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May 5, 2020
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Got gardening questions? You can ask the Almanacbut you should also know about your own state’s cooperative extension service. They have local experts who provide on-the-ground advice with tricky insect problems, the best varieties to plant in your area, and more! Here’ a list of cooperative extension offices by state.

What is a Cooperative Extension?

In 1914, the U.S. Department of Agriculture partnered with a nationwide network of universities to create a system of “extension” services. The goal of these services was to provide farmers across the country with advice from local experts regarding all things agriculture and farming. 

The program was a huge success, and today, there are extension services in all 50 states (though some are not associated with the USDA). Extension services routinely put on community events, hold lectures and courses, and answer gardening and farming questions from locals. Typically, an extension service has a “home base” located at a prominent university in the state, but will often have a series of county offices, too.

Contact your state’s extension service (sometimes called “cooperative extension” services) for advice on anything from combating local pests to choosing plant varieties suitable for your area. Extension services are also the place to turn to to get your garden soil tested (usually for a small fee), enroll in a Master Gardener program, or get your child involved in a 4-H club.

Cooperative Extension Services by State

Although we LOVE to answer your gardening questions here on our website, sometimes the knowledge of a local expert is required! Consult the list below to find the cooperative extension service in your state for free advice.

Note: These website links may change occasionally, so please comment below if you find the link is not working and we will update it. Thank you.

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California link for COOPERATIVE EXTENSION not working

could you please send me a link or help me find my local Cooperative so I can see about getting my soil tested. Thank you so much!
I am new to all this and want to start from the 'ground' up! :-)

California extension

The Editors's picture

Hi Dena, Happy to help. The link was on their home page but not easy to find so we updated the link to this:  You will see a map and can select your area. California is very organized and has an extensive and fantastic cooperative extension service. All the best! Your OFA editors.

Dead Tree

My Plum tree went first and the Peach tree, while still producing, and dying also. I treated for borers, and New Lovely branches have come out of the old dying tree. Should I let them grow. Or Cut them off propagate and start new. If start new, when do I do that.

Cooperative extension not on the list

Why South Africa not on the list

Illinois co-op site

The illinois link takes me to the University of Illinois website and i have sent a few emails regarding soil testing without any reply.

nothing came up under the

nothing came up under the maine extension


The Editors's picture

Thanks for letting us know the link changed. We have updated the Maine Extension link above.

Why is my state (KS) the only

Why is my state (KS) the only one not on the list of states with a "cooperative extention"?

Thanks for the catch! We will

The Editors's picture

Thanks for the catch! We will add the Kansas State University extension to the list:

why is south africa's

why is south africa's extensions are not shown?