How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Aster Flowers



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Asters are daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn when many of your other summer blooms may be fading.

The plant’s height ranges from 8 inches to 8 feet, depending on the type. You can find an aster for almost any garden and they have many uses, such as in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens. Asters also attract butterflies to your garden!


  • Asters prefer climates with cool, moist summers—especially cool night temperatures.
  • Select a site with full sun to partial sun.
  • Soil should be moist, well-drained, and average to humus-rich.
  • Plant asters in early to mid-spring. Fertilize soil prior to planting. (Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.)
  • While the plant can be grown from seed, germination can be uneven. You can start the seeds indoors during the winter by sowing seeds in pots or flats and keeping them in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks. After 4 to 6 weeks, put the seeds in a sunny spot.
  • Set seeds one inch deep.
  • Many gardeners opt for purchasing a potted plant from the nursery instead.
  • Space asters 1 to 3 feet apart, depending on the type. 
  • Give plants plenty of water at planting. Add mulch after planting to keep soil cool and prevent weeds. If you’re replanting shoots, use vigorous, young shoots to ensure best growth.


  • Add a thin layer of compost with a 2–inch layer of mulch around the plants every spring.
  • If you receive less than 1 inch of rain a week, remember to water your plants regularly during the summer. However, many asters are moisture-sensitive; if your plants have too much moisture or too little moisture, they will often lose their lower foliage or not flower well. Keep an eye out for any stressed plants and try a different watering method if your plants are losing flowers.
  • Stake the tall varieties in order to keep them upright and remember to pinch the young shoots to encourage bushiness.
  • Cut asters back in winter after the foliage has died.
  • Divide every 2 to 3 years in the spring to maintain your plant’s vigor and flower quality.


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Wit & Wisdom

Asters, one of September’s birth flowers, were once burned to ward off serpents.

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Weird things are growing near my aster powder puffs

I bought aster powder puff seeds and they've grown to be about one inch tall. They're still very young but there are white-orange round things that are growing as well and I'm very concerned. Also, their are bites on the leafs and I don't know how to get rid of whatever that's eating the leafs. Please help!! Thank you!

aster rust

It sounds like your asters have a rust disease. You should remove all of the leaves that are infected and the entire plant if all of the leaves have rust.

Plant in pot or ground?

I just bought 2 aster plants that I'd like to plant in 2 pots I have on my front porch (full sun). I'm in zone 5b and am wondering what my options are. Is it best to plant the asters in the pots, then bring the pots in and keep them over the winter to plant in my garden in the summer, or put them in pots now and then plant them in my garden after they've finished blooming this fall? Thanks!

Potted Asters

You can either leave them in the pots outside (do not bring them in) and plant them in the early spring or go ahead and plant them now, but do it soon, as night temperatures are dropping fast! Either way, they require a cold dormancy period so they must stay outside.

aster died after a month.

This is the first time i had them. I water them every other day and they started to turn brown. So just water them twice a week and they still turn brown on me. Now they all died. What did i do wrong. And i even mulch them.

Watering Asters

Hi Donna,

I suspect they died from overwatering. I suggest starting over with new plants. Water them when you plant them, and then wait until they dry out a bit before giving them a good soaking. Plants like less-frequent, deep watering. Also, pay attention to the weather and the moisture level of the soil. Some weeks you will water more, others less. Air temperature and rainfall really determine how much water your plants need from week to week.

So I decided to give planting

So I decided to give planting a shot and I bought Aster seeds.. I had no idea how to plant, actually I have no knowledge about planting at all .. Anyway I followed my instinct and prepared the soil, I actually mixed a 2/3 soil with 1/3 compost and watered it a little, then I picked the seeds and pushed them into it, but not so deep .. After I finished I wateredthe soil well and positioned it in a full sunny spot ..
Then I thought why I haven't google it, so I did .. And here it's, all the results are talking about 6 - 8 weeks in the refrigerator, and I just got confused ..
I need to know if my seeds are going to grow, or at least if theres anything I can do now !

P.S. I'm watering it twice a day

Hi Dana,

Hi Dana,

Do not overwater. Just keep the soil moist. Use a spray bottle so that you don’t disturb the seeds too much. We suggest that you cover the pots or trays with plastic. This will keep the soil moist so that you don’t need to water. You should see new growth after about 10 days. When the seedlings emerge remove the plastic and mist the soil lightly. Put the plants in your sunniest window. When the seedlings have their first leaves transplant into bigger individual pots.


I have a large aster plant in my new yard. It dried out and fell over this winter. Should I cut it to the ground?

Yes, you can cut off the

Yes, you can cut off the dried out dead branches. This is normal for asters. As soon as the weather warms up you should see some new growth from the bottom of the plant.

My Asters are turning brown

I just bought a pot of asters a week ago and the leaves started turning brown from bottom up. At first, I watered every 2 days. When they start wilting, I asked the seller about it and he said to water everyday. So I watered every night. But it's not helping. Need help urgently. Really don't want the Asters to die. Or I at least want them to last till the Chinese New Year. Thanks in advance.

Asters grow best in full sun

Asters grow best in full sun and in moist well-draining soil. Make sure the soil is not too wet. Please see our planting and care tips at the top of this page.

Aster that won't bloom

I have many aster plants that bloom beautifully. However, at one site, there's a lush, green aster with many little buds on it, but for the second year, the plant doesn't flower. It's planted in full sun, doesn't get chemical fertilizer, and is watered somewhat every few days. The soil seems to be decent loam. Why won't this little guy bloom???

If the plants foliage looks

If the plants foliage looks nice with no signs of insects or yellowing keep the plants moist and do not fertilize. Add some mulch around the plant to keep the soil cool and moist. Hopefully the cooler weather will produce some flowers for you.


I got a pot of aster flowers and don't know anything about them. I live in Wichita, Kansas. Can these grow inside?

We’ve never grown asters

We’ve never grown asters inside. We’d suggest you grow asters in a pot on your patio and bring then inside and sit on a sunny window once they bloom.

Planted a lovely aster about

Planted a lovely aster about 3 weeks (late August). The buds opened up and all was well. Then one morning I noticed every flower was gone from the plant. I have rabbits in my yard and I presume they are the culprits. What can I do to keep the rabbits from eating my aster blooms. They've not eaten the foliage, just the flowers!

Rabbits do like to eat

Rabbits do like to eat asters. If you are lucky you may have a second bloom from your plants if you can keep the rabbits away. Check our rabbit page for suggestions.

Sharon - I used to have the

Sharon - I used to have the same problem with rabbits eating my Aster (and other foliage). I read somewhere - probably Pinterest - to grate/shred original scented "Irish Spring" soap (which I found at the dollar store) to keep them away. I tried it this year and - viola! My Aster bloomed beautifully and my lily buds didn't get eaten! It didn't seem to harm any of the plants in my garden. This will be my go-to method from now on.

i have had my Aster for two

i have had my Aster for two years. It is a beautiful bright green plant, but has never bloomed. Could I have planted it to deep? Thank you, I have never trimmed it.

Hi, Sheila, This is a tough

Hi, Sheila, This is a tough one because these are pretty forgiving plants. They perform best—bloom best—in full sun but tolerate part shade. (Perhaps only a little "part shade.") The do not like to sit in water, so well draining soil is important, and good quality—loamy or composted—soil helps. And add a shovelful of compost at the base in spring.
That's all we can say. The plant may have needed time to become established. Check these steps and see how it goes next year. (Yea, it is a long way off but never give up!)

My asters seem to bloom early

My asters seem to bloom early and early ever year. They are blooming now in July and before did not bloom until August or September, so I had color for the fall. Once they flower will that be it after the flowers die or will they rebloom until frost?

You can deadhead the blooms

You can deadhead the blooms to encourage the plant to bloom again. If you keep up with removing the spent flowers before they set seed (remove the flower and stalk back to the next branch, leaf, or bud), the plant should continue to bloom until the end of the growing season.

* planted many mixed mounding

* planted many mixed mounding Asters around my walkways last fall in colors of red, white, blue, pink. These are all supposed to be only 18 - 24 inches tall and mound spread alike by bloom time. The white are 29 - 37 inches tall already and the crimson red are 24- 27 inches tall. Barely mounding yet . Pink and blue are in the normal range. Can I prune back the white and crimson red Asters to get them to be within the same height as the others are? Or my border is gonna be just way out of control around my walkways?

Hi Cat, Yes, you can prune

Hi Cat,
Yes, you can prune the taller asters. You may loose a few blooms but the plants will get bushier and you will have more flowers later in the season.

I purchase some asters that

I purchase some asters that were on sale in October and planted them in front of my house. I put some garden fabric down followed up by mulch. Now it's April, and my aster are brown and dry.. Did I kill them? And can I save them?

I bought a beautiful aster.

I bought a beautiful aster. It was on a table at a nursery marked perennial sale. Very full and covered in flowers. It even had a hoop around it to keepit contained. The flowers are very puffy and kind of look more like mums. I'm hoping it's a perennial variety. They were only marked as andreas asters. Any insight on whether they are likely perennial or annual and if they might self seed would be great. Thankyou!

We are not familiar with

We are not familiar with Andreas asters but most asters are perennial. They do selfseed if you leave the faded flowers on the plant.

I bought 8 Blue Dragon asters

I bought 8 Blue Dragon asters Labor Day weekend while visiting family in Virginia (zone 6b) and promptly planted them in a slope flower bed at my home in North Carolina (zone 7b). The asters had many buds and blooms when I bought them, but every one of them has presumably died within 2 weeks of planting (they are brown and crispy looking). I did notice some snail "ooze" on them within the first couple days of planting so I put out snail repellant around each of the plants. They are planted on a slope with clay soil that gets partial sun.

My questions are: What did I do wrong? And will they come back next year?

So I bought some asters

So I bought some asters earlier this year and left them in the pot. They are beautiful! I'm not sure if I should leave them in the pots and just cut them back and then plant in the spring OR do I plant them now and cut back.

If you have a perennial aster

If you have a perennial aster (versus annual), we would cut them back to 6 inches after they bloom.
You could transplant the aster into the garden for the winter as long as it's six weeks before the ground freezes. 
Or, you could literally plant the container in the ground. This is a bit riskier. Tip: Plant the pot at a slight tilt so it doesn't acculate water at the top and drown itself when snow thaws. Finally, you can store the aster in an unheated garage.
Either way, you'll want to give it a nice watering before the ground freezes.

This happened to me too! I

This happened to me too! I planted with very good organic garden soil. At first the wilted . I watered them and 3 hours later they were perky and upright. But now thd lower leaves are brown and dying. I'm going to try planting them in pots with drainage rather thN the ground. I got bee balms at the same time which have sturdier stalks and similar lookig flowers and they are kicking butt! Super sturdy , upright and seem to just endure a lot more. I'm going to switch out the Astros for more bee balm
In the garden and nurse the 3 a stirs back to health . Maybe ur soil is thd problem. In OH it's like clay

Transplanted 10 inch potted

Transplanted 10 inch potted Asters after Labor Day. The root ball of each plant required me to dig the hole about 8 inches deep x 10 inches wide and returned the displaced soil to fill in around the planting. With adequate drainage, my initial watering was supplemented with basic plant food followed by daily watering applied as a mist from a garden hose.
Assuming I did everything correctly, why do the flowers within each planting (after 2 weeks) appear to be drying out? Plenty of afternoon sun and nightly temps no less than 60 degrees. The Mums that I planted are doing terrific (so far ) and they were planted under the same conditions. What went wrong and is this symptom of poor timing or a case of my deadheaded Aster without a bloom?
Signed :(( Discouraged novice planter

Check the soil about 2 inches

Check the soil about 2 inches below the surface to see if it is moist. If not the plants need more water. Add mulch around the plants. Asters like cool temperatures and will do better when the night temperatures drop below 60.

"Last year, purchased and

"Last year, purchased and planted several potted "daisy like" asters, bearing the "annual aster" tag. Some were blue, and some purple. Since I do not care for the pin cushion looks of mums, I was delighted to find those beautiful daisy looking flowers with the yellow centers., even though they were annuals. I am in Nebraska, and was a bit surprised when they came up in the spring, again, and bloomed this fall. My issue? They are full and compact, with a profusion of purple and blue flowers. However, they no longer present with a daisy like appearance. They resemble the full, rounded flower of a mum, with no yellow center. I retained the marker, left in the ground from last year, to confirm that they were indeed the same flower. I have no mums planted in this flower bed. Any idea what happened?

how can i tell if the astors

how can i tell if the astors that i just bought are perennial or annual. I still have the label from the plant but it does not specify either annual or perennial?

Most asters are perennials.

Most asters are perennials. The most popular are Michaelmas daisies which are about 12 inches tall. Annual asters are popular with florists for cut bouquets. The popular Chinese aster resembles a daisy but showier and more colorful.

I planted arrow-leaved aster,

I planted arrow-leaved aster, over 5' tall and as wide. Aug. just budding. Sept. producing just the yellow center with 9 green petals. I expected blue with yellow centers. Have you known this to happen before?

Hello. I purchased astors

Hello. I purchased astors last Fall from a nursery. I planted them and they survived the N. Idaho winter very well. They are now very hearty, compact bushes- very uniform in size and shape. It is the middle of August and I have yet to see any evidence of buds or flowers. Is it just too early for them to bloom, or have I done something wrong? Thank you.

Hi, Kathleen: Assuming that

Hi, Kathleen: Assuming that your plants are getting good water and sun, chances are that they are a fall-blooming type and are just biding their time to surprise you in a few weeks. Thanks for "ast"-ing!

I live in Minnesota and my

I live in Minnesota and my grandma from Texas sent me some aster seeds. Am I still able to plant the seeds outdoors in July??

How sweet of your

How sweet of your grandmother. Asters are plant that can thrive in Minnesota—and usually bloom in the late summer or fall. They are also a great plant for attracting pollinating bees to the garden late in the season. Normally, you would seed around May though you can set transplants in pots most any time. You can save those seeds in a paper bag in a dry, cool place.

So if I already planted them

So if I already planted them I may be out of luck ? : /

My aster's leaves are turning

My aster's leaves are turning rust color ans thinning out. They look like they have a disease. What can I do?

Did you ever get an answer to

Did you ever get an answer to this. Mine had this so bad this year they didn't have flowers and many died out. I don't understand if it comes back next year and if I need to plant something else.

Asters are often infected

Asters are often infected with rust disease. Common aster rust is caused by the fungus Coleosporium asterum. Read more about this pest at

I bought 6 Asters in the

I bought 6 Asters in the spring - 2 white, 2 pink, 2 purple, all with yellow centres. Plants around 8" tall when I planted them.The flowers lasted a few weeks then died. The plants themselves are surviving, just, but don't seem to be growing at all & I'm afraid they might just die. Having read your site & other books they should flower in summer-autumn? They're planted in a full sun border in a more clay like soil, well drained. The leaves are getting nibbled by tiny slugs which 'm trying to keep under control. I fed them with powdered blood, bone compound which should be suitable for flowering plants. Can't think what else I should do - any suggestions?

There are many varieties of

There are many varieties of asters and most bloom in the fall. Alpine asters bloom in the spring. If your asters bloomed when you planted them they will probably not bloom again this year. Find out what type of asters you have.

This is paresh from gujrat,

This is paresh from gujrat, India.
I planted marigold and dutch roses in my farms. I am planning to plant some asters as well. I have no information of planting asters. Can anyone give me any details????

Just plant in loamy soil and

Just plant in loamy soil and fertilize before blooming. they are pretty forgiving!

Asters are tall, (and bloom

Asters are tall, (and bloom in fall), so you may want to put them in the back of the garden, or on the north side of it, so as to not shade the other plants. Asters like sun, at least partial. For bushier, shorter, bloomier plants, cut back to 8" in early summer (whenever that is in India, in Wisconsin, cutback time is june 8). You may want to cutback only the ones in front. Then the ones in back will bloom first. Other growing details are above in article!

It I'd Febuary and I ordered

It I'd Febuary and I ordered some dwarf asters and they are in a box with small amount of dirt , roots and the greenery is dryed up now but roots look ok. When can I plant these now or later this spring ???? But I am afraid if I don't they will die before then. I live in ky and its giving snow and cold temps. When and what should I do???? Please

You can plant the asters in a

You can plant the asters in a container with soil. Keep them indoors until you can plant them outside after the weather warms up. Keep the soil moist.

Help please!I purchased quite

Help please!I purchased quite a few small growing asters from a mail order co. last year and foolishly planted them in a bunch hopefully to provide a big display of flowers in my quite large garden. They didn't bloom at all last year but grew rapidly together into a tight shrub.I have just divided them into 4 medium size shrubs and transplanted them around the garden. Is this correct and how can I ensure they bloom next Summer/Autumn?

Asters are sturdy plants and

Asters are sturdy plants and transplant well. Keep the transplants watered and make sure they get enough sun (full sun is ideal).

I'm very new at planting. How

I'm very new at planting. How do I plant Peter Blue Aster . I need to plant everything in pots due to roots in mt yard. its Nov 6th and i don't know how to plant it . Help!

Plant asters anytime after

Plant asters anytime after the last spring frost. They'll bloom in late summer and fall.

Uuuggghhhh... I bought 5

Uuuggghhhh... I bought 5 Asters from Home Depot 3 weeks ago... but haven't had time to plant them in the ground. It now Oct 30th... is it too late to get them in the ground here in Madison, WI?
The 7 day forecast shows nothing below 32 degrees for the next seven days. Highs in the mid 40's & 50's if that helps.

If it is too late... how do I winter them indoors?


Hi Chris, It's OK to plant

Hi Chris,
It's OK to plant your asters now. Plant them as soon as you can and keep them watered until the soil freezes. Add a little mulch around the plants to keep the moisture in. See our planting advice on this page.

I have too many Aster plants

I have too many Aster plants in my garden.They seem to be bullies and very prolific. What is the best way to keep the plant under control and from taking over?

The best way to keep them

The best way to keep them under control is to pull up the unwanted ones. You can also cut the tops off and then keep the area mowed or cover the area with black plastic.

I purchased some Believer

I purchased some Believer Asters for a buck, 1/2 of the plant is dry and brittle, 1/2 green. Will the dry and brittle part return to normal next growing season?

If it is one plant and half

If it is one plant and half is still alive the plant will come back next year. Add some compost around the plant before winter.

Hello and thanks for this

Hello and thanks for this site, love it! Q- I just gathered up seeds from my dry brown Aster blooms. I want to grow Aster plants from the what?

See info above about planting

See info above about planting aster seeds!

Can annual asters be kept

Can annual asters be kept alive indoors until spring

Perennial asters last through

Perennial asters last through the winter in the right zone with lots of mulch, but annual asters will die at the end if their season. You can try to extend the season outdoors with a cold frame to protect from frost or bring indoors but the declining light may end their life cycle.

I just purchased 4 beautiful

I just purchased 4 beautiful purple Asters. There are bees all over them, that I understand. What I don't get is, why are there so many flies on the plant?

Some flies are active

Some flies are active pollinators of sedum, too, not just the bees. Unless you see the plant being chewed on (suggesting a pest), don't worry. At this time of year, plant sources may be low so all the pollinators will visit the asters.

Actually, those may not be

Actually, those may not be flies...they could be Mason Bees. Some Mason Bees look, at first glance, just like flies. But Mason Bees are very gentle, rarely sting and are GREAT pollinators!

My large, late blooming

My large, late blooming asters have been a subtle, light blue for the last several years. This year they are a bright crimson with a smaller flower. Is this transformation common? The blue was prolific and stunning. The crimson is not so impressive.

We've never known our asters

We've never known our asters to change color.
Asters do have anthocyanin, a pigment compound. It looks bright pink in acidic soil environments and reddish-purple in neutral soil. It's possible that the acidity of your soil could affect color. You could have a soil test.
Of course, asters do come in many colors from white and pink to lavender, purple, and blue. What most often happens is that you have a hybrid and the more dominant color starts to take over. This is the more likely explanation.

I have grown some lovely

I have grown some lovely Astes from seed, now in full flower but have noticed that some of the leaves are curled up with small green caterpillars and black "eggs" inside them. What can I treat them with?

There are many caterpillars

There are many caterpillars that eat aster foliage, including beet armyworms, cabbage loopers, carnation leafrollers, corn earworms, etc. For better or worse, the best control is to handpick the caterpillars off your asters with tweezers. Wear gloves to prevent stings or rashes. Drop the pests into a bucket of soapy water as you pluck. You can apply Bacillus thuringiensis but only when they are very young and you really want to ensure it's a "pest" destroying your plant not a beneficial bug. You could take a sample to your county cooperative extension office.

What fertilizer works best on

What fertilizer works best on asters so they can bloom more and better?

According to the UMass

According to the UMass cooperative extension, "Use a 150 to 200 ppm N constant feed program with a well- balanced fertilizer such as 15-16-17. Slow-release fertilizer can be used as top-dressing, but liquid fertilization may be needed as a supplement in case the fertility level drops, Asters are sensitive to high soluble salt levels. Injury is exhibited as root damage, leaf yellowing, and leaf drop."
We stop fertilizing when blooming begins.

My New England asters started

My New England asters started turning yellow with tiny spots on leaves,from the ground up a few weeks ago, now brown, disease or bugs?

It sounds as if you do indeed

It sounds as if you do indeed have an aster disease, probably leaf spot. Here is a helpful guide to diseases and management. You could always get a sample to your local cooperative extension or garden center as a next step in diagnosis.

This is the first year I have

This is the first year I have had asters, they bloomed and now the blooms have died out, do I need to "deadhead" these??

You can prune asters back

You can prune asters back spring growth early in the summer (late May or early June). A month later, you can trim the top growth again. This will delay bloom slightly but will cause the plants to bloom more, get less floppy, and grow in a bushier shape.
Try sheering the tops to see if you can get a second round of blooms?

Will making the soil more

Will making the soil more acidic help them be more bluish? Or is that for just certain plants?

We've never known asters to

We've never known asters to change color. You can manipulate the colors of hydrangeas by the level of acid in the soil.

Production area of aster

Production area of aster flower in South africa

The Old Farmer's Almanac is a

The Old Farmer's Almanac is a publication for readers of North America (U.S. and Canada). Unfortunately, we can not advise on South Africa.

How is the growth medium of

How is the growth medium of aster flower prepared

Just make sure the soil is

Just make sure the soil is moist and drains well--not wet. Asters do not like "wet feet." Otherwise, asters are quite tolerant.

My Victoria Mathilde Asters'

My Victoria Mathilde Asters' new growth leaves are much thinner than the ones close to the ground. This is their second season. Should I cut them back? Where do the flowers grow, near the larger leaves at the base of the plant or on the top of the new growth?

You've stumped us! This may

You've stumped us! This may be a new variety and so may require special attention, if you are following the advice above and not getting satisfactory results.
Another option is to consult either (or both?) the source of the plant and your local agricultural extensive service.

Mine are the same way, but I

Mine are the same way, but I left them alone and it is the end of September in northeast Indiana and they have completely filled out all on top with beautiful purple flowers, the bottoms just look like sturdy stalks with the larger leaves. This is their 2nd year. I don't even pinch them. Good luck.

My asters leaves start

My asters leaves start turning brown in early summer, starting at the bottom and gradually moving up the stem. They do this every year. Any ideas?

If the leaves turn yellowish

If the leaves turn yellowish and then brown, it could be a pest. In our area, we have the lacebug appear in midsummer. Organic or synthetic insect sprays can be used for control. Speak to your county extension office or local nursery. Bring them a sample!

I have Aster Frikartii

I have Aster Frikartii planted in a small roadside garden at the end of my yard. This is the second year I have tried to grow these along with several other perennials (Chrysanthemum Becky, Salvia May Night, Phlox Laura, Kalmeris Blue Star, Gaura lindheimeri and Hemerocallis Happy Returns). The daisy's and Gaura lindheimeri are doing great. The May Nights were doing okay but a couple have died. The Asters and Phlox Laura look yellow and stressed. I am not sure if it is from overwatering or too little water. I usually water that area when I water my grass which is every other day. The area they are planted is at the bottom of a slight slope as my yard slopes towards the road for drainage. The flower garden butts up against the curb so water cannot drain very well past that I point I am guessing....although I never see an accumulation of water there. I think I may be overwatering, but I am at a loss since the becky's and guara's are doing so well. I welcome any and all feedback. This is just my second year doing this.

Since this is your second

Since this is your second year doing this, and presumably you had better luck in the first year, the first question that comes to mind is what's different?
Too much water could certainly be an issue, esp for the "yellow and stressed" plants. That's a fairly typical clue. Phlox do not like to be watered from overhead; it's better to water their soil. And, btw, they like a lot of water.
Other plants in your collection, such as salvia prefer well-draining soil—in fact, they can tolerate drought!
Putting plants with different moisture needs side by side and then treating them all the same (think water) will favor some and hurt others.
Finally, you think the water can not drain very well up against the curb...why not find out for sure? Dig around: Is this heavy soil or compost-y, aerated type that drains well?
Assess the soil, and then decide which plants can take it and which can not. Uproot the struggling ones and replant them into conditions they like/need...and you might all live happily ever after. ;-)

aster leaves have balls of

aster leaves have balls of what looks like spit on them is this a pest and what organic spray can be used to treat these? thank you

You have a spittlebug nymph

You have a spittlebug nymph living under the foam. They will chew on the leaves and new buds but the damage is minimal. Early summer is when you will see them. A strong spray of water will knock the nymph to the ground or you can pick them off the plant. Invite lacewings and ladybugs to your garden. They are predators of the spittlebug.

We purchased asters last fall

We purchased asters last fall and had to plant them quickly. It is memorial day weekend, we live 40 miles north of Detroit, can we replant them now to another area in the bed?

Asters should be moved or

Asters should be moved or divided in May as the new shoots emerge. You're still fine.


I know I have to cut my mums back by half in mid-summer. Should I prune back my aster too? Its our first year.

Instead of pruning the asters

Instead of pruning the asters try pinching the tops of the stems for a fuller aster with more flower buds.

spring planting

I just bought some blooming aster starters. How should I plant them? 2 or 3 to a cluster? Or separately? All that is on the pots is height 8", width 6", and sun.

Depending on the variety,

Depending on the variety, plant them 1 to 3 feet apart.


Will these grow towards sun (lean) in partial sun or grow straight up?

The taller aster varieties

The taller aster varieties need to be staked so that they don't lean or fall over.

aster seeds

I have started asters from seeds and am now transplanting into a larger pot. How many shoots should I have in each pot? Now there are 4-5 in each one.


There should be 8-14 shoots in the pot.


i've left unplanted asters in original nursery plastic pots on my patio during the winter....can i salvage these??

Time to Germinate and Bloom?

Anyone know the time to germination? And time to bloom?

Germination for aster seeds

Germination for aster seeds is generally 7 to 14 days, depending on the type. Days to maturity should be on the packet--some types are 75 to 80 days. They often have a nice long bloom duration, perhaps 4 to 6 weeks if you deadhead and take care of them.

Shear off top of Asters

Is it ok now in January to shear 1/3 of the top of my Asters?

Sure. You can prune your

Sure. You can prune your asters now. They will send up new growth come spring.

aster dying off sept/oct

i have asters in pots outside and in the ground they have died off now (brown and brittle leaves) if i cut them rite down will they come up again

No need to cut them down. A

No need to cut them down. A layer of mulch will keep moisture in the soil and protect against extreme temperatures. Store the potted asters in a garage or shed. You can also dig a hole in your garden and set the pot in the hole for extra protection. Next spring you can lift the pot and put it back on your porch.

Dead head asters

Can the cut flowers be left for germination or saved for Spring?

Asters can be propagated by

Asters can be propagated by division or by planting seed in the spring. If your cut flowers had gone to seed you can save the seeds. Best time to divide an aster plant is in the spring. Cut a mature plant into 3 to 4 sections and plant each section in the garden. Asters grow quickly and will fill out in no time.


I was told to cut my aster down to the ground which I did. Do I have a problem. Also - how do tell the difference between and 8" and 8' plant? A novice!!

No worries. The asters will

No worries. The asters will grow back.
There are many varieties of asters and some can grow to 8 feet tall when mature. If you know what variety you planted you can look it up online and see how tall it may grow.

Woods Blue Aster

I live in Indiana, do I cut down my plants to the ground and mulch them for winter? The flowers are all gone....

No need to cut them down. A

No need to cut them down. A layer of mulch will keep moisture in the soil and protect against extreme temperatures.

Potted asters

I purchased asters in early October and put them in large pots with pansies. Since they are perrenials, will they come back next spring if I leave them in pots all winter on my porch. I live in central Oklahoma.

It depends on how cold it

It depends on how cold it gets. To be safe store the pots in a garage or shed. You can also dig a hole in your garden and set the pot in the hole for extra protection. Next spring you can lift the pot and put it back on your porch.


I just bought an aster (not sure what type) it is october in illinois,can i put it in the ground now,or should i pot it and wait till spring? The lady i bought it from said they are hardier than mums,i planted those in late spring after potting and leaving outside all winter? however,we had a mild winter. so im just not sure. also, we have cats,so im reluctant to bring it inside. any advice?

As long as you have a

As long as you have a perennial aster, you can plant it now. Water and add mulch after planting. If you decide to bring it indoors, try putting citrus peels in the pot to keep the cats away.
Good luck!

is OK to plant asters now??

I received a small aster plant in early Sept. as a gift. Is it OK to plant that aster now-- mid-October to early Nov??

The flowers on my asters have died.

Should I deadhead the dead flowers to encourage new flowers as I do my roses?

Deadheading asters

Yes. You can pinch off the fading flowers during the growing season to encourage more blooms. Some gardeners also shear off the top 1/3 of taller asters (not dwarf types) in early summer to encourage fuller growth with more blossoms, although this can delay blooming.


my aster seems to attract flies...lots of flies would insecticidal soap stop them from comimg to the plant??

Give mint a try. Flies do not

Give mint a try. Flies do not like the smell. Either set out some pots of mint near your asters or crumble mint leaves all around the plants.
Good luck!

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