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Today is Day 266 of 2023

89 days until winter begins

Upcoming Holidays

Yom Kippur Begins

Johnny Appleseed Day


Full Harvest Moon

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Question of the Day

How can I get tree sap off my car?

What Sign is the Moon in Today?



The Moon’s Astrological Place in the Zodiac Today

Puzzle of the Day

To half your wish, add half your fear; And lo, a partner will appear. (Guess the word!)

Word of the Day

Cornscateous Air
First used by the old almanac makers, this term signifies warm, damp air. Though it signals ideal climatic conditions for growing corn, it also poses a danger to those affected by asthma, pneumonia, and other respiratory problems.

Advice of the Day

Libras tend to be diplomatic, charming, easygoing, and sociable.

Home Hint of the Day

An old-time way of filling surface scratches in wooden furniture is to rub the scratches with a piece of walnut meat, then polish with a soft rag.