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Daily Calendar for Monday, January 9, 2023

The first Monday after Epiphany was the day for the menfolk to return to work after the holidays — although no work was actually done on this day. Dressed in clean white smocks decorated with ribbons, the men dragged a plow (plough) through the village and collected money for the β€œplow light” that was kept burning in the church all year. Often men from several farms joined together to pull the plow through all their villages. They sang and danced their way from village to village to the accompaniment of music. In the evening, each farmer provided a Plough Monday supper for his workers, with plentiful beef and ale for all.


  • William Carter (printer, hanged for printing lewd pamphlets) –
  • Tom Longboat (runner) –


  • Catharine Parr Traill (writer) –
  • John Knowles Paine (composer) –
  • Gracie Fields (comedienne) –
  • Simone de Beauvoir (novelist) –
  • Richard Nixon (37th U.S. president) –
  • Fernando Lamas (actor) –
  • Judith Krantz (author) –
  • Bart Starr (football player) –
  • Joan Baez (singer) –
  • Jimmy Page (guitarist) –
  • Sir Alec Jeffreys (geneticist) –
  • Crystal Gayle (singer) –
  • J. K. Simmons (actor) –
  • Joely Richardson (actress) –
  • Dave Matthews (musician) –
  • Catherine Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) –


  • Ivan the Terrible of Russia, suspecting a revolt in the city of Novgorod, captured the city and executed many of its inhabitants–
  • Connecticut became the fifth state to join the U.S.–
  • First successful U.S. balloon flight was completed in Philadelphia, PA, by Jean Pierre Blanchard–
  • Mississippi seceded from the Union (U.S. Civil War)–
  • U.S. Forces invaded Luzon, Philippines (WW II)–
  • U.N. headquarters opened in New York City–
  • U.S. and Japan concluded a formal agreement for the final settlement of U.S. postwar economic assitance to Japan–
  • U.S. spacecraft Surveyor VII made a successful landing on the moon–
  • The Queen Elizabeth, luxury ocean liner, was gutted by fire in Hong Kong harbor–
  • 5.9 earthquake shook eastern Canada and New England–
  • 5.7 earthquake struck Miramichi, New Brunswick–
  • NBA’s Toronto Raptors became the first team to miss all free throw attempts in a game–
  • Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone–
  • A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the shore of Eureka in Northern California–
  • A venomous yellow-bellied sea snake was found on shore in Newport Beach, California. This was the fifth recorded sighting of the snake species in California history, and the first outside of an El NiΓ±o year. Scientists believe that rising ocean temperatures may have been a factor. The snake typically lives in tropical water, spending its whole life at sea; it does not go on shore unless it is ill.–


  • 28.5” snow, Olympia, Washington–
  • Columbia River froze at Portland, Oregon, until January 26th–
  • Citrus freeze in S. California–

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