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Daily Calendar for Friday, December 2, 2022

Question of the Day

What is red flannel hash?
In old-time New England, red flannel hash was any combination of hash to which red beets were added, the standard hash being made of corned beef, onions, turnips, potatoes, and seasonings. Without the beets, it was white flannel hash. Don’t sneak in any orts (scraps meant for the chickens or the compost) if you are proud of your hash.

Advice of the Day

A freshly cut tree can consume a gallon of water in the first 24 hours.

Home Hint of the Day

The tender branches of small fruit trees are a temptation for deer. Try hanging some strongly scented soap on the branches to discourage them.

Word of the Day

Pineapple Express
A strong south-westerly wind off the Pacific Ocean. This wind can bring heavy rain and flooding to the Pacific Northwest during winter.

Puzzle of the Day

Why didn’t the dog want to go into the ark?
He had a bark (ship) of his own.


  • Jean-Charles Chapais (statesman) –
  • Charles Ringling (circus owner) –
  • Charles E. Bennett (In God We Trust” promoter”) –
  • Julie Harris (actress) –
  • Lucy Liu (actress) –
  • Monica Seles (tennis player) –
  • Nelly Furtado (singer & songwriter) –
  • Britney Spears (singer) –
  • Aaron Rogers (football player) –


  • Jane Means Appleton Pierce (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Desi Arnaz (actor) –
  • Aaron Copland (composer) –


  • Touro Synagogue, oldest in the United States, was dedicated in Newport, Rhode Island–
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned French Emperor Napoleon I of France–
  • First T. Eaton Co. Santa Claus parade, in Toronto, Ontario–
  • Ambrose Small sold Canadian chain of theaters and disappeared the next day–
  • First controlled, self-sustained nuclear chain reaction–
  • The first televised human birth was transmitted on 49 NBC network stations–
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency began operation–
  • First unmanned landing on Mars, by USSR Mars 3–
  • Cowhide-made baseballs first accepted for use by Major League Baseball–
  • First pizza party in space took place on the International Space Station–


  • A late-season tornado killed four people in Illinois–

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