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Full Hunter's Moon of October


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When is the Full Hunters Moon in October 2017? Discover the origins of the name, and the history of the October Moon.

To mark the occasion of the last October Full Moon, we hosted a live broadcast on Saturday evening, October 15. During this free show, you could get a closer look at the Full Moon through Slooh’s telescopes at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, exploring the face of our closest neighbor as it moves across the night sky,

Astronomy Editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Bob Berman, discussed what causes the Full Moon and pointed out some of its interesting features. They also discussed the title Supermoon, exploring what causes the Moon to appear to grow in size, and explaining why last October’s Moon doesn’t quite meet those criteria. Janice Stillman, Editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, joined Paul to share with viewers some of the fascinating history, legend, and lore surrounding the October Full Moon.

Click below to watch a replay of the video!

October Full Hunters Moon

Some Native American tribes referred to October’s Moon as the Full Hunter’s Moon as it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter. This full Moon is also called the “Travel Moon” and the “Dying Grass Moon.”

This is the first Full Moon following September’s Harvest Moon. It rises just after sunset and sets around sunrise, so this is the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.

Read more about Full Moon names and meaning.

Moon Phases for October (EDT)

See the Moon Phase Calendar to get dates and times for YOUR town.

Full Moon: October 5, 2:40 P.M.
Last Quarter: October 12, 8:25 A.M.
New Moon: October 19, 3:12 P.M.
First Quarter: October 27, 6:22 P.M.

For your next full Moon, see our Full Moon Dates chart.

Full Hunters Moon Video

Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the full Moon along with some fascinating Moon facts. In this video, learn about the Full Hunter’s Moon. Click below to watch the video.

Best Days in October 2017

Below are the best days for activities, based on the Moon’s sign and phase in October.

For Harvesting:

  • Aboveground crops: 25, 26
  • Belowground crops: 15–17

For Setting Eggs:

  • 9, 10, 28

For Fishing:

  • 1–5, 19–31

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Facts and Folklore

  • Corn planted under a waning Moon grows slower but yields larger ears.
  • Babies born a day after the full Moon enjoy success and endurance.
  • A new Moon in your dreams promises increased wealth or a happy marriage.

Share your thoughts about this month’s Moon below!

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First full moon on or before October 31st

The first full moon on or before October 31st is the Witches moon. This night is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest and you can receive prophecy if you are of a lineaged bloodline.
If you live in a place or area that is haunted, or if you work in a place where someone has passed, if a ghost wants to materialize, this night will be when it will happen.

moonlight Jesus

Just a wonderful reminder of Gods Glorious shining light, reflecting off of wherever it wills, and as the case was last night, I saw the whitest clouds ever against a crisp navy blue galaxy, I was so in awe, and I could finally see so clearly, I have never had this much peace, I felt I was looking right into God's domain.

The beautiful night sky

Know what you mean Moonlight Jesus. I am from Chicago and the sky here last night was just as you described. It was a beautiful Fall evening.

shall i do property registration on full moon day oct 27

I plan to register my home on oct 27 full moon day. My rasi is magaram and naksathram uthradam. is it advisable ?

Would one to have a calendar

Would one to have a calendar for Austin Texas as far as the moons go

best time for neck surgery

best time for neck surgery this month

total eclipse

The total eclipse happens with the super moon on Sept. 27th, not the Hunter's Moon in October. Check your own facts. The link "eclipses" shows the correct information.

total eclipse

P. S. Which makes this Sunday's moon a blood moon!

I was born on a full moon,

I was born on a full moon, and am in my mid 40s now. It is not an easy position to carry through one's life. Astrologically, your emotional expression and means of feeling, and your basic ego/self are always in opposition. The sun does cast light which illuminates, and the moon has no light of her own so does benefit from the sun's, of course. So my ego and sense of self informs my emotional state. I have ended up fairly neurotic as a result. Just something to bear in mind.

It may seem very romantic and magical, and it definitely has beauty of its own inherent, but it is a very difficult placement speaking from experience. The moon also represents the mother in astrological terms, and one might wish to be cognisant of this. My Aries moon does reflect my (non) relationship with her and the difficulties that I had to face, represented in this position. I think a Taurus moon is better in a lot of ways. And others, dependent upon what the rest of the sky is up to.

I do add the caveat, vive la difference. Long live diversity. It's a hard enough world already though. May as well find whatever advantage we can.

I was born on a full moon and

I was born on a full moon and my moon is in Aries as well; however my experience is not the same as yours. Both my children were born on a full moon and though we all have high energy levels on the regular basis- I do not think it determines our state of mind on the day to day basis. When the moon is full, I have noticed that we are all affected more than most people but I think that the astrological sign that the moon is occupying has more of an influence on us rather than a permanent impact of being born on a full moon.

Hi, My Estimated Delivery


My Estimated Delivery date is 9th Oct 2014. However could you please let me know which will be the best date to deliver in the month of October? In my case, mostly it will be a C-section. (That's what doctors say)


The best day to deliver your

The best day to deliver your baby is TODAY

What is the significance of

What is the significance of being born under a full moon and how can i find out what moon phase was in november 21st 1982 my mother believes the alighnment of the stars and moon and planets are a part of who were are when we enter this life

To find out what Moon phase

To find out what Moon phase was on a particular date from 1902 to 2037, you can use our Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar at:
Just put in the zip or postal code to tailor the data to your location (Moon phase date is dependent on local time, and sometimes the date will change depending on what time zone you are in.)
It looks like November 21, 1982, was 2 days before First Quarter (so it was a waxing crescent Moon).
As for the significance of being born under a full Moon astrologically speaking, the answer can get a little lengthy, depending on how many other factors you are considering, too. We'd suggest that you post your question on our Astrology and Signs Forum. Someone there would probably be able to help answer your question.
Or, you can search online for "full Moon," "astrology," "significance," and "born" and you'll see several astrology sites that may help.

How can I find out if my

How can I find out if my husband was born on a full moon night. He is fascinated by the moon and I wonder if he was born under a full moon.

It does conflict with the FA

It does conflict with the FA though. It says the Oct. full moon is on the 19th. While the FA says the 18th.

Today is my birthday and it

Today is my birthday and it was nice to see this moon on the way to taking my guy to work. It was great to start my birthday with something so pretty.



I was born on a full moon in

I was born on a full moon in '92. My baby girl is due in just a few days but everyone is saying she will come on the next full moon (this Friday) I would hope so, to me that would be a great night for her to come. I have always loved the moon.

My son was born on a Full

My son was born on a Full Moon in '92 as well. As a two year old he would point out the moon, even if it was just a sliver, in broad daylight. We called him our moon child. Here's to a happy, healthy baby when ever she decides to join you!

I have to wonder one thing...

I have to wonder one thing... since the OFA insists on incorrectly listing Midsummer and Midwinter as the Beginning of Summer and the Beginning of Winter, does that mean we should follow suit and consider the Full Moon to really be the Dark Moon, and thus pretend the Dark or New Moon falls on the Full Moon? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I have to wonder why you feel

I have to wonder why you feel the need to continually correct the OFA on their own Web site. I have seen your name multiple times and they've even responded to you. Consider that they different point of view and be respectful of it, as they are of you.

Do NOT deliver on FULL MOON !

Do NOT deliver on FULL MOON ! I am ***Very*** serious !

Why would you say this? Many

Why would you say this? Many babies are born on the full moon, and unless it's a planned C-section it's not as if we have much choice. My first child was born on the full moon, and although it was intense, it was also a magical experience, so powerful. I felt invigorated after that birth in a way that didn't happen with my second birthing which was not on the full moon.

We try to plant seeds under a

We try to plant seeds under a waxing moon - and leave things be under a waning moon. Does this make sense?

I see the comment about corn growing slower but with bigger cobs under a waning moon, and wonder .......

Thanks for your input.


Hi, Ruth, Above-ground crops

Hi, Ruth, Above-ground crops are planted during the light of the Moon (new to full); below-ground crops are planted during the dark of the Moon (from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again). Planting is done in the daytime; planting at night is optional!

I hv a lots of complications

I hv a lots of complications in my delivery.... nd doctors advised me for secerion..... nw we r deciding for the date 18 oct.... is it a gud day for my baby nd me

no the 19th is a gud day 4 yu

no the 19th is a gud day 4 yu nd yur bby

Just got back from a Hallow's

Just got back from a Hallow's eve spirit hunt in an old cemetery ... got some eerie stuff on voice recorder...glad we had plenty of moonlight to light our path

I have just been walking with

I have just been walking with one of our Labradors in the field.No need for a torch as the moon is full and the sky is clear.There are lots of stars out too. make me really appreciate that I live here -www.carrhousefarm.co.uk

Sounds beautiful.

Sounds beautiful.

I was born on the full moon.

I was born on the full moon. 11/1/1963. Full moons have always felt special to me,like they are dropping by for a visit.

I know exactly how you feel..

I know exactly how you feel.. i was born on 2-6-66.. my mother says i was the most magical birth .. all my emotions follow the lunar cycle.. i know when he moon s going to be full 3 days before it is.. that's when my spiritual energy is at it's peak...

Preparing for rituals.

Preparing for rituals.

I want to charge crystals and

I want to charge crystals and consecrate candles. Is a Hunter's Moon appropriate?

Any full moon is appropriate

Any full moon is appropriate to charge crystals and such. The charges will differ based on the particular qualities of each moon. Anything related with hunting bodes well. Hunters are strong, wise and at one with nature and the environment. It is a bit darker than say, a Harvest moon- mainly because of the bloody nature of a hunt.

What herbs do u best like

What herbs do u best like using?

I love the moon

I love the moon

Look forward to this

Look forward to this information on the moon

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