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December's full Moon, the Full Cold Moon, occurred just after midnight on Thursday, December 12, 2019. Read more about December's full Moon.

In our full Moon calendar, you'll find the dates, times, and traditional names of the monthly full Moons for 2019 and beyond. 

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Full Moon Calendar 2019

DateTimeNative American Name
January 2112:17 A.M.Full Wolf Moon
February 1910:53 A.M.Full Snow Moon
March 20 9:43 P.M.Full Worm Moon
April 19 7:12 A.M.Full Pink Moon
May 18 5:11 P.M.Full Flower Moon
June 17 4:31 A.M.Full Strawberry Moon
July 16 5:39 P.M.Full Buck Moon
August 15 8:31 A.M.Full Sturgeon Moon
September 1412:35 A.M.Full Harvest Moon
October 13 5:10 P.M.Full Hunter’s Moon
November 12 8:37 A.M.Full Beaver Moon
December 1212:14 A.M.Full Cold Moon

Full Moon Calendar 2020

DateTimeNative American Name
January 10 2:23 P.M.Full Wolf Moon
February 9 2:34 A.M.Full Snow Moon
March 9 1:48 P.M.Full Worm Moon
April 710:35 P.M.Full Pink Moon
May 7 6:45 A.M.Full Flower Moon
June 5 3:12 P.M.Full Strawberry Moon
July 512:44 A.M.Full Buck Moon
August 311:59 A.M.Full Sturgeon Moon
September 2 1:23 A.M.Full Harvest Moon
October 1
October 31
5:06 P.M.
10:51 A.M.
Full Hunter’s Moon
November 30 4:32 A.M.Full Beaver Moon
December 2910:30 P.M.Full Cold Moon

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