff

It sounds as if you have a red lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii). They are quite a challenge! Suggestions:
1) Be vigilant in picking off the beetles every morning
2) We found that spraying neem oil, a natural ingredient, seems to work better than bug killer. Neem reduces insect feeding and acts as a repellent. It also interferes with insect hormone systems, making it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs.

I purchased an lily to put in

By Carol Sachse

I purchased an lily to put in my front window to decorate for Easter.
Once the holiday was over, I planted it in the ground in our front yard. It turned brown and I thought that was it for this year. Recently I noticed the plant turned green again, began to get buds and has now bloomed beautifully. Is that normal?

If this was one of those gift

By Almanac Staff

If this was one of those gift lilies in brightly-colored wrapping, then count yourself very lucky that it survived as they usually die in the ground and were not bred to last. Otherwise, it's very normal for flowers to have difficulty transitioning and rebound later. Enjoy the blooms!

My friend and I have lily

By redmouth

My friend and I have lily seeds. How and when do we plant them?

If you are growing the seeds

By Almanac Staff

If you are growing the seeds outdoors plant them in the spring. If you are planning to grow them indoors in pots plant them anytime in good potting soil that drains well. As soon as the seeds germinate place the pots under artificial light. In the spring plant the seedling outdoors.


I have these geen shoots

By Sam T Moore

I have these geen shoots growing out of my Lilly's. They have little needels on the end. Do I cut these off? I also have them comming up everywhere in my garden where I didn't plant them??? Are they comming from the needels? Please help me!!!

I moved to a new house with

By Tonya Zaneske

I moved to a new house with lilies in the front flower bed. I love them but they grew very tall and want to know if I cut them back to stay shorter will they still bloom or do I have to let them just grow to their full height?

If this variety is tall, then

By Almanac Staff

If this variety is tall, then you can't really cut them. Lilies need to die down naturally.

I love lilies. Have several.

By Virginia Wilson

I love lilies. Have several. Want to buy some expensive ones. Afraid the chipmucks eat them. Could I make a cardboard box and put holes in it to protect them. Good soil and water faithfully?

Thank you so much for your

By Virginia Wilson

Thank you so much for your info. I wrote about the chipmunks.

Ah, chipmunks love to eat

By Almanac Staff

Ah, chipmunks love to eat bulbs! If you wish to plant an entire bed of lily bulbs, first dig out all the soil.  Then line the bed with similar hardware cloth before refilling and planting.  Cover the top with the mesh cloth until spring when the bulbs emerge.  If planting bulbs in individual holes, deter diggging by placing some sharply crushed stones or shells in each hole before refilling. Ask for material at your local garden center.

I have an indoor red lily. It

By Doreen Mansell

I have an indoor red lily. It grows all year sprouting fresh leaves as the larger ones die off. In August each year it sprouts a very large green tuba,on the top a large red segmented flower blooms. this lasts for about a month, one year one of the plants
had two seperate flowers. All during the year it sprouts small bulbs at the base of the bulb which I take off and grow in pots. as I quess it's not an amerylis what is it?

What shape are the leaves,

By Almanac Staff

What shape are the leaves, and the length? How many petals does each flower have; what is the overall size of each flower? How tall is the flowering stalk? It's sort of hard to know what this might be, but you might try looking through mailorder catalogs, online nurseries, and local garden centers to see if you can ID it. Or, you can bring the plant in to a garden center, and they might be able to tell you.
It might be an amaryllis, which grow the bulblets at the base sometimes. The trumpet-like flowers are usually very large, on a thick, sturdy flowering stalk. The strap-like leaves are more than 1 foot long, about 1-1/2 inches wide, and emerge from the base--not along the stalk.
A related plant is spider lily (Lycoris sp.) The flower is actually a group of about 4 to 8 tiny lily-like flowers in a single cluster, some with very long filaments (stamens) that remind one of spider legs.
Good luck!

Just been given a Tiny Bee

By Becky Coville

Just been given a Tiny Bee Asiatic Lily in a pot that has finished blooming. I will plant it into my garden. Do I cut it back severely in the Fall after leaves have turned brown, just as I do with other lilies that I have?

Yes, after the leaves have

By Almanac Staff

Yes, after the leaves have browned, you can cut the foliage back. If there is any green to them, leave them be, as they are still making food for the bulb to help it overwinter and to produce next season's growth. You can also cut back any stems once they have browned.

I was just given an oriental

By Deb G

I was just given an oriental lily in a plant pot. I live in an apartment so I want to keep growing it indoors. What is the best care for my indoor oriental lily? Thank you for your advise.

Place it in indirect sun in a

By Almanac Staff

Place it in indirect sun in a cool location, and keep it away from drafts. Make sure that it has good drainage; keep soil moist but not soggy (about 2 inches water per week); reduce the amount of watering in winter, when the bulb goes dormant. Fertilize with a slow-release bulb fertilizer (once in spring and once just before flowering). After foliage browns, you can cut it back. Deadhead spent flowers. Keep the plant away from pets; it is toxic to cats.

I have planted lilies for

By Jennifer proper

I have planted lilies for several years with success, however this year the plants looked healthy blooms apeared but never opened. They just rotted on the stems. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Usually, lilies rot because

By Almanac Staff

Usually, lilies rot because of poor drainage. Add lots of compost, peat, sand, or some other material that will promote good drainage.

Do lily blooms change color?

By judimcinnes

Do lily blooms change color? There was another person asking the same question, with no reply. I bought a pink oriental lily that now blooms a different color.

Lilies do not usually change

By Almanac Staff

Lilies do not usually change color. Many lilies are hybrids so perhaps a gene from one of the parents or the original plant became dominant. Or, sometimes seedlings that didn't bloom last year come into flower or stray bulbs appeared in your yard (thanks to critters) and bloomed.

We have a lot of lilies all

By Swiony2620

We have a lot of lilies all around the yard, all types, etc. All of our lilies bloomed once and not since. Some have bulbs that look like they are going to bloom but haven't, others have no bulb at all. (but the stem and leaves seemingly look healthy because they are strong and dark green). I've tried watering and miracle growing-any other suggestions?

Most lilies bloom once during

By Almanac Staff

Most lilies bloom once during the growing season. The "bulbs" that you see on top of the stalks are seed pods. These will turn brown as they mature and you can collect them if you like and plant the seeds that are inside the pods.

I had bought two Asiatic

By Carol Mueller

I had bought two Asiatic lilies, planted them in the ground, watered them and they bloomed beautifully. day I came out and both stalks had been stripped of leaves. I was sick about it and also noticed that some other houses had the same dilemma. My husband put fencing around our plants as we have deer, rabbits, skunks. I also read that a beetle does this work too. What do you say about it? They are still standing there, I don't know what to do.

Check to see if you can see

By Almanac Staff

Check to see if you can see signs of the lily beetle or its larvae on your lilies. The adult beetles are red. You can hand pick them or spray with neem oil (available at garden centers). The lilies will not grow new leaves this year but should be OK next year, if you can find the critter that did the damage.

I started a new flower bed @

By leslie oder

I started a new flower bed @ I spread 25 daylily & asiatic bulbs over a large area. I now have what looks like grass that is coming up everywhere! There are no blooms. It is taking over & coming up in places I didn't plant the bulbs. I have pulled a lot of it up, only to find more coming up! What did I do wrong & what do I do now? Please help & thank you.

Sounds like sedge, that

By Carol Kellett

Sounds like sedge, that grassy stuff, I had the same thing going on & not knowing what it was, I took it to a garden center & they told me it is extremely invasive sedge. So I pulledl it all out & now I keep watching for more & pull it as it pops up.

My lilies are planted in the

By Sean Burnette

My lilies are planted in the ground and are very healthy. They had over 160 flowers on 12 stalks this year! My biggest issue is that the flowers stay open for maybe 2 days and start to wilt. Is that normal? The flowers will also fall off if you just look at them wrong. Last year a new bulb also grew out of one of the stalks and they also bet a pepper like growth on the stalks after the flowers fall off. Is thatnormal? Do I need to cut the stalks back while they are still green or dried out? Heeellllppppppp!

Yes, many lily flowers last

By Almanac Staff

Yes, many lily flowers last only a day or two (that's why some varieties  are called daylilies). Asiatic and Oriental lilies last longer.
The bumps at the top of the stalks are seed heads and can be saved and planted. If you are not going to save the seeds cut them off and leave the stalks. It's better to cut the stalks back in the fall after they have turned brown.

We just bought this plant

By Tahere

We just bought this plant from Costco in Santa Rosa , California & i just noticed that it says only zone 4 to 8 !!! Now my zone is 9b, what am i supposed to do ? Is it not going to thrive? Please help me

Yes, return the plant. You

By Catherine Boeckmann

Yes, return the plant. You have the right instincts, Tahere. Plant hardiness is very important to growing success.

I live in zone 10. Are there

By smitty1931

I live in zone 10. Are there any lilies I can try growing? Thanks

As mentioned above,

By Almanac Staff

As mentioned above, traditional lilies do not grow well in zone 10 because they need a cold period. However, amaryllis, blood lily, hurricane lily and spider lily plants are good choices.

Last spring I planted a mix

By Karen Schwind

Last spring I planted a mix of Asiatic (i think) lilies that also included some stargazers. They started to grow last year but not by much. This year many popped up but didn't actually flower or bloom and I don't know why, especially because around where i live (Buffalo, NY) i see lilies all over that have flowered/bloomed. i even cut one and have it in a vase inside but it didn't bloom either although now the leaves are turning yellow. they have the flower head but they just haven't opened...can you please tell me why this has happened? and is it possible my lilies are just "late bloomers"?

If your lilies aren't

By Almanac Staff

If your lilies aren't blooming, the most common reasons are:
1) Not enough sun. 2)  Planted too deep. Crowns (where roots and foliage come together) should be one inch under ground. 3. Are you growing the right variety? Late-season lilies may not have enough time to set buds. 4. They just need time to get established. Usually, this happens in the third year.

I have what I think is a Poor

By Lee Bacon

I have what I think is a Poor Man's Lily in my backyard. Could you put up, or send me, a picture of one, so I know for sure? It has long spikey leaves and long stemmed white flowers with purple and yellow centers. After the bloom is done, it gets a blimp shaped seed pod. Thanks.

Hi, Lee, If you google "Poor

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Lee, If you google "Poor Man's Lily" and click "images," you will see many pictures. Here is one:

We moved to a house with

By Amy Edouard

We moved to a house with lilies in the yard. The problem is they are randomly growing and I would like to move them to a different flower bed. When and how should I do this?

Let it go dormant and

By Almanac Staff

Let it go dormant and transplant in early spring as soon as frost is gone. Just dig them up on a cloudy day and transplant in a sunny spot and water in well. It's very hard to kill daylilies.

I have several tall pink

By Cheryl Dunagan

I have several tall pink lillies that are just full of blooms right now but are very crowded together how and when can I transplant some of them?

Dig up the daylilies and

By Almanac Staff

Dig up the daylilies and transplant to a site with full sun in the spring as soon as the frost is out of the ground. Don't replant too deeply. Water in well.

Hello, I need your help.

By sholder50


I need your help. Can't seem to put a pic in here. I have a lily and all the blooms have fallen off. Should I cut it back? This was given to us and I am not sure
how to care for it now.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Susan Holder

Cut the spent flower head off

By Almanac Staff

Cut the spent flower head off as it's done blooming. Lilies are garden plants and best put in the ground outside, though "gift" containers are not always successful at being transplanted.

I have Lily Red Dutch,

By I love lilies

I have Lily Red Dutch, Asiatic Lily Black Out, Jumbo Asiatic Lilies, Daylily Stella D'oro, bulbs.I live in Raleigh NC we have soil that's like clay. I'm a beginning gardener. Can I plant these lily's, today? They were on clearance I though it would be a good opportunity to learn. Is it to hot to plant them today. We have 80 and 90 degree temps?

Lilies should be planted

By Almanac Staff

Lilies should be planted either in the fall or spring when it's cooler.

Other years, my star gazers

By Allana

Other years, my star gazers have had up to 8 blossoms per plant. This year there are at least 40 small buds on each of the plants? What happened? Should I cut off some of the buds? Have they gone wild?

Are the lily buds healthy and

By Almanac Staff

Are the lily buds healthy and green? If so, you'l get blossoms. Stargazers usually open in late July or August. Each year there are more blooms on the stalks than the previous year!

U had beautiful lilies of

By Phyllis Smithson

U had beautiful lilies of many colors. This year they have all bloomed a redish color. No more pick, salmon, white, or multicolor. What happened? Will they ever come back to the original color?

I brought home this orange

By Shanna

I brought home this orange lily plant and I have it outside in a pot. It was blooming when I brought it home, we dead headed it and it bloomed once more then the flowers fell off. The plant itself looks nice and green and we keep watering it. It gets the Eastern sun in the mornings. How can I get it to bloom again?

I bought a Lily plant early

By Lily newbie

I bought a Lily plant early spring while the flower was bloomed. The flower fell off. I didn't know anything about dead heading, so I did nothing. It is still in its original pot with another lily. Some of the leaves are now starting to turn yellow at the ends. What can I do to save these 2 lilies and can I replant them in my garden?

Thank you.

Yellowing leaves is normal

By Almanac Staff

Yellowing leaves is normal for a lily that has bloomed. If you live in a zone that has cold winters you can plant the lily in the garden and it will bloom again next spring.

I have 5 bulbs of oriental

By Goldenfawn22

I have 5 bulbs of oriental lilies and 3 bulbs of cannas. I placed 2 cannas and 2 lilies in one pot and 1 canna and 2 lilies in the other. the other lily is in a small pot. These pots are a set of three. Do you think I have the right pots and the right flowers to complement each other? If not I can transfer with you advice. My only issue is I must use containers I have a back problem and cant dig. I want a garden of potted plants and I am a beginner.:)Thanks for your time and I really enjoy your site. Maybe you can recommend some flowers from you store?

Lilies and cannas need big

By Almanac Staff

Lilies and cannas need big deep containers so that the bulbs have enough room to grow. Make sure that the containers have holes in the bottom for good drainage. You also need to add stake support for the flowers when they start growing. The stalks will be tall with heavy flowers.

I received 3 bulbs in a gift

By Lynda Brunner

I received 3 bulbs in a gift package. I planted in a pot and two grew and have two gorgeous blooms each. After they are spent can I keep the bulbs inside in the pot and will they bloom again next spring?

Most lily bulbs need a

By Almanac Staff

Most lily bulbs need a dormant chilling period to bloom again next spring. You can put the bulbs in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 weeks in the fall or put the pot in a cold garage if you live in the northern states.

After I've cut the stalk to

By New lily owner

After I've cut the stalk to the base of the plant,must I proceed keeping it in a warm space and well moist?

After the stalks have

By Almanac Staff

After the stalks have yellowed, cut back to soil level. When they are completely dry, the stalks can be pulled out easily. Fertilize several times during the summer and use a mulch to keep the soil moist. In the fall when the soil is lightly frozen, apply evergreen boughs or marsh hay around the plants. Keep this mulch on until new growth develops the next spring.

Do lilies bloom more than

By Dianne Freiboth

Do lilies bloom more than once per season and do you "dead head" or cut back the wilted blooms to promote new blooms
? I have mine in a pot planter.

Yes, lilies can keep

By Almanac Staff

Yes, lilies can keep blooming. To conserve their energy for multiple blooms, you need to deadhead. Once a lily flower is spent, you break off the flower where the stem meets the stalk. Pull down gently on the flower until it cleanly snaps off.

thankx for that so needed

By proud momma jay

thankx for that so needed care suggestion. Now i know how to dead head my lilies. Didnt know lilies rebloomed. My lilies are Star
Gazers & they are 4yrs. old, they stand about
40'' Tall. Every summer they put on a beautiful & fragant show. I am so proud of my
hard work. I am going to see if they will
rebloom now that i have learned a little
more about lilies. Thank you, Proud Momma

Why are my Lillies getting

By Margaret Boone

Why are my Lillies getting brown spots on their leaves

The usual problem is some

By Almanac Staff

The usual problem is some kind of fungus that has infected the plant. Purchase a fungicide from a local garden center. Maintain humidity below 85%. Avoid overhead irrigation.

you havent actually answered

By answer please

you havent actually answered any of the questions on this feed at all. my lillies are getting shorter daily also

Please see answer below.

By Almanac Staff

Please see answer below.

What is loamy soil?

By Danielle Berube

What is loamy soil?

Loamy soil is rich crumbly

By Almanac Staff

Loamy soil is rich crumbly soil, with equal parts of sand, silt and clay.

My friend bought me this

By Anonymos maria

My friend bought me this beautiful pink lily which was blooming so good. My daughter and I split them up because they were three to the pot no my blooms r fallen off with the leaves that r turning yellow and the stalk of the plant is turn dark. What to do or did i hurt them by splitting them up?? New plant grower...

It sounds like you did do

By Almanac Staff

It sounds like you did do some damage to the bulb and roots. Remove the brown leaves and stalk but leave the bulb in the soil. It may reward you with new growth later this season or next spring.

My lilies were growing

By Darlene Komar

My lilies were growing beautifully but for some reason they seem to be getting shorter daily. Has anybody experienced this problem and does anybody know what could be causing this? Is there a solution?

We have not experienced this

By Almanac Staff

We have not experienced this problem. Maybe you have some moles underground that are pulling on the bulb...

Snow and Lilies??

By Anonymous

My lilies were growing beautifully, about 3-5 inches out of the ground.( Keeping in mind, it is May 19th in NL) We just had 20+ cm of snow fall on us, are my lilies dead?? The snow is supposed to last 2 days, where the temperature then shoots back up to 15+ degrees Celsius. I'm a new be at gardening, can someone please help me??

transplanting root bound lily plants

By Anonymous

Transplanting root bound lily plants.

love story lilies

By Anonymous

So my lilies blooms have already fallen and I cut them philosophies but now my leaves and stem are dying is this ok?

Lilies stems..

By Anonymous

Read it again. It says...As flowers fade, cut back the stalks to the base of the plant.

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