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Days of the Week Names

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The days of the week were named by the Romans with the Latin words for the Sun, the Moon, and the five known planets.

These names have survived in European languages, but English names also reflect an Anglo-Saxon influence. See the English day names and their influences in the chart below.

You can also learn more about month names and their origination here.

English Latin French Italian Spanish Saxon
 dimanche  domenica  domingo Sun
 lundi  lunedì  lunes Moon
 mardi  martedì  martes Tiw (the Anglo-Saxon god of war, the equivalent to the Norse Tyr or the Roman Mars)
 mercredi  mercoledì  miércoles Woden (the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Norse Odin or the Roman Mercury)



 jeudi  giovedì  jueves Thor (the Norse god of thunder, the equivalent to the Roman Jupiter)
 FRIDAY Veneris
 vendredi  venerdì  viernes Frigg (the Norse god of love and fertility, the equivalent of the Roman Venus)
 samedi  sabato  sábado Saterne (Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture)


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