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Today is Day 271 of 2022

84 days until winter begins

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Child Health Day

Yom Kippur Begins

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Question of the Day

What should I do in the fall to care for my strawberry plants?

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Puzzle of the Day

Formed long ago, yet made today; And most employed when others sleep; What few would like to give away; And fewer still to keep. (What is being described?)


Word of the Day

Plough Monday
The first Monday after Epiphany and Plough Sunday was so called because it was the day that men returned to their plough, or daily work, at the end of the Christmas holiday. It was customary for farm laborers to draw a plough through the village, soliciting money for a “plough-light,” which was kept burning in the parish church all year. In some areas, the custom of blessing the plough is maintained.

Advice of the Day

To avoid dying, don’t sing in bed.

Home Hint of the Day

An old-time way of filling surface scratches in wooden furniture is to rub the scratches with a piece of walnut meat, then polish with a soft rag.