Blooming Jasmine

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Jasmine is known for its intensely fragrant blossoms that flower all year to brighten your home. The starry flowers grow in lovely clusters of bright white (or yellow). Though jasmine is a vine grown outdoors, the plant grows easily indoors where vines aren’t handy.


Grow in a pot or hanging basket with any good potting or all-purpose soil.


  • During the spring and summer months Jasmine needs full sunlight.  
  • In the winter months Jasmine still needs light, but it doesn’t have to be direct.  
  • Soil should be moist and well-drained, but do not overwater.
  • During the summer allow the soil to be moist and let it dry between waterings. Water less in the fall. In the winter and spring months keep the plant slightly dry. 
  • Prune after blooming season (which is spring) to shape the plant.


Root rot and mealybugs are common.  

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

  • In Hawaii, jasmine and ginger blossoms are often used in leis to celebrate Lei Day on May 1st.
  • Jasmine will twine over supports such as an arch or even leaning up against a wall.

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Received a indoor Jasmine plant as a gift, and have not had it long and it is drying out! I keep it watered.

Jasmine plant

There are a couple of possible reasons. First, when you water, do it properly. Let the soil dry to barely moist before you water and then water deeply.  Don’t overwater!

Also, you may have spider mites. Look under the leaves for tiny specks. Either way, it may be healthy to give your plant a “shower.” Spray the leaves with water (but not too hard) every few days. Keep checking for mites. If they are a continued problem, you may need more serious measures.

I planted jasmine in the pots

I planted jasmine in the pots and now is very beautiful

Botanical Name: 

Jasminum Polyanthum

Plant Type: 

Sun Exposure: 

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