Meteor Shower Calendar 2018

2018 Meteor Shower Dates and Viewing Tips

Meteor Shower-Taurid, by Channone Arif-Wikimedia Commons

Is there a meteor shower tonight, or should you only hope to see a few falling stars (sporadic meteors)?

Channone Arif: Wikimedia Commons

When is the next meteor shower? See the Almanac’s 2018 Meteor Showers Calendar for the dates of all the principal meteor showers during the year, plus meteor shower viewing tips.

The most common question is “Where can I see the meteor showers?”

The answer is: ANYWHERE in the sky!  Yes, for this celestial wonder, your specific location does not matter.

And the next question is “When can I see the meteor showers?”

The answer is:  Most showers are midnight to dawn.  Yes, it’s for you night owls or early risers. However, the famous Geminids are all night and some showers happen late evening. See the chart below.

Meteor Shower Viewing Tips

  • For everyone, weather conditions and light pollution are the only reasons you can not see the showers. The sky needs to be dark and clear, away from all the city lights. Bright moonlight, within a few days of a full Moon, will also reduce the number of meteors that you will see. 
  • Where to look? The best place to start is between the radiant and the zenith (straight above you). The radiant is where the meteors appear to start from, such as the constellation Perseus, from which the Perseid meteor showers appear to radiate.
  • When to look? The time of the year for each shower is determined by when in Earth’s orbit it crosses the stream of meteoroids. On the chart below, see the “date of maximum,” which shows when meteor showers will be the strongest.
  • Note that the “best” viewing times are usually predawn and late evening. In nearly all showers, the radiant is highest just before dawn. (The Geminid meteor showers are visible all night long, since Gemini arises just an hour or two after nightfall; the radiant is highest a little after midnight.) Sporadic meteors (unrelated to a shower and commonly called shooting stars) can be seen on any night, but increase in frequency after midnight and peak just before dawn.
  • Starting around midnight, your location on the globe spins around to the forward-facing half of Earth (in relation to the direction of orbit). At dawn, your location on the globe directly faces the direction in which Earth is traveling along its orbit. So between midnight and dawn, you’ll be viewing the meteors head-on, for a more frequent display.
  • You don’t need any special equipment. In fact, binoculars do not work for meteor showers. The naked eye is best.
  • Spread a blanket on the ground and look up in the dark night sky.

For more information, click here to read our article, “What are Meteor Showers: Facts About Shooting Stars.”

2018 Meteor Showers Calendar

Is there a meteor shower tonight? When is the next meteor shower? 

Note that the meteor shower dates do not change much from year to year.  Find viewing tips for the two “biggies” here: the Perseid Meteor Shower and the Geminid Meteor Shower.

Principal Meteor Showers
Quadrantid Predawn N Jan. 4 25
Lyrid Predawn S Apr. 22 10 Thatcher
Eta Aquarid Predawn SE May 4 10 Halley
Delta Aquarid Predawn S July 30 10
Perseid Predawn NE Aug. 11–13 50 Swift-Tuttle
Draconid Late evening NW Oct. 9 6 Giacobini-Zinner
Orionid Predawn S Oct. 21–22 15 Halley
Taurid Late evening S Nov. 9 3 Encke
Leonid Predawn S Nov. 17–18 10 Tempel-Tuttle
Andromedid Late evening S Nov. 25–27 5 Biela
Geminid All night NE Dec. 13–14 75
Ursid Predawn N Dec. 22 5 Tuttle
*May vary by one or two days    **Moonless, rural sky    Bold = most prominent
  • “Predawn” means an hour or so before morning twilight. Best time to view most major showers.
  • “Late evening” means approximately between 10 p.m. and midnight (or a little past).

In general, most major meteor showers are best seen after midnight; some do not even appear until after then. Usually, a better time to see them is after 2 a.m., and the best time is about an hour or so just before morning twilight. Geminids, however, can be seen starting earlier, such as around 9 or 10 p.m., until morning twilight. Sometimes Draconids may be visible at nightfall through early evening.

See the monthly Sky Watch for highlights of the night sky and a printable sky map!

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At approximately 8:10pm all the northern windows in the house lite up brightly with a pale orange glow. I figured it was a meteor and wish I had seen it. What I thought was confirmed when a friend texted me of a huge meteor a friend had seen at the same time. When I consulted the meteor web sites they were all offline due to the many reports coming in of a large meteor event in Sourthern Michigan. I'm 80 miles south of Michigan in the Lima, Ohio suburbs.

Fireball in the sky

I was driving home on January 16, 2018 at approximately 8:10 p.m. in Bedford, OH and looked toward the northwest sky and saw a huge circle of fire falling toward the earth. It was so large that it seemed like it could have landed anywhere near me. I wasn't sure what I saw until I got home and looked it up and confirmed that it was a fireball. A very special gift that I had the opportunity to witness.


Yes! This was a spectacular meteor, a type known as a fireball. There are many dozens of reports from midwestern states and Canada on the American Meteor Society (AMS) web site. 

About 40% the reporters mention hearing sound (as in BOOM!) associated with this fireball. This is extraordinary – and a sure indicator that this meteor was a big one.

There are lots of amazing videos of this object online. The fireball briefly lit up the ground like daylight. –Jeff DeTray

saw fire fall from sky several spots near Williamston, mi

Driving home from east Lansing tonight, saw fire fall from sky. Different places in the area. Others saw it too. What the heck was it?

Fireball meteor

It was a brilliant type of meteor called a fireball. How lucky you saw this! There are many reports coming in.


Did not see it, but MAN did I feel it and hear it around 815. Cruised right over us. Heard the rumbling and then BOOM. All of Michigan felt it. Crazy! Is there supposed to be a meteor shower tonight?

biggest meteor I've ever seen!

At 8:10pm tonight over near Middleburg, Ohio. It was the biggest, brightest meteor I've ever seen!

Green tailed meteor?

Just saw something fast, green and bright as heck fall straight down toward the eastern horizon! It almost made me drive off the road. Beautiful! What was it though?!

Saw it too!

I am in East Liverpool, OH and had a green “shooting star” come down about 50 yards in front of my car right around 8:10pm too! (It May have been a few minutes after but right around there!) it was big and scared me at first! I even thought it might be a flare or something! Obviously there was something coming in over Ohio tonight!

Huge Meteor!!!

I saw a huge Meteor at 7:13pm In TwinLakes WI. It was directly is front of me while I was driving east of twin Lakes WI. It a bright ball of fire, greenish in color.

Meteor Shower

I counted 4 this morning at 6:47am in Toronto, DVP/401 area

meteor shower

Is there will be a meteor shower or a myth..


I saw GEMINIDS tonight in East-London.
14-12-2017 at 00.22am.

I saw it in simcoe ontario

I saw it in simcoe ontario area
around 3am


I was able to see about 8-10 in 5 mins time over Arkansas around 1030pm.



Geminid Showers

We've been overcast most times when the Perseid Showers and the Geminid Showers show up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.

Shooting star

a.m. Bradenton Florida, making a wish, just in case! Beautiful and so fast.

Beatiful shootings starts

Saw 4 to be exact probably minutes from each other. We had a nice fire going and we just looking at the sky i was just commenting how clear and nice the sky was looking and then we had the 4 shooting stars back to back. Palm bay, Brevard County, Fl.

shooting star

december6,2017 at 11:20 pm I have seen a shooting star just 3sec I think..its so amazing its my first time to see it..

bright green tailed meteor

it was FANTASTIC!! my family and i were at the galaxy drive in theater in ennis texas, the kids were finally falling asleep (we were there for my now 4yr olds and my own birthday weekend out) and suddenly there's a BRIGHT flash and its green and shooting through the sky so quickly we thought it was a shooting star at first but the sheer size of it had me thinking was so beautiful and absolutely amazing. best birthday ever!

meteor or fireball

I just saw a very bright large fireball/meteor November 30th 2017 about 8:45 pm looking west over the Pacific Ocean I am in Orange County CA. It was very low in the sky and very bright. it went from south to north at a slightly upward angle which was kind of strange, but very cool!

Shooting star

Bright green! Looked quite large compared to others I have seen. Seemed to shoot right across the sky. Beautiful!, would have been about 5pm

Shooting star

Bright green! Looked quite large compared to others I have seen. Seemed to shoot right across the sky. Beautiful!, would have been about 5pm

I saw a green bright light

I saw a green bright light shooting across the sky right in the Toronto suburb. It was flying very fast. It was flying pretty low and had a very bright green tail.. beautiful sight

Shooting star or meteor

Last night around 7pm, I think I saw a shooting star. I had come home from work and sitting in my car on the driveway, I looked up and saw a bright yellow light shoot down in the dark sky above the roof of our house. It came down so fast I wasn't sure if it was the street light reflecting from my car window. If it was a star, then it was my second time seeing one, just not as beautiful. The first time I saw one, it was so beautiful, the most incredible thing I'd ever seen.

Northeast Ohio metor

Saw a metor heading north at approximately 830pm with a greenish tail wondered what it was all about. I've seen many never seen a shower but I thought it was odd to have a green tail

Shooting Star

Just driving down the street at 930 pm, I seen the most beautiful thing in my 36 years of life! It took me by surprise as I have never seen something like this before in the sky, I think it was a better experience than the eclipse alone this year. I love the whole idea of the universe and I have a habit of always looking up and wondering what’s out there, I’m glad I was able to see this in my life time.

Shooting star

I was coming out of Wal-mart after going shopping for last minute Thanksgiving meal items, I looked up, said a prayer and I saw what looked like a bright star and then it moved across the sky and then just disappeared. It was the most beautiful, memorable thing I have ever seen. I am 42 and have never seen anything like this in my life. Looking forward to a meteor shower!!!

Meteor shower

I’m in San Carlos, ca near santee ,ca and saw what I thought was a falling star at first, but it’s part of the meteor shower this week, very close and really bright, glad I got to see it

1:50am in Tennessee

This was my first time I was able to experience this amazing shooting star or meteor! I was by myself walking my dog after returning from a friendsgiving enjoying the stars in between all the clouds. Looked up straight above my home where I usually look at all the stars, then boom there it went ball of light with a tail behind then gone. It was fast but the memory will last a lifetime. We live in the country where there's few lights... I never knew I could see something like that so close! I'm totally grateful! I made sure to make a wish :)


Approx 5:30pm over Mission Viejo, CA...large falling star with long tail! Simply spectacular! Bright white ball with a long tail. Thought at first plane part but disappeared into nowhere. Searched news...nothing. A reminder that I am insignificant and only small part of this beautiful universe!


I saw it too! Driving down Newport coast - I thought it was a plane or fireworks, it was unusually large and close! Very awesome!

My husband and I saw what

My husband and I saw what appeared to be a huge green fireball falling straight down behind the mountains from Cathedral City, CA. Truly incredible to see!

I saw this beautiful greenish fire ball fall out of the sky!

It was big not your usual shooting star ! It was majestic and greenish looking . I was making a left turn on broadway and alvernon when I looked up and noticed it .

Green falling star with orange trail was so close

Anyone else see this big beautiful falling star near Harrisburg PA late evening on Nov 11,2017? I thought it had landed a block away from me. Bright green ball with a nice size orange tail. No sound.

Green falling star with orange trail was so close

Anyone else see this big beautiful falling star near Harrisburg PA late evening on Nov 11,2017? I thought it had landed a block away from me. Bright green ball with a nice size orange tail. No sound.

Saw a huge meteor or astroid

I saw a huge fireball Friday night. It had a tail on it and it was so big I thought the Earth was going to end! Then it disappears like in mid air! Them on the distance a huge aircraft was hovering with three blinking red lights. The aircraft didn't move! I could not believe what was happening. Did our government zap an astroid out of the sky?

Fireball siting

9:20 pm Pretty cool just sat down to see a good size fireball with a green tail fall looking over the Chesapeake bay in Cecil county MD

Falling star

It’s 9.48 PM in avondale, AZ, I saw a fireball coming down and then it broke down into two pieces, a tail and then it all fell down super fast.

Shooting star

Just standing outside and something told me look up i saw a couple planes then 2 other things that i thought were planes but turned out they were not moving then just lookimg around no more planes came by but saw a very bright shooting star it had a bright orange yellow tail i was shocked just happened at about 9:20 pm here on the coast of new hamshire

Shooting Stars October 16 2017

I saw two shooting stars this morning. Came from SE to NNW between Cassiopeia and Ursa Major. Illinois, just SW of Chicago. My 2nd and 3rd sightings this year!


Saw a low flying East-West GREEN Shooting Star on Sept. 6, 2017 over Ontario, CA. THEN on October 4, 2017 saw the same exact GREEN Falling Star, this time it was traveling straight down and disappeared just before hitting the ground. I've seen many shooting g stars but never GREEN.

Shooting stars

I live north of Boston and saw 3 shooting stars between 2:00am and 2:45. One was quite bright and beautiful. It fell downward. The other 2 went across the sky and were not as bright. Are they different types because of the way they fall


Did any1 see the bright light across north county san diego calif. Area tonight around 10:55 -11:00 lasted for a good minute to the point where i questioned what it was.freaked out a dozen teenagers in the neighborhood
It was almost like a rocket but there was no gas plume looked to be ascending.


Now getting info it was seen from portland oregon to san diego ca.all claiming 60 + sec duration at an amazing -22 mag. Amazing

Lights with trailing tails

The first time I saw one of these was at a Sundance in 1998. The pair I saw were coming out of the woods and then turned to my right flying across the grass. When coming out of the woods they were as bright as large flashlight beams which is what I thought they were. But when they turned and flew to my right, I could see the most beautiful trailing rainbow tails!! Over time I've been visited by these lights. They are Angels of Light, and they are being seen more and more these days, I think to let us know they are here during these tramatic times.

Fireball 8/26/2017

Did anyone else see the fireball with a tail over Utah on 8/26/2017 at about 9:45 pm? It only lasted about 3 seconds.

Bright Light With a Tail

Tonight I was driving from Pittsburgh to Maryland and I saw right in front of me a large ball of light with a long bright tail following it. It wasn't shooting like a star. I was traveling on the highway and there were several cars around me and I believe we all saw this because we all slowed down in awe as it traveled through the night sky towards earth. It was such a brilliant and radiant light. I feel kind of blessed.


Me and my son saw live In Pa close to Maryland. At around 9:20 PM on 8/25/17 we witnessed I assume a meteror. It was huge and looked like it was just above the clouds! I was facing N/E and it just appeared straight ahead in the sky!! We were shocked and in lasted until the clouds covered it!!! It was a white tip with red and a long green tail!! It was so close to us we agreed it would hit earth somewhere. Unreal!!! Could you tell me what it was and if anyone else saw it
Thank you!!

Dates for meteor showers

Are the dates for meteor peaks for the northern hemisphere only? I live in Australia, and on another website, it says the peak for the Geminid meteorite shower is between Dec 14-15, as opposed to Dec 13-14th as listed in this article. I am planning a viewing night with friends, so it would be great if someone could let me know which dates are accurate for us.

meteor shower dates

The dates apply to both hemispheres. It is viewable in the Southern Hemisphere, with the best time for viewing (peak) being the night of December 13, and the morning of December 14. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Geminids radiant rises later, so from the late night of December 13 into the wee hours of the morning the next day should be a good viewing time, if the weather is good. The cooperative Moon will be between the last quarter and new phases. Hope you all have a great time!

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your reply!
I guess my confusion is with the differences in time, as US is 14hrs behind our time here, so the 13th Dec 9pm would around the 14th 11am here. But do you mean then that the night of our 13th (US Dec12th) to 14th Dec is still the best viewing time for the Geminids?

It was my fortune to see last

It was my fortune to see last week, meteorite passed over my house. It was so low I could hear it. This in south central Ohio. At first I thought it was fireworks but, there was no report and the trajectory was all wrong. If it didn't burn up in tirely, I'm sure it landed within a few hundred yards.

Meteors in Central Florida

Aug. 13, 2017 about 5:30 am , I am NW of Orlando Florida and my wife and I saw about 10 white meteors about 10 minutes apart. Some Bright some not so much. most heading SSE some at other slight angles.
Moon was bright , but we saw them close to where the moon was in the sky. Guessing if the moon wasn't bright and we where farther from the city we would have seen more. Guessing it was associated with the Swift-Tuttle comet.

12th august

there was two meteros at just past 10pm they was very very low I thought it was lanterns but they was to quick and there was no breeze?


On the night of August 17th we were on the beach in Shelter Island NY at around 10 pm looking at the stars and we saw a very bright and beautiful meteor shoot across the sky!

Very bright fireball

Today / 0446 EST / A very bright white fireball lit up the sky. I've seen several before, but not as bright and intense as this one. My entire backyard was lit up and it left a reddish-brown corkscrew looking trail of smoke as it went from west to east across the central Florida sky. Super brilliant white light-

Bright white light.

Beginning of the summer I was walking my dog and out of the corner of my eye I see a bright white light. I turn to look expecting it to just be either a helicopter or plane as I am sort of nder the arrival path to McCarran airport. As I turned to look I realized this is right on top of me, I could hear it hissing. Both my self and my dog kind of jerk reaction ducked, and it went right over our heads moving at a severe angle. The light was actually higher up and not as close as originally thought but no more than 20' above the ground. It burned and hissed for 2 more seconds roughly and went out. I watched it as it either hit the roof or just cleared a gas station roof. The angle it came in at and speed it was moving did not give me the impression this object fell from the sky or was a firework at tail end of trajectory. This thing was moving. Was it part of a plane that broke off? Burning metal from plane or heli? The light was really bright white, not a headlight white but more a phospherous white. Any ideas?

August 1st

I saw a very bright white meteor in the northern sky at about 4:25 am in southern Ohio this morning

Beautiful shooting star with

Beautiful shooting star with a bright red hue seen in Washoe Valley south of Reno on July 29, 2017 at approx. 1:30am. It had a bright red outline, looking like a firework!

Meteor? Sighting July 29

From west of Newberg, Oregon, I saw a fireball with a long green tail fall out of the sky to the north

Meteor, Asteroid

Saw a bright green asteroid with a long tail going to the North. Located in Moses Lake Washington, it dropped below the tree line.

meteor or comment in Sequim, Wa.

I just experienced a very low meteor (a ball with fire tail) that was flying downward, but in a parallel fashion in Sequim, Wa. @ about 10:15 p.m. on July 29th 2017. I saw the tail quit burning just before it looked like it would hit and IT was close

Blue streak

tonote witnessed by 7 people a blue streak,moved fairly slowly from possible Se to Nw
Ended in burning out with orangish lite

amazing shooting star or comet

Driving through Sandy, OR and saw the most amazing red then purple then green shooting star go across the sky! It went on forever..Did anyone else see this? What was it??


I saw an amazing fireball shoot across the sky from S/E to N/W at 10:50 pm the night of July 28, 2017 in Vernon, B.C. Canada. Very low on the horizon, it seemed to just clear the hills north of me. I was afraid it would crash down, scary in an area that has been surrounded by forest fires for the last 3 weeks.

I saw an amazing bright red

I saw an amazing bright red ball of fire with trail pieces around 1055 1100 go across the sky an it broke up an went out . It was beautiful I
Am near Skiatook O.K an yes it was very close it came from the west an fell toward the east . Very clear an bright .

The closest and clearest shooting star North TX 07/27/17:10-11p

Did anyone see it? I was driving north, close to Van Alstyne TX, and watched a light trail with a super clear flame head "blow out", like a candle, fairly close to land. It was the most brilliant and clear "shooting star" I have ever seen. It came from the west and ended in the east. I apologize for the uneducated explanation. It was amazing

I'm near Skiatook O.k an it

I'm near Skiatook O.k an it was very close an clear

Amazing colorful falling star

July 25, 2017. 12:30 am San Antonio Texas, I saw the most amazing and colorful falling star, I saw a bright thick colorful twinkeling light that caught my eye it lasted about 4 seconds. It had about three different colors, I thought I would look on this sight to see if any one else had seen it.


Yep!! We saw it here in Austin and it looked like a combination of a lightning bolt, fireworks, and a meteor. Unreal!!

CAD Engg.

I record a Clip when falling star and save my mobile.


I saw a falling star from sky at kahna nou lahore Pakistan
Time 23 July 10: 30pm 2017.

Medford oregon

I wanted to add to my last comment. I saw that fall from the sky in Medford Oregon so if anybody else saw that around this area try to post if you can. The light was huge I'm used to seeing pictures of falling stars or meteors and they look pretty small but this looked really big and that's what was amazing about this sighting.

I live in talent and around

I live in talent and around 1045 me and my roomates were smoking outside when we all saw the gree light fall kinda towards the airport it looked like or inbetween medford and central point

It was just about 10:45 at

It was just about 10:45 at night on July 23rd 2017 when I walked outside to bring my trash cans out to the road. Something caught my eye I looked up and there was the brightest ball of green light falling from the sky straight down right in front of the Big Dipper straight to the ground and it seemed the burn out just as it was touching the top of the trees. This is the first time I've seen anything like this it was weird it seemed to fall straight down to the Earth.. what a beautiful sight that was.

July 21.2017 n.e. Philadelphia

Sitting in my friends house. Storm door closed. With a tiny window on top . and 3 windows by the door shades barely open. The brightest flash of white yellow orange brilliant light encompased thee entire one floor straight through for maybe 3 to 4 seconds. So bright . as if we were in a glass house. Rushed outside. A few people on the block were as shocked as us. And we are not far at all from both PennyPack and the n.e. airport.. Absolutely no plains in the sky since ...not normal..


I was outside the house around 8-8.30pm few days ago.. i saw this white light with a green light surrounding it. idk if its really white inside but all i can see is the green light around it. its like a lighting stone toy that's been thrown in the sky.

A shooting star???

On friday (21/07/2017) around 4:40am, I saw a big brighting light on the sky, however it didn't look like a shooting star, at least not as I have seen them before. This has brighting green color outside and a blue one inside but the light didn't make a line, it was a kind of explosion. I saw it clearly, but I can't describe it properly. Is there anyone who saw something similar today? Or can someone suggest me any website to search information about it? Thanks guys.


What part of the country are you in? Im in west central Georgia and the wife and I witnessed something we cannot explain at around 3 am this morning. We went out to walk our dogs, we have a puppy and we have to take her out every 2 hours. Anyway, my wife was in front of me about 15 feet, (keep in mind we are in a rural area and it's pitch black outside) all of a sudden it look like a soft buleish light was lighting up her back. My first thought was she had her cell phone in her hand and it was causing the light. Very quickly it got extremely bright, so bright my wife said when she turned her head, it was blinding her left eye. It was a light like I've never seen, only way I can explain it is a soft blueish light, but really bright. It lit her up and the ground around her, but thats it. There was no beam coming from the source, just a light on and around her. This all happened extremly fast. Once I realized it wasn't her phone i turned around to see if the source was behind me, then i looked up in the sky and there was a long bright white light going horizontal in the sky. In went out almost as soon as I laid eyes (it did not blind me when I looked at it) on it. It left 4 dark thin blue lines spaced out evenly from one another. It looked almost like blue neon, but not quite. Then it just faded away after 10 seconds or so. I have been searching the internet all day to see if there is an explanation for this and I have found nothing that's even close. Needless to say I've had no sleep all day and I've actully been concerned for my wifes health. For all I know it could have been radiation. I've never seen or heard of anything like this. Is this something similar to what you seen? It didn't look like it was high in the sky, but more like 40 feet or so above the tree tops. It's hard to tell because its so dark. If anyone has any answers please reply......

Im in Denver Colorado and i

Im in Denver Colorado and i also witnessed this around 4:30 am . Looked like falling star at first but then like explosion ....bleu and green color and much bigger then just a shooting star

Fire Falling

I'm in Parkersburg WV and about an hour ago walking home from work and I was standing in front of a church looking at a statue of Jesus coming to enlightenment and looked into the sky and saw what seemed to be a ball of fire or something on fire falling from the sky and then burning out. It happened in only a little fragment of the sky for a second and burned out or disappeared. It didn't even appear to be falling in a straight line. Any ideas?

Fire Ball

Me n my fiancee here in san diego were sitting outside july 19th n we also saw the fire ball that disappeared, i even saw a small falling star kinda do a circle move then drop. Shortly after i tried to get my loved ones attention we both looked at the sky n caught the electric blueish whte but outlined in a firey reddish orange but as it disappeared it was like little sparks behind


i saw elvis in drag in the night sky

Saw my first shooting star

Driving to Philadelphia from NJ about 915 pm Saturday night snd saw it streak across the sky. Awesome site.

Big bright ball of light

Late yesterday evening I saw a giant ball of light, with a white glow around it, fall from the sky over NC. It looked about the size of a full moon falling! It was scary but amazing at the same time! I've seen shooting stars and meteor showers before, but nothing ever like that. Anyone else in NC see it?

If you are talking about

If you are talking about Saturday night, I saw one! I have never seen anything like it!!! It looked so close! I just sat and watched in awe. I'm in Ohio.

Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star today, July 17, 2017, at about 5:15 am while walking the dog. It was in the western sky, shooting downward, with bright white, yellow and orange sparks trailing behind it. It lasted a couple of seconds. It was beautiful!

Shooting Star

I saw the same Shooting Star this morning while I was out running. It was awesome!

I saw a fireball that broke up into several pieces this morning

I was sitting in my yard right after 5am today 7/13/2017 looking at the sky and saw a fireball looking northeast that broke up into several pieces. It look like it was over Lake Pontchatrain in New Orleans, LA. It was really awesome.

Fireball in the sky

It wasn't recently, but my fiance and I saw a huge, fireball in Salem Oregon, the last week of July last year. I remember it was truly an amazing sight. As bright as a huge fire burning right in front of you, but up in the sky. It really didn't seem to fizzle out as it fell.
We both looked at eachother questioning if we had just seen what we saw. I remember searching the internet continuously for several days, trying to find an explanation. However, I couldn't find anything about it any where.

Fire Balls

Last night, June 24, 2017, I saw three fireballs that lasted several seconds and fizzled out and brightened up again as they were falling. It was the most amazing sight in the sky I have ever seen.

Fire balls

I saw one exactly like that tonight, and I said the same thing, most amazing thing I've ever seen in the sky

Fire in the sky

I saw the same thing about a half hour ago. Im in cincinnati where are you located.

Fireball over Charleston wv

Early June 26,2017 at around 1 am in south Charleston wv, I was driving west bound on I64. All of a sudden I saw a huge green fireball streaking across the sky. It was traveling south to north at a tremendous speed.

6/26/17 1:01 am green ball of light over Charleston, WV

at 1:01 am on 6/26/17, while driving west on I-64 near South Charleston, WV, I witnessed a greenish ball of light traveling from south to north-west. It's speed was too slow to be a shooting star, but too fast to be a low-flying aircraft. As I watched, it almost seemed as if its direction changed to west.

My husband and I both witnessed this, and both recounted the same thing.


My son and I saw this fireball at about 12:25 am St.louis, Mo it was very low and fast going in a North East direction.

Shooting star. quick moving. Surprised me. Ma

Saw shooting star about 11:30 June 22 2017. It was very

A very low shoot star...

I was out talking an evening stroll and saw a very low shooting star (?)... what seemed to be 25-30 ft. above my heard. I watching it shoot across ahead of me and fizzle out. This is the closest I've ever been to one.

Green Shooting Star fall

Like every day I was sleeping on the ceiling ground floor on my house in front of the sky and I was lucky, which I saw on an intermining star fall on 18th June 2017. This was the time of the night 10 or 10.30 pm piece of star falling down from the top of the screen and that amazing sight disappearedwithin few seconds. And luckily Again on the second night on 19th june 2017 at time near by 11.45 pm, i had seen star fall again. I am so happy to see that again, So sharing you my experience. ohh God, hope my wish comes true.

Green Shooting Star

My son and I were in our backyard Sat/ Sun. June 17, 2017, Parker County,Tx. having a heart to heart and out the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was a shooting star in the south west. I stopped talking and asked my son. "did you see that?" and he said he saw it too. Then only seconds later since we were both looking at the same direction, to our delight!. A much larger and brighter shooting star or maybe an asteroid? I don't know, but it looked like a green pearl, feel through the sky. Right in front of us amazingly. I was just wondering if anybody if else saw it too?

Green shooting star

I was on my way to work in williamstown and i saw a Green Shooting star fly overhead ! It was Beautiful * and burned out just before touching down ...

Green Shooting Star/Comet

My sons and I driving home at 11:45pm on June 17, 2017 in Irving, TX. Driving south and see a beautiful bright green light falling from the sky over Arlington, TX. Usually shooting stars only last a second but this one gave us at least 3-4 seconds. Enough time that I had time to ask my boys to look and see it. This was the 1st time my oldest boy saw a shooting star or comet and he got to share it with me. It was just beautiful and special to share it with him.

bright green falling star

It started from my far left, and lit the sky up neon green with a tracer that made it look like huge sword being thrown. It stayed lit until it look like it was hitting the ground and went halfway across the sky. By far one of the most coolest I've ever seen in my life. June 17 at 11:43 Palacios tx

bright blue shooting star

sorry its the 17th today

big bright blue shooting star

seen from williamstown east of melbourne victoria around 10pm 16th june 2017


As I was writing the scooter across town early morning around 5 o'clock shooting star so long that it seemed like I could see exactly where it landed long white tail

Falling star

In Mt. Pleasant Ga, close Brunswick Ga, saw a star entering earth atmosphere. Was awesome! ! Long tail, and smoke trail.


For the past 2 TWO nights I have seen that which I had been told would never be. Hundreds of meteors every hour. I live in Baltimore county which is in maryland. (just fyi) I saw two nights ago, a flash out my window. I was surprised so I looked out. I then was rewarded with a view of such great numbers that I thought I must be seen things wrong (hallucinating ) So, I sat down got a drink of water and decided to venture outside. It was around 2:30am. I turned of my light and sat on the step. It was not more then ten seconds that a saw a PAIR a short run burning meteors. Following that right away was another and two more high and left and one long left and level w/ the high right. This went on for awhile. I then walk up to the middle school and found out that the vast number I had seen was only the start. I had been looking at the wrong area! When I look toward the west I was given a view of fictional level activity. These thing where all over the place, I mean no second was not w/ out at least one flame from heaven if not two or three more. I still doubt my own eyes, yet my wife who was woken as I rushed to find our video camera, I was on borrowed time almost, b/c it was 4:37am and sun break at 5:27 or so. I search and searched finding to old one Never the new. I returned out side w/ a four legged daughter, she has ventured w/ me on a number of missions ranging from getting a rush call to go to my business for one of my customers, to vacations and other things. Yet the most that she traveled w/ I late at night was to search for the best view site and then layout w/ her as my companion (shes a good heater better then wifei). So Ive seen many showers yet this was unlike anything that I had ever even dreamed of seeing and twice. I even saw them while the sun was lighting the sky blueish. The thing I dont understand is that they were showing up at both point of the compass West and EAST and Up and polaris. I didn't think they did that. Anyway Im look to see if anyone know about this event and mostly HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN THIS. I want someone else to say you saw what was really happening, b/c I can't believe what I saw.

comet / meteor over lincolnshire at 00:27

comet or a Meteor spotted over Wyberton Boston heading south east

Shooting Star 9/6/2017 @1123PM

On 9/6/2017, while I was looking out of the window packing for my hike in Malaysia the following day from my room around 1123pm, I saw a bolt of green light dropping from the sky. I was overjoyed becasue this is the second time I have seen shooting star from my room.

Shooting Start 2 May 2017 Now

Hey Friends You Don't believe , Recently I have seen shoot star when I was on my phone Searching​ some things about How to earn money etc . And After seeing Shooting star I Was surprised to see that . Time Is 9:40 pm

Green shooting star 22nd April 2017

Saw a green shooting star when fishing about midnight. Was awesome. Proper green saw it flash through the sky.

Green shooting star

Where were you when you saw the green shooting star. UK? ? I saw one about 10.40pm in Merseyside. About 3times the size of any star I've ever seen!


I've been sitting outside looking in the air during the meteor shower tonight, and I have not seen anything. It has been 3 hours now. My neck hurts

Falling Star 4/14/2017 Moses Lake , WA

sitting outside and seen falling star closer then ever. The white tear drop light came town looks like behind the house across the street, but turned blue and kinda sparkled away before it hit the ground. I never seen anything like it before and I'm 57yrs old. I told my sister we need to go look in the back yard of the people across the street for rocks. she wont. that' how close it looked.

Green meteorite shooting towards ground in NJ

I just saw two teardrop shaped objects falling from the sky looked like they were went out right before they hit. Large followed by a smaller one Beautiful

Satellite and looked like gas explosions

My family and I are in sw ontario and we're star gazing and watching satellites following each other in space but then 2 dissapeared and within minutes 3 shooting stars and also 3 what looked like explosions all within the same that normal

I Have Seen shooting star

Hi i Have seen shooting star on march 23rd 2017 around 10:50 pm...........

I think ive maybe found a meteor but not10

So ive been rocking latley Nd I found a stone that is unlike any stone.ive seen... its course .heavy, red rusty cored body and has a small hard steellike ball in the... I guess... Top? Its complelt magnetic Nd I belive it to be solid metal of some sort it's about A big as my palm... Dont know who to go to .also. The rust is no rust I cant see any it when.I in.water. Any feed back would be much apprichiated xoxoxoxoxoo chris with the rocko


Brilliant shooting star at 8:40. March 22. Mont. Co. Md. Best in my lifetime. Fireball, shot earthward out of the north sky. Long tail, 3 to 4 seconds. As it flamed out, it turned blue and red. Breath taking !

Large blue light across sky

I saw a bright blue to white ball across the sky on march 21 2017 about 8:40pm eat in NJ

I just saw a bright shooting star in sacramento ca.

The most bright shooting star I've ever seen. 10:40pst


I just seen something green shoot through the sky really fast!!!

Me too on March 21, 2017 at 8:40 PM

I saw a green object shoot downward in the sky on March 21, 2017 while riding on route 270 N.

I Just saw a catalop size

I Just saw a catalop size light that traveled from east to North
At about 10pmCST. It looked like a Clear fading light with the pull of gravity on its tail like this. @------------.

Shooting Star

I just saw the biggest shooting star with a white trailing tail in central Kentucky. Anybody else witness this?

Yes! Me too..In MI. Right

Yes! Me too..In MI. Right about 10:40ish pm.

Yes! Me too..In MI. Right

Yes! Me too..In MI. Right about 10:40ish pm.

Shooting Star

I saw it! Was going for a jog with my daughter. It was amazingly beautiful!

Fireballs?!? Shooting stars?! UFO crash?!? 2:10am

It was literally the biggest "shooting star" I've seen in my life! I though that a UFO was crashing it was so fast and seemed as if it had a decent amount of weight to it! Had a long long long red and yellow tail behind it, like it was on fire! It lite up so much of the sky!

At around 0203 this morning

At around 0203 this morning (in Wesley chapel FL)I saw what looked like a shooting star with a bright red burning tail behind it for a good 2 seconds going in and upwards direction (like out of the atmosphere) after the red flame disappeared it was like a twinkling star that was falling towards the ground. I had to look away, wipe my eyes because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This all took place in a matter of 3-5min. Did anyone else see it?

Huge green ball

I just saw a huge fiery green ball fall from sky. This looked very close as if it may have landed in smyrna Ga area on Cobb parkway. This is a well lit area as well. It was blazing. Aliens?

Shooting Star Long Beach, CA

Saw a shooting star on 3/11/17 at about 2:20am. I was on the 710 freeway in Long Beach, CA at the time. Only saw it for about 1 second. It was traveling very fast in an almost straight down trajectory. It had a beautiful long bright neon green tail and seemed to be burning up at the front end.

Shooting Star 01/26/2017

On Sunday, 1/26/2017 at approximately 1:30 a.m. I was in Sebring, FL, just arriving from an all-day drive from Delaware to clean out my father in law's house, who passed away in late 2016. It was so bright and close to the top of his house, it lit up the neighborhood and fizzled out at the tree line in the distance. I think he was checking on us from heaven to make sure we got in okay. I really believe that.

Falling star

Tonight around 10pm I saw a large ball of light fall from the sky. It had what looked like a streak of fire behind it for a few seconds. Than it went out completely. It lasted long enough that I was able to tell my boyfriend to "look." It was awesome! Does anyone know exactly what it was?

Falling star 6/3/17

Yes our 7 year old son seen this too. He is in NSW Australia. What was it???

Flaming fireball

I was flying on American Airlines from Miami to Nashville, mid flight around 10:40 I saw out of the window, a bright white round light falling straight down from the sky, it lasted a few seconds then it caught fire and turned into a big flame and disappeared. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Had a magnificent front row view at 30,000 feet!

Meteor shower tonight?

I live in southwest michigan and on my way home from work tonight I saw 3 falling stars!!! They we re very bright

Falling star-HUGE

On February 26th around 9:05 i saw a huge ball of light, white with green around edges fall, it took long enough that i had time to tell my son, "hey, look at that!" I have never seen one so big! I live in Niantic, CT

I saw it too ... it was huge.

I saw it too ... it was huge. Eastern NC

Feb. 26, 2017 @ 9 pm Shooting Star Richmond VA

I too saw the falling star, exactly as described above with the green light around it. Falling in the eastern sky and faded out like a candle ist extinguished. I saw it while in Richmond, VA.Eastern Henrico County. Cool that it was seen in NC and NJ!

Tues., Feb. 21, 9 p.m., falling meteor? shooting star?

I saw a very large, bright falling meteor or shooting star at a little after 9 p.m. on 2/21/17 in Dallas off of Northwest Hwy. and Preston Rd. It think it was a meteor as it looked like one semi-round chunk of white light appearing low on the horizon, falling while burning brightly, then turning into a "tail" and then disappearing. Did anyone else see this????? I was shocked because it was so large.

Fireball ? in sky February14 2017

First noticed fireball ? in sky driving home from Hurricane, UT to Washington, UT between 8 and 9 pm. Watched it all the way home 9 miles and also got video through my spotting scope It was amazing to me how long it lasted. When I got home I had my wife come outside and look at it. With the naked eye it looked like a star but through the spotting scope it was a ball of fire and it was lower and many times larger than a star.


I was picking up morning newspaper looked up and watched this object soar across the sky I agree with comment below it was traveling for about 20 seconds and seem to burn out and pieces fell from it. "AMAZING" Liz from Dixon Ca(not far from Travis Air Force Base)


heading south bound on a highway in eastern oregon on feb 14 2017 i watched a ball of light with a long tail traveling what i can only assume was north west because i saw it for a very long time say about 20 seconds maybe less. but it didnt seem to cover much distance. it looked to me to be climbing out of the atmosphere thats why i thought it may have been a rocket.
This was at or around 6:25 AM

Saw the same exact thing

Just commenting that my co-workers and I saw the same exact thing at 6:23. There was a pop or explosion and the object went away shortly after. I have it on video.

Fireball & boom !!!

I saw the exact same thing! It was so powerful it actually woke my little brother up from the top bunk. I'm so sad I did not get a chance to record it. This was the first time I have seen anything like that in real life.

Leeroy do you plan on posting the video anywhere? I would love to see it again.

bright orange and green lights in sky Feb. 3

About 6:15 to 6:30 heading east in Austin, TX, I saw the lower part of the entire horizon flash orange. A few seconds later, the same flash occurred but was green. Just the entire lower part of the sky turned the color; I did not see any kind of meteorite or ball. Anybody else see this?

Great Ball of Fire...

...And I think maybe it landed in my backyard last night. Maybe not but it sure looked like it was that close. It was 0230 ish and as my eyes panned across my bedroom window something made me do a look out the window. A ball of fire! I swear that thing hit the ground either in my back pasture or the field behind it! It was Awesome! Goshen IN, near IN/MI state line.

HUGE Red-orange fireball about 1/4 size of the moon over Ohio.

I work overnight. So I was on my way home facing west. Just past Cleveland Hopkins Airport had a good view of the moon today. Then all of a sudden half the distance from the moon to the horizon this HUGE FIREBALL. Path was northwest towards Lake Erie. Too big for a star or anything like that. Literally the moon is at half now and the flaming mass was half the size of that. OMG. Nobody will believe me and I will probably never see anything like it again. Time was 223AM.


We believe you!  As you can see from the reports below, there was a huge green-blue fireball in the region of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario (Canada). Also, many folks heard the sonic boom once it landed!

copper in the sky

my self and two others were traveling north on I-75 just north of Detroit about 2:30 a.m.
and seen off to the west , the biggest shooting star, there was several colors like copper burning in a fire. just after it was gone there was a greenish blue flash.


I am still shaking. Saw the hugest bright burning ball of fire come from the sky at around 1:25 AM. Woke up every body thought the world was ending. My son told me it was just a meteor. He showed it to me on his Phone. I feel stupid, but glad I saw it.

Green light shooting towards earth

Seen the same thing here around 230 am Bay City Michigan really cool looking !!

Green light shooting towards earth

I saw the same thing while watching the moon at 2:30 am in Windsor, Ontario Canada


it was 230am i work midnight shift in a tower near Detroit and to the west i saw a large meteor coming down from the southwest with a long fiery tail and it looked to burn up close to the ground.

Green light

Just seen the craziest thing light up the sky, it looked like a shooting star, but was way to close to the earth. It had a bright neon green color glowing with it as it head down towards the earth !!! Super close and shot with two separate forces, thats when I thought it was going to hit the ground, and who knows it just might have been a meteorite, actually hitting ground. Guess we will see tomorrow if it was, and did, but it was definitely cool looking !! It was at 230am feb 6th in Bay City.


It was so bright, big and flaming.

Meteorite over Oshawa, Ontario

Outside enjoying clear sky. Bright orange meteorite appeared in sky travelling north to south for about 3 seconds. Beautiful.

January 30, over Houston TX. I hope someone else saw it.

I saw such beautiful meteorite, thick head, small tail, about only a second. Very yellow bright. It was bigger than I see on presented images.

i saw a a huge falling star

i saw a a huge falling star (meteor) in the s.s.w Im in Nixon,tx about 5-6 p.m monday 1-30-2017

Shooting star

My husband and I walked out onto the back deck tonight (around 10:15pm EST) and saw two of the most beautiful shooting stars. The first one was big, bright, and orange; the other, faint white. Happened to be outside at just the right time. Only the second time I've ever seen a shooting star and I'm still in awe.

North to South travelling shooting star - what is that about?

Hi. Im in Adelaide, South Australia (35° S, 139° E) and about midnight here, on Christmas Eve, I witnessed a shooting star traveling from North to South, in the sky directly above me. I wondered if anyone could help me understand what that might have been? It seems liek such an unusual trajectory... ! thanks

n to s shooting star

What else could it have been, coming from the north on Christmas eve? Hope you went immediately to bed. Hee hee

Shooting star

Early on Dec27th (3am ish) North Kent coast looking East

12/20/16 comets / meteor over Minnesota.

743 to 748 am had 3 tails first seen it over head traveled towards the sun rise.
When I seen it, it immediately reminded me of a disney princess crown.
I'm a driver and my passenger who also seen it said its not something you see everyday will try to be looking tommorrow.

Green shooting star

I just saw a green shooting star northwest sector of sky, 5:18 am. It was brilliant. I'm usually asleep at this time but for some reason woke up to look out window seconds before it appeared.

Bright flashing lights in the sky

December 14, 2016 at 12:37a.m. In Pittsburgh on interstate 79S between exit 57 and 55 heading towards Washington Pennsylvania I seen several flashes of light that lit the entire sky they started out as a blue almost turquoise then changed to a green and red orange then back to a blue indigo this lasted only like 15 seconds but I have never seen this ad out light the whole sky up. After it went out the sky appeared darker. I didn't hear ant sounds but the weather here is cold and we did have a little snow earlier. Just trying to figure out of anyone else seen this and what it may have been. The best way to describe it was it looked like am explosion in the atmosphere but no sound.

I saw something

Hey Joshua, we were heading to Charlottesville Virginia on interstate 64 maybe a few mile over the state line and I saw a streak going west to east about 8 seconds bright orange to burn out. No other changes notice as it was raining very light and no sound.

Bright orange streak

At about 9:10pm Ca time I saw a fiery orange streak going East to South here in the East Bay in California!

I saw something too.

Hey, I live in Richmond, Virginia and I live right next to the Richmond International Airport. So I have seen airplanes my ENTIRE LIFE. And what I saw tonight January 25,2017 at approx. 6:30 pm eastern time was a bright light that was multi colored, and it appeared to change in shape from circular to oblong, but I think that was because it moved so fast the lights appeared to steam in the oblong shape. Make sense? And it stayed in the general area it just moved about an inch or so from my perspective, but it was not directly over me. It was a long ways away from me.
I can be reached at smarshallphtatgmaildotcom if you have any other questions. I also have video of this and about 10 pics too.

3:46 am February 8,2017 im

3:46 am February 8,2017 im still shaking n thinking about what I just saw! ..... bright orange light looking out from my window I see a orange light like an explosion that gets bigger n bigger gone n come back bigger! The orange light got really big then stop it last for 2 minutes or less. ........ it was beautiful n scary I never seen anything like this before.

Ball of flowing melted gold with trail of stars

I'm looking for anyone who saw in the Tucson sky on Aug 25 or 26th around 9 pm this golden ball. It had self contained liquid gold with a trail of twinkling stars. I do have two witness that saw it heading upwards and knew it wasn't a meteor. We had the meteor shower for three days. On second evening I saw this as did two other people

Sorry. In my previous comment

Sorry. In my previous comment I neglected to mention my location. Oklahoma City.

Just saw a meteor at

Just saw a meteor at approximately 5:50 pm on Thursday, December 1st originating from directly south of me.

Houston, TX we had a meteorite over

Was driving today on 610 loop towards Galleria and saw very thick head small tail about one second beautiful large meteorite. Very yellow bright color. So happy☆~○

I saw it too!

Was walking dog - looked up at south-east sky and for a millisecond saw a fireball. About 10 minutes befor 7 AM. Very cool.

bright light shooting across the sky

I saw it also...a bright light behind the clouds..near cleveland


At 7:00 am on 11/29/16--just at dawn, I saw a huge "fireball" streak across the eastern sky from north to south. I thought it would catch the trees on fire it was so large and so close! The "ball" was green with a white streak behind it.

I saw it too!

I saw a streak of light too as I was heading east on the shoreway at about 7am. It went right across the sky going north to south. I was trying to find out if anyone else saw it-I'm glad you posted!

So happy to see I wasn't the

So happy to see I wasn't the only one who witnessed this! I seen it in the eastern sky while driving to work around 6:45 a.m. in Michigan. Biggest fireball I've witnessed, I believe. Thought I was seeing things at first, but knew that this was something to look up and found this post.

meteor shower

its 11/20 @5;30pm i just seen 2 meteors in the last 1/2 hour

Shoot streak

Seen a shooting streak go from east to west in Garland , TX around 6:12am . It was so close I seen it break up into pieces while enter the atmosphere I guess .


At approximately 2:30 AM I saw the brightest streak I've ever seen that ended in a burst of light shoot across the sky. It was fast and looked so close!! I'm about 15 miles from Washington DC. it came from the east I believe towards the south (?). Anyone know what this might be????

Just saw a brilliant shooting

Just saw a brilliant shooting start heading towards sunrise here in Philadelphia #abstractoptions 11 minutes ago

About two hours ago I saw one

About two hours ago I saw one of the most amazing shooting stars, it moved rather slow was very bright and covered a large distance, happened right after bringing my niece and nephew to our rooftop to look at the sky, we all saw it, it was special, thank you!

Nov 1, 2016 - approx. 8:30pm

Nov 1, 2016 - approx. 8:30pm. Leaving Brighton Township headed southeast my daughter, granddaughter and I saw a huge round blue/white illuminated shape fall from sky seemed like straight down into the far end of field we were facing. Most incredible, unusual thing any of us had ever seen. Only lasted seconds....

Just now , 2015 hrs. EST. I

Just now , 2015 hrs. EST. I saw a very large , bright white , bluish tint , round frisbe shape object fall fast from the sky from an 11:00 position facing Due EAST of BUTLER PA to 5:00 postion where it had to of hit the ground falling thru space at this angle. I think about 6 seconds after site I heard a faint rumble but no loud noise at all which I was almost expecting. It was large and close, (appearing so anyway)... I am 59, sober and watch the sky often, this is one of the top three things I have ever seen and the best falling object from the sky. SO Visably perfectly round???? can't wait to see what others say, Warm , early , NOVEMBER 1 in western PA, certainly many saw this object fall???? Sincerely. Excited.

Driving in Cleveland OH

Driving in Cleveland OH around 8:15 I saw a Green ball with a greenish-yellowish tail. Prior to it, or around the same time, there were a few power drains (it must have been related!) I have been looking to see if anyone caught video or even other reports. I am 60, totally sober and saw something I have never seen in my life. Looking forward to reading more from others!

Comet or meteorite

I was sitting on my Colleyville Texas patio at 4am today and saw
A beautiful comet / meteorite pass over with a long
tail it also looked like fragments were braking
off. A neat site.

shooting star

I was fortunate enough to have spotted a shooting star around 6:45 am . It was was a very bright white light with an orange tail, just like the ones you see in fireworks, only it wasn't . It lasted about 15 seconds. I live on the south shore of lake Simcoe in Ontario Canada.

Super Cool

I was heading North on Route 7 on my way to work in Andover, OH around 6:40ish. When out of nowhere a Green ball of light with a tail was traveling from west to east across the sky. My first thought was of a plane going down. I even rolled down the window to listen for the crash. It is funny how the distance tricks you.. Needless to say no explosion. Was a cool experience.


I saw the same one. It was a beautiful thing and seemed to last forever, but was gone in the blink of an eye. It was traveling extremely fast to cover that much territory that quickly.


St. Thomas Ontario October 7th at 6:42am - Saw a shooting star that lasted nearly 10 seconds! I was in such disbelief that I managed to open the window and get a better look.

Meteor Elma, NY

Elma, NY. October 4th approximately 10:35pm. Witnessed what looked like a meteor with a long fire tail falling. It was so close and looked as if it were going to hit the ground. It was dark so I couldn't tell if it died out or if it went behind a house. I just waited for a loud bang or fire that never happened. Very cool to witness.

Fisrt omet I've seen

On October 4th 2016 I wittnesed a comet falling in Frederick MD for my first time. Just north of CarMax

fireball at 10:36pm ET over NYC / Jersey City

Witnessed a HUGE green burst of light from my apt window (looking west, towards jersey city) at 10:30pm. Had a trail that eventually exploded into that burst of light. It was so so so big! Anyone else see it?

Fireball in forest hill, md

I saw it too. Coming down bright light that exploded, looking north west. So cool!

10-4-16 green fireball !!

At 10:37 pm, I was heading from shop rite on river street in Hackensack, NJ, towards the entrances for Route 80 East & West. Looking straight ahead while driving toward the Rt 80 East entrance, I saw this huge green, yellow & white fireball low in the looked as if it was going to hit the ground in seconds. It had a tail. I've never seen anything like this! My first concern was that something was going to end up on fire. It took off to my right as it traveled downward. So wish I had been stuck at the traffic light & had been able to take video or a pic! I actually called Hackensack police to ask if there was a fire reported! Think the officer believed I was crazy! He said nothing had been reported. Amazing to know someone other than me witnessed this, and only a minute apart, a good distance away. Wow!


on my way to work this morning about 5 :15 am,i seen a red fire thing going through the sky,thinking meteor, then found out its called a in missouri,southeast,near clearwater lake on hh hwy...

Biggest/longest & brightest I've ever seen!!!

On 9/26/16 at around 2am, located in Indio, Ca(parked nearby to the granite company off of dirt roads near the mountains) I was sitting in a car looking out the door with my door wide open and I noticed literally the biggest & longest shooting star I've ever seen in my life and I've seen plenty from growing up around this area but not any nearly as huge & bright as this one!! It was just so big, fast, bright yet also seemed slow at the same time because of its large, long bright streak it left behind it going straight across the sky from the right to the left (from the east to the west from the direction I was looking up into the sky over the mountains) and the streak/tail of it stayed in the sky for such a long time after it flew across, it could've been compared to how planes look leaving the streak in the clouds but this was definitely a giant shooting star, it was very round like a huge ball with a very bright white light to it and it had big blue spot in the middle of it as it shot across the sky!!! I had never seen one with a blue color before, It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in the night sky in my life and I wish I could've recited a high definition video somehow to capture how amazing it was!! It was unbelievable for me to have witnessed such a thing... I had to share it somehow and see if anyone else out there was able to see this beautiful shooting star!!?

Bright white ball

At 3:19am on September 16th, 2016. Looking northeast from Salt Spring Island BC I saw a huge white ball - no tail - fell out of the clouds - bolted to earth. Did anyone in the Pacific Northwest see this?

Big white ball

I am in western washington. I saw a giant ball last night around 9pm. It had a little ng tail and was moving north lower in the sky. It was moving slow

Shooting star over southern Alberta

I saw the star burning up slowly across the southern Alberta sky...amazing sight that lasted for about 15 seconds...
(Too bad I didn't have my fancy camera..)

Meteor shower

Did anyone see that meteor tonight in Salem Oregon? It was about 12:15am. Maybe 1000 feet up maximum and basketball sized or larger. Long tail and may have touched down in Keizer, or west Salem maybe? So cool!

I am in Bend and we saw it

I am in Bend and we saw it close to 1200am! So crazy! Probably the biggest meteor I've ever seen with a blue green tail


I was just out of Terrebonne, OR saw the brightest ball likewith long tail shooting through sky was really cool!

We saw it just after midnight

We saw it just after midnight! We were right next to the airport in Salem. We want to find it! That is crazy, we have never seen anything like that.


Wow it was awesome saw it going down the 22 from Salem to Monmouth OR. Right after the fair around midnight. Great thing to share with my son.while driving home after a great day.

I saw a green light streak

I saw a green light streak across the sky in Newport Oregon for a split second around that time. It was very bright. Unfortunately I didn't get it on camera. I did get photos of Yaquina Head Lighthouse on a backdrop of stars.

we saw the same thing from

we saw the same thing from Saginaw, Michigan tonight.

Meteorite in night sky over Ottawa

Saw a meteorite in night sky over Ottawa, Ontario around 11:30 ish August 29th . It was green in colour. Very cool.

Just saw a green shooting star (10:45pm EST)

Just saw a green shooting star looking from Somerville, MA in North West direction over Arlington, MA. Lived here my entire life and never had seen such a site. Mostly because of the city lights. Super Cool.

Huge Green Meteor 8/29/2016

I saw a very large fire ball so big it looked as though I could have ran and caught it. It had a green hugh.

Huge green shooting star

I saw the same huge green shooting star driving down highway 69 just south of the French River in Ontario. It was so bright I removed my foot off the gas and waited for a boom.

Location of sighting

Where were you when you saw the fireball Nikki?

Just saw (1:30 am) a green

Just saw (1:30 am) a green shooting star fall down over NJ, looking at it from downtown manhattan. Beautiful, caught the corner of eye when a green light popped in the sky then it quickly trailed down and disappeared. So awesome

Just saw a green shooting

Just saw a green shooting star fall down over NJ, looking at it from downtown manhattan. Beautiful, caught the corner of eye when a green light popped in the sky then it quickly trailed down and disappeared. So awesome

Comet sighting

I saw a comet over Lake Wallenpaupack, Hawley PA August 23,2016, it was spectacular Huge fireball with long trail,The sky was bright for 9:15pm

Astronomy Photography.

The Aug, 11th, & 12 show was the 2nd best I've seen. The best was in Jan, this year. Got some great shots. Got one that just Exploded right in front on my lens. Awesome show on the morning of Jan, 4th. Beautiful.

We also saw a shooting star

We also saw a shooting star here in Ventura, CA at 10:05 pm heading west with a falling appearance and also had that bright orange straight line.

August 5th, western sky, what was it?

Tonight at precisely 956 pm i saw an extremely large bright orange straightline light that had a falling appearance in the western sky. It was rather low on the horizon directly below what i assume to be one of the visible planets tonight. I watched in amazement for about 60 seconds as i attempted to process what it could be. Should have gotten video but just froze up staring at it. Was not what i typically see with a shooting star, kinda creepy. Anyone else see this tonight?

shooting star

I saw a beatiful shooting star sat 23rd july at 12.15am so sun 24th really was so big n white left a visible white line for 2 mins in sky afterwards amazing


I just seen a lighted falling object just to the north end of the city of Lethbridge, AB. aprox 11:35 to 11:40pm
Were there any objects caught on video to explain what it was ?

What is the best location to watch in or around Charlotte, NC?

What is the best location to watch meteor showers in or around Charlotte, NC?

Chinese Rocket

What many of you saw last night in Utah and Nevada and California was a Chinese rocket disintegrating in the atmosphere. See more:

Meteor Shower? So Utah 22:35

We saw it!!! Looked like a huge firework going sideways following the curve of the earth. Strange flashing green lights near the tail. Thought maybe it was an explosion! Very fortuitous to see it.

1040 pm series of lights in sothern sky, Ut.

I saw series of lights go across the southern skyline from west to east, looked to be above Bountiful, Ut. Did anyone else see it?
My son's friend took a video of it.

Meteor shower July 27th 2016

There was a huge meteor shower around 10:35ish in Moab Utah! Me and 9 other people saw a green flash and a seeming firework shower comet looking went across the sky for about 2 minutes. Did anyone else see anything!!

Is there a meteor show tonight in central caf

We just saw a huge shooting star over eastern Clovis Calif area at 9:35 p.m.

First Falling Star

Just saw my first falling star in the pre-dawn hours. Might have been Delta Aquarid. Very cool!

meteor ? over Sandfire NW Western Australia 19 Jul 2016 1830

Tonight we sighted a fireball with orange/light blue tail tracking westerly to east over Sandfire Roadhouse at about 1830 it appeared to burn out in the direction of Broome. Would appreciate any positive feedback


Is there a night of the year 2016 has no meteor shower?

fallen star and shooting stars

On June 30th 2016 around 10 PM me and a buddy seen a fallen star blue fell s8 down disappeaed last maybe 10 15 sec maybe less with in 15 min of that we wintsed 3 shooting stars and a bunch air planes circling the area multiple times in Florida

Meteor shower & Halley's Comet

It's May 5th & I'm sitting here remembering every memorie I have of my oldest son who would be turning 33 on the 7th. This year is the same as when he was born. He was born @ 12:44am May 7th and I took him home on Mothers Day May 8th. He's been gone just about 1/2 as long as I had him. And the sadness is almost unbearable. I'm going out to the cemetery & spend the night with him and watch the meteor shower & hopefully get to see Halley's Comet. While y'all are all watching what I'm sure will be an amazing show please send a prayer my way to a Momma missing her son. Thank you & God bless you all

Love This issue

Love This issue

NE Florida meteor ?

Hi, In NE Florida, on May 1st around 10p (not sure of exact time) I saw a very large and very bright "shooting star." I was looking northeast and it appeared to travel south before exploding into green sparkles. It was less than 45 degrees above the horizon. I was startled because I thought it was headlight of an airplane coming into JAX. Super bright and seemed to last forever - although I''m sure it was closer to 2 seconds. I've looked at other reports and don;t see one for this event so thought I was share it.

Saw a shooting star Saturday night April 23rd 2016

I saw one in new Jersey it was amazing, never seen one before felt unreal.

I saw the shooting star

I saw the shooting star Saturday night April 23rd it was amazing, felt unreal.

29 march 2016 blue/green then poof orange in FLORIDA

To Miami I saw this huge comet meteor thing fly across the sky, green blue it was then it faded to a dusty orange and poof it was gone... cannot find anywhere on the web that tells me what it was.. only that others have seen this too.

can anyone help or point me in the correct direction please... thank you

Large green falling meteor in Indiana!

On April 15th at about 11:30pm CST I was driving and saw a large green what I am assuming was a meteor of some type with a long tail streak across the sky for an impressive length. I have seen many falling stars but nothing like this. It was magnificent!

Reply to Lis

Reply to Lis...I'm so glad you wrote that about the green falling star or meteorite because my husband and I saw the same thing at the same time from Celina, Ohio! It was beautifu! Never saw one like that.

Windermere (Orlando, FL area) at 11:10pm

Saw a cluster(20 large bulbs) of bright lights with long tail traveling at helicopter speed at first and orange color. Then did 45 degree turn about 40 miles away and went exponentially fast and turned white in color. Wondering if any one knows if any comets were due to be in area?

M.I.B Ain't Ready

I witnessed a meteor at 6:05 AM this morning in Chicago. It started off slow, then somebody pressed the little red button and it shot into hyper speed. It happened so fast but was still a beautiful sight to see with my own eyes. Now I'm on the lookout for more. I don't know what I see when I look up at the stars, but I do know I could be "Agent R".

So happy to find this page. I

So happy to find this page. I too saw a bright ball with a very long tail of red yellow and green pass right before me on i-91 Springfield Ma this morning around 4:30 am. It was magnificent.

Meteorite siting 4:30 am New Jersey

Was outside at 4:35 am in Bordentown NJ when a bright flashing light, arc light, then a long streak following was seen in the sky. The light was like a helicopter spot light in the sky. The whole yard lit up.

Witnessed falling object from sky

Heading eastbound on i 70 passing through Frederick md @ approximately 4:35 am a friend and I witnessed a very bright green object with a very very long yellow trail falling from the sky north of Frederick. The green object flashed once bright like lighting and then a second time even brighter then the first and it was gone. Any idea what it was?

Green light

I saw the same thing too and wanted to search what it was and came across this web page. I was outside when I saw like a green light blue-ish light. At first I thought it was a helicopter or something but when I looked up I saw the second time it showed its color (with a bit of red& yellow too) and made some noise and then it disappeared leaving a trail of dust or something. I'm pretty sure it was a meteorite that was entering our atmosphere which then got fried up and got disintegrated by the atmosphere which caused it to make that light when it was being destroyed.

Meteor with a green light at 4:35ish in New York, Long island

I saw the same thing too and wanted to search what it was and came across this web page. I was outside when I saw like a green light blue-ish light. At first I thought it was a helicopter or something but when I looked up I saw the second time it showed its color (with a bit of red& yellow too) and made some noise and then it disappeared leaving a trail of dust or something. I'm pretty sure it was a meteorite that was entering our atmosphere which then got fried up and got disintegrated by the atmosphere which caused it to make that light when it was being destroyed.

Meteorite seen Feb.14,2016 at 4:30 am

I'm a truck driver for the post office. I was heading to wheeling ,west Virginia and at 4:30 am I called my wife and my mother told them I saw a meteorite all different colors with a long flame following it. Craziest thing I ever saw. I reside in Galloway,Ohio and was heading out from Columbus toward Wheeling,West Virginia


Was driving to work on the 133 headed west in Southern California at approximately 6:41, when suddenly a bright object fell from the north to south. It was bright out, and the object was very bright across the whole sky, and had a sparkle to it that I've not seen in other "shooting stars" .

Amazing Meteor

Saw the same meteor in Southern California driving West on the 91 freeway. Sighting lasted about 3 seconds. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Meteor sighting???

0230 today, Feb. 10/16. VERY bright light which first I thought sheet lightening but could not be. Almost pulsating, twice seconds then gone. I did not see directly, light through blinds. No cars or anything else. Brighter than that would be. Appeared basically from SE.


At 21:15 on the 9th February saw a bright light with flames falling from the sky and landing in a paddock close by, followed by a bright glow through the trees on impact.

Toowoomba, Australia.

About 30 minutes ago I saw a

About 30 minutes ago I saw a beautiful bright glow followed by a blue-green tail.
It was quite large in appearance. What a joy to see such an amazing image in the night sky.
Brisbane Australia.

Shooting star feb 8th?

I was washing my sons bottle maybe 10 min ago so 440am New Brunswick time. And i saw what looked like a shooting star(never seen one in person before) but it was a bright almost like a neon green? All the videos ive ever saw they looked more yellow...wish i got it on tape. So my question is was it actually a shooting star?

Green shooting star

Interesting! Yes, it was probably a shooting star. Most shooting stars do indeed appear to be white or yellow. This is because iron, which is the most common element found in meteors, glows yellow. However, there are sometimes more rare green glows in the trail of a shooting star, which indicates the presence of burning copper.

shooting star

Traveling from Sackville NB to our home in NH, we too saw this incredible site over NB!
Most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the night sky!

Shooting stars Feb1, 2016 11:00pm

Tonight I seen a dozen shooting stars, I varied it on an app showing stars. I didn't see it posted anywhere.. Do they just appear out of no where?

minor meteor showers

It could be that you were seeing a minor meteor shower. In addition to the major showers that occur every year, such as those listed in our 2016 Meteor Showers Guide, there are also minor meteor showers (those that produce less than 10 meteors per hour at peak activity).

The following link from the American Meteor Society predicts activity for this week.

Hope this helps!


Sunday night January 31, 2016 at 7:00 pm I saw a fireball that went all the way to the horizon. East of
Decatur, Alabama near the Tennessee River. Did anyone else see this?

Tonight I saw the brightest

Tonight I saw the brightest falling star in New Jersey, fell from the sky, green to white. Looking west from Princeton area at 6:15pm est. Looked amazing almost unreal! Looking for confirmation somewhere online.

Yes I saw something over

Yes I saw something over Baltimore. Little later. Biggest fastest firiest thing I ever saw.

Check out

Check out Lots of people saw this one, including me in north central PA. I saw a massive green fireball that exploded at the end. It was amazing.

Shooting star?

A humongous shooting star or comet with tails shot across the sky in Chevy Chase last night around 6:15 pm. It was beautiful

There are reports from

There are reports from several states that a fireball was seen on January 30. For more information, see the American Meteor Society page:

Falling Star, Naples, FL

I saw what was quite possibly the brightest falling star I have ever seen tonight. It was around 7:30 p.m. in the Western sky in Naples, FL. Absolutely stunning.

Just saw bright falling star

Just saw bright falling star , Utica Ohio!

Fireball in the sky

I saw a very large fireball tonight over Baltimore a while after six pm. Trail of fire behind it. Never saw anything that big or that fast. Another person saw the whole thing. Over in a split second. Anybody else see it.

Yes I saw it too. A long

Yes I saw it too. A long firey blaze zoomed past my house Baltimore md.

Tonight January 28the 2015 at

Tonight January 28the 2015 at a few minutes past midnight In South east London I saw a bright white shooting star speed across the sky. I only saw it for a couple of seconds but it was beautiful!!

Sorry 2016 lol I'm still

Sorry 2016 lol I'm still stuck in last year

Bluish/greenish shooting star

Bluish/greenish shooting star

Last night 1/25/16 at around 10:50 pm I saw a bluish/greenish shooting star.. It looked big. I saw it on the freeway by Thousand Oaks, CA when I was on my way to work.

Green shooting star

At approx 9:42pm in SE sky of northeastern Pennsylvania I watched as a magnificent bright green "star ?" Fell above me. It turned from green to bright white as it descended and then was outted!!! I do see these at least 2 or 3 times a year, usually all within same area!!

I also seen a green shooting

I also seen a green shooting star around the same time I was driving on 93 heading south I was around the MA RI state line

Jan 19 fireball Millbury MA

Driving 4:24pm Millbury Ma a huge, bright, fast fireball shoots down through the atmosphere! Most amazing fireball I've ever seen!! And yet I haven't seen any news about it?? Wish I could posts pics on here... It was amazing. Anyone with info about it?? I'd love to hear!!

Shooting star over melbourne

Hi, saw a large shooting star last night over Port Phillip Bay approx. 8.30pm. Travelling towards north-east. Very bright green as it was burning. Sky was still very light, (sun was just setting) but it still managed to catch my eye.

spectacular green "falling star"

January 19 at 10:05 driving east in Bristol Maine we saw an incredible bright green falling star with a long tail streaking low from north to south in the northeastern quadrant. Extraordinary

Green Falling star

At 8.05 on the 11th January 2016, my husband and I witnessed a falling green star/meteorite in the Robina area of the Gold Coast. It was amazing and neon lime green in colour. It was spectacular!

I saw a similar green neon

I saw a similar green neon flash at 8:52 (EST) 11th Jan, north direction, from about 40 to 20 deg above the horizon.

12.07am on the 16th January

12.07am on the 16th January 2016, i saw the same in Dubbo NSW area looking north-east it was travelling north to south low .

Big White Ball of Light!

Saw a big white ball of light falling at an angle towards Farmington NH. Pretty sure that is where it hit. Haven't heard of anyone else seeing it other than the passengers in my car. This was at 5:45 this morning. Very fast!

Big White Ball of Light!

My husband and I were driving to work this morning when we saw the exact same thing at 5:45 AM in Braintree, MA. Very fast, very bright! We're glad to know other people witnessed the same thing. I think it was heading ENE.

Fire in the sky

January 2,2016
Hello fellow sky watchers.I saw 4 unidentified flying fire colored lights that appeared, disappeared,then reappeared, changing in shape 1 taking the shape of a boomerang,another like a ball with fire trailing behind it,& the other 2 just a ball of fire over down town Phoenix, Az moving slowly westward before entirely disappearing.Did anyone else witness this or know what they were? Approximately 20-25 min later, South of me, in South Phoenix,i saw the first,in over 20 yrs of my sky gazing,a shooting star that turned from light blue to purple then to pink falling eat to west as low as the top of a roof that lasted for 8-10 seconds before gazing out.It was the most beautiful falling star I've ever seen.Did anyone else witness it.I hope & pray to see me like that one!

Saw I'm guessing a falling

Saw I'm guessing a falling star but it was green and pretty large compared to normal falling stars and low. Seemed really close to the road and appeared to land in a field next to the road I was driving on..Really neat looking. In bonners ferry, Id around 6pm

Comet/Asteroid sighting?

Tonight whilst walking dog at 21:33pm 27/11/15 in Devon, UK saw white comet shape with short tail quite large, much larger than the stars and seemingly very low and horizontal flight path from East to North. Any ideas as to what I actually saw?

I've seen two green "falling

I've seen two green "falling stars". Within this last three days. I don't exactly believe them to be falling stars due to how low they were. They were no higher than a power line. I also seen one light colored that disappeared so fast i barely seen it before it faded out. This too was also very low. Any ideas anyone? Thank you.

Tues the 24th or Wed the 25th

Tues the 24th or Wed the 25th, as I was walking home about 7-8 pm this red ball appeared in the sky it seemed as if it came from behind moving to North and seemed to float rather than fly, it moved slowly and then disappeared behind treetops and the horizon. I asked someone in the parking lot I was told it could be asteroid was reported. I still don't know what it could be no one else saw it so I thought I' d check this site. It did not seem to have a tail. What was it? I never seen anything like that i live in the city/suburb. I missed Bopp in San Francisco-came back to detroit and no visabiity. I'm happy to see a meteor if that was one.

Falling star Nov 24 9:30 pm cdt

Saw large white with long tail going more horizontal than I expected. Looking west falling from north. Seemed very close but have only seen one small one before

falling star

November 24, 2015 London, Ontario, Canada
Looking due south admiring the stars, we witnessed a beautiful bright white star with a bright white tail that fell to the earth vertically at 10:45 p.m. I have never seen that before! Wow Amazeballs!!!


I counted 5 on my way to lunch and 2 on my way back. Multiple objects in sky with smoky tails. All close to one another and going all different directions. No tail equal to the other. Riverport - Greenbekt Hwy. I was facing Fort Know I think.

Meteor Showers November 19, 2015 I64 in Indiana

I saw two 24 miles North of French Lick around 10:30 and the second one lit up the whole skyline and appeared to be very close to the earth


Just saw a fireball shooting down towards Lake Erie in the NW sky - downtown Cleveland, Ohio. I was driving west and it was extremely clear, big and awesome. I thought of it as a fireball then found the description using the same term, here. Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2015 at 11pm. Never saw one before. So cool.


Forgot the description :) It was bright orange and glowing with a solid bright orangey white tail!

Meteor November 19, 2015 Daly City

We live on Mt Davidson, San Francisco. Looking south at 12:49AM a meteor was spotted above Daly City, California entering the atmosphere. 2.5 seconds of illumination light blue light streak. The meteor disintegrated before landing on the earth's surface.

What am I looking at

I live in Ballard W.Va and it is now 5:04am I am seeing a bright large twinkling huge star/satellite/ISS?? My star app says it's close to signius and my app isn't giving any info to what this is. It is BEAUTIFUL and B RIGHT and the biggest light in the sky!! Please tell me what this is? Thanku.

Could you have seen Venus? It

Could you have seen Venus? It is especially bright in the predawn sky this month.